Best Bamboo Cooling Pillow for Hot Flashes & Night Sweats
We’ve all had those feverish nights, where despite complete exhaustion we tumble and turn as the heat prevents us from falling asleep.

There are many potential obstacles to healthy sleep; most of which can be controlled by slight behavioral changes, or adjustments in the environment, e.g. alcohol intake, lack of movement during the day, and room temperature.

Did you know that the body needs to drop 1-2 degrees in core body temperature in order to enter the sleep state? Decades of sleep studies and research have shown that the ideal temperature range for sleep is route 60 to 67 degrees F or 15.5 to 19.5 C.

An optimal temperature range allows us to fall asleep easier, but being in an active state of cooling accelerates and improves the entire process. This is why active cooling technology has seen such wide recognition and adoption in recent years.

Healthy sleep-promoting technology has become increasingly more advanced, effective, and cheaper, to the point of being able to relieve insomnia, night sweats, or hot flashes in menopausal women.

Though there is a wide range of sleep tech to choose from, in this article, we focus on various types of bamboo cooling pillows. The head and neck are the most effective radiators in the human body, accounting for 40-45% of heat loss.

bamboo cooling pillow is therefore the most effective point of attack for the body to cool down before and during sleep. But it is important to distinguish between pillows that offer active or passive cooling.

Wicking properties

The pillows that have wicking materials, breathable fibers, and holes perforating the pillow are advantageous for sleepers that are particularly prone to sweating at night.

However, active cooling methods are superior at regulating temperature, and can simply prevent sweating altogether. It might be useful to invest in a more advanced solution that alleviates all issues at once.