4 Things You’ve Got Wrong About Robotic Process Automation
RPA tools have been around for decades. Agreed! But RPA as a service has gained ground quite recently. And that presents us with a situation of sorts.  Despite the fact that robotic process automation has been automating the most tedious and mundane of tasks smoothly, its name and the discussion around it still gives people ideas that are full out doubt, sometimes to the extent of outright crazy.
So, we thought, why not dedicate this post to dispelling some myths about RPA solutions.
RPA will Replace Humans:
It may sound so crazy and sane at the same time when one says that RPA will take over all human jobs.
Well, if it is a job like employee payroll management where all a human resource has to do is slog hours on a tedious, repetitive job, involving too many numbers and a wide scope for errors, yes implementing RPA tools can replace the human.
But well, it cannot replace a human resource manager who need to interview candidates, or say, needs to listen to the grievances of the employees and resolve them.
The point is that RPA does take over human jobs when humans need to put on jobs that need their discretion more than a repetitive process.
RPA can Automate Anything
Well, RPA can automate a lot, but not everything. The best of things are still and will be done by humans. There are always set criteria that determine if a process can be automated. Logic is one of them.
So, while you can automate your emails and sales reports because, well, there is a logic that can be set for these well-defined cases, you can’t automate what emotion you need to convey to the stakeholder. You will, of course, have to do the creative job yourself.  
Robotic Automation Means Physical Robots
We don’t blame you for this one. The movies and comics have given us this gift of imagination. Before you hire RPA solutions as a service, know that you are not investing in some sci-fi robot that can move around in your office precincts fetching coffee for the boss.
When we talk of RPA, we’re talking of software robots.  RPA tools are simply the software that you can integrate with your existing server setup and just set the automation ball rolling, say, for sorting the details of the returned orders for your eCommerce venture.
The Cost Is More than the Value Offered
Right, the cost! That is where all of us, who are new to RPA as a service feel like it is a fad that costs way too much than its value. Fair enough.
The point is that you are bound to not to know its value unless you make a business case for it. Saying that it is affordable would be a sweeping statement because it depends on the nature and size of the business.
In all honesty, there will be an initial investment no matter the kind of RPA consulting services in India you hire. The ROI, however, is usually exceptionally great if you are putting the tools to right use. While it is likely to result in cost reduction, there are other benefits like low error rate, increased efficiency, reduced man hours, better customer satisfaction to name only a few.
RPA as a service has seen immense growth in the past decade to be precise, and that is because now businesses are coming to terms with it. If your business is also looking forward to let RPA support your operations, we can help you. SynLogics can help you. Simply talk to us and we can take it from there.