Bring in the futuristic software with Contactless Attendance System for business

One of the most powerful surveillance tools that have ever been made is the Face Recognition Employee Attendance Software. Though this concept is not new for us, as they are used in our mobile phones, or to sort the photos, when they are going to be used in companies and governments, the impact is going to be huge enough.

So, why not we learn about how the app works since the chances are huge that you may use it for your own business in the future.

We have all seen how facial recognition works, actually; in some tech-savvy films, the real-life software is also in some way similar to that. So, let’s break it down into the steps without further ado.

  • As a first step, detection takes place. We would have seen this even in our smartphones, where a box is displayed on the cameras to auto-focus, and that’s what detection is about.

  • Next, the analysis takes place, where the software maps the face, which means that it would measure the distance between the eyes, the shape of the chi, the distance between mouth and nose, which would be converted into a string of points or numbers, which are called “faceprint.”

  • Finally, it is the recognition step, where the identity of a person is confirmed. It is used for verification or identification.

These are some basic steps involved. The crucial advantage of this software is that unlike biometric since it just scans the face, there is no ‘touch’ involved, which is the basic concern in this pandemic situation.

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