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Building effective on-demand UberEATS Like Application Solution

Here is what you need to consider to create an exceptional on-demand UberEats Like App for your food delivery business.

Competitor Analysis 

Many restaurants may look to develop on- demand apps like UberEATS  with the intention of giving hype to their businesses. The app facilitates advanced and highly customisable features to be best suited for your business and scalability to stay much ahead of your competitor. This provides an effective impact on the consumers.

Work Mechanism

To build an On-demand UberEats like App for your enterprise, you have to comprehend the basic work mechanism of the parent app in the first place. It is mandatory for an Uber clone app to have four different channels such as restaurant app, driver app, customer app and the admin panel. The apps are built with user friendly features and easy adaptability to any place.

Real time tracking

Real time tracking and GPS feature are the most basic necessity of any food delivery app development. With them, the driver can easily spot the location of the customer and vice-versa. It is again the tracking feature that helps the driver to identify the shortest route to the given destination and get there as soon as possible.

Payment choices

A good Food Delivery App Clone provides the customer with multiple payment options. It includes choices such as card payment, wallet transaction, banking apps and direct cash payment. It should also have an in- built fare estimation feature so that the customer gets a clear picture of the payment he has to make at the end of the delivery.

Push Notification

The push notification feature sends instant messages to the customer and the driver in connection to a given order. It also allows the admin to send mass messages to the drivers or the customers when there is a need and announce if there are any special offers or coupons.

User Interface

Building an UberEats Clone with a complex structure is not of much use. An effectual UberEats Clone Script comes with a simple user interface. We provide completely personalised apps to match your business needs and latest features to top the market easily. Our UberEats Clone is equipped with trending and robust options to step into the digital field in no time.

Launch your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like Binance, Localbitcoins, Paxful, Remitano

Any crypto entrepreneurs would like start your their own cryptocurrency 
exchange platform that too similar to one of the top exchanges. 

 Why is it so?

The main reason to choose their own exchange like some of the popular exchange is significantly due to it own advanced features and user friendliness to attract the users.

Due to this reason, the top cryptocurrency exchange clone business get arise in the crypto market industry. Many Software development companies started their own business developing a cryptocurrency exchange clone script that provides ready-made cryptocurrency exchange clone software, exactly working based on the famous crypto exchanges like Binance, LocalBitcoins, Paxful, Remitano!

In that way, Pulsehyip a leading cryptocurrency exchange software development company offers you all top crypto exchange clone scripts based on your business demands!

Some of the top cryptocurrency exchange clone script that you can have a look into the following before buying your own script!

You can get your free demo and free consultation from Pulsehyip experts!

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DApp Development for Innovators and Entrepreneurs
What Are DApps?
Decentralized Applications(DApps) are computer apps that run on the distributed system built on powerful blockchain technology. In simple words, it can be explained as Dapps are nothing but applications that leverage blockchain technology and operate from a secure and reliable network rather than on a server system owned or controlled by one central power.

DApp Development

Dapps has great potential to bring many things to reality in the very near future. More than any benefit, the Major advantage of Dapps is that they are decentralized. All software product business owners have gone through major issues such as security breaches, website downtime, and other failures and bugs. Dapps have the ability to solve many of those problems.

Benefits of Dapps:
1. Open-source
2. Decentralized Consensus
3. Users can retain control of their data
4. Can Use cryptocurrency as payment
5. Secure P2P Payments
6. Maintaining Privacy
7. Removes transaction fees
8. Prevents Single Point Failure

Dapps will continue to grow exponentially in the future. There are now over 3000 Dapps built on Ethereum, the leading Blockchain-Based Dapps platform.

Want to Build your Own DApp?

We Employcoder leading 
DApp Development Company offers a wide array of Blockchain development services such as  Private Blockchain Development, DApp Development, Smart contract Development, Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, ICO Development, Wallets, and much more to maximize your business benefits. We help to Build your DApps on Tron Ethereum & EOS and more blockchain Platforms. Up your DApps with the best and proven tools for DApp Development with the help of our DApp Developers. Hire DApp Developers at affordable cost and Build your DApps Now!

Hire DApp Developers from Employcoder to get Complete DApp solutions catering to your specific industry and business requirements. We extend our DApp Development services for clients in various industry verticals ranging from  Finance, retail, Gaming, banking to Supply Chain, eCommerce, and more.

Essential features in any UberEats Clone Script
Essential features in any UberEats Clone Script

The food ordering and delivery business is growing day by day. And it has been extending its reach all around the international market trends. Many food delivery apps UberEats, Postmates, Grubhub, etc are the right examples of how this concept has the best promising and foreseen future. Because people enjoy eating, and it’s going to be continued throughout their lifespan.
These food delivery apps eliminate the difficulties and fuss of the traditional dine-in methods. Rather than building an app right from scratch, using an UberEats clone will be the best choice. Are you that solopreneur, who is very much intended to launch a food delivery service and to attain a great thrust in your business? Then this article will briefly explain the must-have inclusive in your application.
Platform Independent 
The technical logic of the platform independence will surely extend your restaurant business to the people connected with different devices. Launching a good food ordering application is an easy task. But it must be supported by all the Android, iOS, and desktop systems. So, this must be chosen as the first feature in your checklist.
Different Panels
For any food ordering script, there must be three key panels – Users, Restaurants, and Delivery Partner. All the three partners must be provided with mutual communication points to connect one another if required. So, a well efficient UberEats clone script provides three different applications for the whole three different personalities in the process. 
This is one of the primary features of any food delivery business. Generally, the customers use all sorts of payment gateways on food delivery apps based on their convenience. So providing multiple payment gateways makes sure that the customers never bounce back because of not finding their comfort methods. So, your UberEats clone script must support multiple payment methods like Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, Wallets, and as well as Cash on Delivery.
Location Detection
Detecting the location automatically is an enhancement and important feature which can be highly used to check that the location opted for is deliverable or not. Manual turning on and off of this location feature is an add on.
However, the customers can very well place orders for their suitable acquaintances from some other town or places applied that the same food delivery service is available.
Live Tracking
After placing a successful order, users can be updated by each of the delivery processes. The live status of their order can be shown, thereby users can get an idea of the ETA of their order. The live tracking also provides an enhanced experience which even includes the details of the delivery personnel who are on the route with their order.
Notifications & Reviews
Push or pop up notifications are mainly for customer engagement and better communications. You keep your customers updated on various stuff such as new offers, coupons, ratings, reviews, order status, new add ons in the list, etc. To stay up in your market trends, don’t miss out on this tool.
In these modern days, nobody buys things from any of the sites without hitting its review space. Mainly when it comes to food, quality, and hygiene cannot be compromised. With the review option, you can highly utilize customer-generated content for your good. And good transparency is there for your overall operations. 
Bottom Line
Keeping good track of the above-mentioned things helps you to picture your business performance. Choosing the correct script will be a tedious task. Are you looking for the best UberEats clone? Then, Delaware is the best fit for your search algorithm. This UberEats clone script is open-source software. 
Delaware is a food app script and has widely accomplished admiration across the world. Delaware, Ubereats clone app script is easily available for iOS and Android users both. Visit Us to know more about our product. All the best for your way in this greatly profitable niche.

Get a top notch Handyman service app like uber

What do handyman service apps have to offer?
1. Users can easily get a handyman within a matter of minutes to provide repair services for their household.
2. Users can also avail services to do minor electrical works, renovation works, plumbing work, etc. 
3. It is easier for the handyman to reach many customers, and they can also earn a good sum of money using this.
4. The handyman will have steady gigs because of the large user-base and more demand.
5. The app's admin can act as a facilitator in providing a base platform for the handyman and the customers to connect.

The features that should in instilled while carrying out Uber for handyman app development
1. Availability toggle where the handyman can update their availability. 
2. Easy search where the users can request for a handyman and the same is assigned quickly 
3. Geolocation service where the handyman can locate the user's place. 
4. Price estimate per services and also save the in-app payment integration system. 
5. A significant admin panel by which the processes of the app can be monitored.

After carrying out on-demand handyman service app development, see that your workers/ handyman provide quality service to the users, which is essential for the business. 

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Grocery App Development: Cost and Features

Grocery delivery services have never been so popular as it is at present. Both customers and service providers are looking for new approaches that can be implemented with 
the grocery delivery app development. In this article, we'll explain what are common features, estimate development costs, and find out the most efficient ways to monetize your software.

Read the full article about Grocery App Development: Cost and Features and share your thoughts on it.

Sitecore Development: Where It is Used, Pros and Cons, Technology Stack

Looking for the best solutions to deliver exceptional digital experiences for your customers? We suggest checking the article about 
Sitecore development that has gained rising popularity over the last years. Let's check its main advantages, where it is commonly used, and how to approach Sitecore development implementation.

Read the full article about Sitecore Development: Where It is Used, Pros and Cons, Technology Stack and share your thoughts on it.

Power of blockchain to overwhelm the traditional loyalty programs
Loyalty programs are often recognized as one of the most effective ways for a business to retain customers. A recent analytical report claims that blockchain technology has the power to improve customer loyalty and reward programs . 

Blockchain implementation will give your business a secure and verifiable record of transactions, especially for the reward programs. 

There are many types of traditional loyalty programs, from punch cards to points, and cashback programs. These are well established among businesses and customers. However, both companies and customers have many challenges with respect to the existing loyalty programs

 Blockchain resolves problems in loyalty programs 

The challenges include difficulty in estimating the liability, the need to create accounts and registers, lack of integration, lack of uniformity among channels, losing track of reward points, limited reward points, and much more.

The blockchain ecosystem is not limited. It involves several different participants .

blockchain-based Reward System customers are allowed to store their loyalty  rewards or crypto coins in a single wallet which they have been rewarded from the network participants.

The accumulated digital currency rewards can then be redeemed from the partner companies.

In a Business-to-business scenario, the business offers their clients a value added service. B2B loyalty programs are more personalized and they depend on their clients’ requirements. For instance, a bank offers loyalty programs to its business client which fits their needs and budgets. This retains the bank’s old customers and attracts new customers. 

It also reduces management costs. It enables setting up exchanges with no centralized management.

The companies also face some difficult challenges by losing control over their data while using the traditional loyalty programs, but here in the  Blockchain Rewards Platform Development, the data is strictly guarded. 

Bottom line

As a final standpoint, blockchain technology can eliminate inefficiencies in traditional loyalty programs and offer customers more excellent value through redemption opportunities from multiple companies.
How the COVID-19 pandemic turned the tables around for telemedicine apps?
When the coronavirus struck economies around the world, businesses started to fall. Medical practitioners have begun to take their services online by offering virtual consultations. Since people follow the social distancing norms prescribed by WHO, in-person consultations have dropped. People have started to make appointments with their usual doctors on video conferencing apps like Zoom, Facetime, etc. But it had more flaws than the advantages it offered. These apps might compromise the doctor-patient confidentiality. Zoom, a video conferencing app that has gained immense popularity after the outbreak of COVID-19, has been in the news for its vulnerability. 

The need for telemedicine apps: 
There arises a need to set privacy standards to get doctor consultations, and telemedicine apps provided the ideal elements needed for it. Medical practitioners can care for their patients amid this pandemic by interacting with them on virtual screens. Reports from McKinsey&Co. have concluded that the number of people using telemedicine apps in the US has increased by 46% in June. It was a significant increase in terms of user engagement, as last year's figure was a mere 11%. Scientists have predicted that coronavirus is here to stay at least until the end of 2021, even if we successfully develop a vaccine.  
Industry experts have predicted that the vertical trend of telemedicine apps will continue to grow. They have also suggested that on-demand doctor consultation apps will get embedded as a primary part of the healthcare ecosystem in the near future. Using these apps on a broader scale will reduce emergency room usage by 20% and patients' visits to health care offices by 25%. Currently, telemedicine apps' market value is valued to be $250 billion, and this figure is a massive spike compared to the revenue of $3 billion generated in 2019.  

How long has it been in the market?
People might misjudge telemedicine apps for a new concept but it has been in the market for several years. It had come a long way and been through several evolution stages even before the digital technologies took over. For most of its time, telemedicine services were primarily used by people in the remote/hilly regions. It was started to serve patients and was not commercialized by then mainly. Astronauts who spend months at a time in the International Space Station found virtual consultations to be effective. Initially, several restrictions were imposed upon health professionals who served across state borders and stumbled for several years to become a global solution.

Bottom line:
Telemedicine apps are proven to offer faster and cheaper healthcare services. It also lets doctors attend to more patients in a considerably lesser time compared to traditional services. Healthcare providers can potentially increase their profits as the services will be available round the clock. By working closely with on-demand doctor app development companies, healthcare providers are able to integrate exclusive features into their platform from time to time. These apps are designed carefully to ensure that patients need not have any technical skills to use the telemedicine platform. 

Is Bitcoin mining fruitful?
Nowadays, the Bitcoin mining operations are dominating the digital space. In this article, we clarify whether Bitcoin mining is worthwhile or not?

Generally, Bitcoin mining can be a tricky thing to determine if it is completely safe in the digital world and if it is cost-effective? 

Bitcoin mining is a method of earning Bitcoins in exchange for validating bitcoin transactions. Even though these transactions are high secured they need to be validated and through which in return miners earn bitcoins. 

Many individual miners ask themselves, is bitcoin mining still profitable?

This question arises mainly because of the change in technologies, shifting prices of Bitcoins, and much more. 

Many factors determine whether bitcoin mining is a profitable business or not. Factors include the availability and price of the computer system, the cost of electricity to power the system, and the complexity in providing the service. 

The current state of bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining operates with thousands of ASICs under one roof.  These operations benefit both the economic as well as the financial scale. 

As per research, the Bitcoin Hashrate has not reached its all-time high from March 2020. Perhaps this is due to the pandemic crisis. However, this won’t last for a longer period, and at some point, the Hashrate will break the old records. 

Hashrate is a measure of a miner’s computational power. Simply put, it is a computational arms race where the organization or individuals with the most  Hashrate will be able to mine the most bitcoins.

If there is a high Hashrate, it is more difficult to profit from mining. If there is a high Hashrate, there will be more miners, which means you will earn less by mining. So it is essential to consider the Hashrate before you start mining. 

Is Bitcoin mining profitable? 

The short answer is yes, but thinking of financial investment, perhaps not! 

From the financial point of view, you need electricity, strong technical understanding to optimize your ASICs’ operation, and, most importantly, plain luck. 

If people are interested in mining, a tool like bitcoin mining profitability calculator can help the user decide whether the mining is worth it or not. 

The main consideration while running a cost-benefit analysis is that the Bitcoin ASIC will allow the user to mine different coins, including BTC, BCH, BCHSV, etc. This allows the user to swap between networks to leverage opportunities.

So mining bitcoin is usually the most profitable opportunity that one could think of, and you should not count on a financial windfall from mining other coins. 

Wondering where to mine bitcoins?

Surprisingly, bitcoin mining can also be done with P2P crypto exchange platform and if you are worried about finding a P2P exchange platform, well you are at the right spot! 
Blockchain Firm offers you a P2P crypto exchange platform with avant-garde features that helps you to mine bitcoins in a hassle-free manner. 

Bottom line

Probably the best idea is to make mining a hobby. Bitcoin mining is perhaps profitable, perhaps not, but the experience you gain is the real work. Just stock up some bitcoins for the future when a new bull market begins, and you can benefit from the rising price. 
Connect the tutors and students with a thirst to learn using Uber for tutors app

There is a notable quote which says, Teaching is one profession that creates all other professions.’ Teaching plays a huge and influential role in our lives. Online tutoring apps are paving the way for connecting the tutors and the students. On-demand 
tutor app development is carried out by many to bridge between tutors and the students. Like every other on-demand service that uber provides, Uber also provided Uber for tutor app clone script.

What are the features of an Uber for tutors app

Availability toggle for the tutors
Tutors can set the availability status on their app based on their available free time. They can turn off the availability status after they reach a sufficient number of students to provide services. Once they want to resume back, they can switch on their availability status.

Search for tutors using a search engine
The students/ parents can search for the tutor they want using the search engineer filters. They can specify what they want to learn, the location of the tutor, and much more.

Students can request service with a tutor using the app, This is notified to the tutors, and they accept the request. Once the request is accepted, the tutors and students get details of each other and schedule an appointment to discuss the class further.

The tutor set the pay per class, and the students who avail service can pay easily using the digital wallet. An amount of commission is generated to the admin of the app.

Students can also rate the classes they availed from the tutors, which enables other students to make informed decisions on taking up classes from the tutors.

There is no end to learning and enable curious students to take up classes using your Uber for tutors app.

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Does a crypto trading bot eliminate a stressful scenario in trading?
As we all know, the crypto market is highly volatile, and sometimes it gives an unpleasant surprise for crypto investors.  To avoid all such scenarios and losses, a crypto trading bot came into the play! 

Crypto trading bots have become popular among traders. This bot controls the trading process without the involvement of the trader.

A perfectly encoded bot allows traders to execute faster and more efficiently than the trader would be able to do manually. 

You can witness massive popularity in the currencies, which resulted in a big increase in the number of crypto trading bots.

Now let us know some of the common features of trading bot.


Before starting a trade, you must backtest it against historical market data. Collecting high-quality data is usually done by exchange APIs. 

To simulate a realistic backtest your latency, slippage, and trading fees need to be considered. It is possible to retrieve historical price data but impossible to retrieve historical order books. 

Strategy implementation

The code that implements the strategy creates a tiny fraction of the whole project. Here is where you specify the logic and calculation that determines when to trade and in what quantities. 

Once the strategy is created, you are able to backtest in order to analyze its performance. Profitable strategies can make out the backtesting phase because so much can go wrong in the real world. So it is necessary to be careful here overfitting your strategy to historical data. 


Once the strategy is decided, the next phase is order execution. Consider this phase as a bridge between your strategy and the exchange of your trading. 

This code turns your strategy into an order request. Some bot might have a paper trading feature that allows you to stimulate your strategy in real time with fake money.

Job scheduler

Finally, you want to let your bot run anonymously. You will need to spin up a server and set up the job scheduler to autonomously execute live strategies.

Why are crypto trading bots useful? 

The main aim of the crypto trading bot is to remove fear and emotion from the trading equation and allow investors to execute a trade based on a predefined strategy. 

The bot also helps you to run your trading process 24/7. If you are a person who is hardly involved in trading or if you are unable to stay on top of the market all the time, then the crypto bot is the solution.  The bot allows you to trade efficiently without having to dedicate your time to market analysis. 

The crypto trading bots execute trade orders instantaneously. This instantaneous process makes them much more effective than humans. 


It is believed that cryptocurrency trading bots development are vital for crypto traders. If the trader can manage and adjust the bots setting and define effective trading strategies, the bot can be the best trading tool.

Develop a high functioning courier delivery app for your business
Courier delivery services help a great number of people in shipping services, and many businesses ship their products using courier services. It is one of the largest domains of service which has been availed by all of us. The global courier service market has reached a value of $541.6 billion as of 2019. It is expected to grow more and at the CAGR rate of 11%. On-demand courier service apps have made courier services easier. Traditional courier businesses and startups are concentrating on On-demand courier delivery app development for their business. An app like Uber for courier services helps a great deal in getting the courier services rendered to the users quickly.

How does the Uber for courier app work?

1. Users request courier delivery services in the app and provide information like the destination of the delivery, the parcel's weight, etc.

2. After which a delivery executive will be assigned for the job, all the contact information of the delivery executive is generated in the app that the users can use to contact the delivery executive.

3. The app also shows the cost estimate based on specifications like travel distance, availability of delivery personnel, weather conditions, etc. The user can pay off easily using the in-app wallet or using their preferred payment modes like UPI, credit, and debit card.

4. The delivery executive reaches the user's place and picks up the courier and delivers it off at the destination where the user wants it to be delivered.

5. Users will be notified once the courier is delivered at the destination, and the user can rate the courier services.

Makes sure that services like live tracking, in-app communication system, work history, review system, invoice details, and a few other add on features are integrated into the app while carrying out Uber for courier app development.

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Advantage of job portal script to recruiting and selecting employees

Recruiting candidates is easier than ever with job portal script. Whether it is for the future hire to work for a client, a delegation ... or for the human resources department itself, our cloud-based recruiting and selection software is made to meet the changing needs of the recruiting world. And that is why we invite you to know some characteristics of our tool in this short article.
HRHub has been designed to simplify your recruiting and hiring processes, saving you valuable time when choosing the right candidates. To build an job portal script done by strengthening collaboration within the HR team. For this reason, our tool has the tasks of each recruiter incorporated so that everyone can know the progress of their efforts in real time.

Powerful flexibility

Every company is different, so we configure the platform specifically to address the key recruiting points by tailoring it to your business and industry, while providing a simple user interface that is easy to use.
Companies start counting on the candidate's experience the moment they sign up for one of their job offers. And we help them turn these profiles into active candidates, keeping them committed to the company through messages with real-time responses, automated scheduling of their journey through the process, and reminders of how the process is progressing in every moment
Automated engagement

Companies start counting on the candidate's experience the moment they sign up. And now you can activate more passive candidates, by keeping them committed to your company by monitoring their application with real-time notifications, automated scheduling and reminders, and all from our job portal script recruitment and selection process management platform.
This also increases the attraction of candidates, since you can expand the scope of your current vacancies through the Multiposting option that our tool also incorporates. Through this functionality, you can publish on all the channels that you have linked to your account with the same click.

Explore all the possibilities of job portal script

Improve the candidate experience
Fine-tune your hiring processes with personalization and automated communication
Large-scale data analysis
Take advantage of that real-time data to make strategic decisions and thus turn candidates into workers.
Do it also in a way that enhances your employer brand, using technology to deal with those employees who are not part of your company yet.
All of these measures will help you transform the way you recruit!
Explore our recruiting software

HRHub was designed to simplify your hiring process and save you valuable time on the chores of choosing the right candidates, managing your  job portal pool, and strengthening your team collaboration. Turn your recruitment and HR management into your competitive advantages with the best recruitment and selection process management system (ATS) on the market.

Easy to use solution
We provide a complete ATS solution to facilitate the work of your HRHub software. This is something we do through the powerful functionalities that integrate the management of all your processes and dissemination spaces in a single tool. Job portal script is also governed by artificial intelligence, the integration of the employment portal of your corporate page and other means of dissemination that your company uses.

System based on artificial intelligence

No one could memorize everything about your candidates. But with HRHub' settings and features, you will always know who could be the perfect candidate for the positions you are hiring for. We provide you with tools that allow you to keep track of all the data related to candidates and vacant positions, taking advantage of this information to facilitate your hiring process.

Customize and link your job page

Employer branding has never been as important as it is today. Since with a few clicks, you can create or link your employment page, showing the vacancies you have at all times.

Management of employee onboarding

We help companies in their management of the incorporation of employees (Onboarding) with our module designed for this purpose. This has saved our clients time, since we have been able to automate manual procedures, making them one more phase of the hiring process, with the facilities that this entails for the team involved.

Solution that integrates cutting-edge technology

We provide you with a Candidate Tracking System (ATS) to facilitate your work, by automating many of the steps that involve the participation of a recruitment technician. Well, through these automations driven by artificial intelligence and with the integration of the employment portals of the companies, we manage to improve the response to the candidates, even guiding them in their registration or search process or filling in their professional profiles . We do this through the Chatbot functionality, or automatic responses to candidates.
Recruiting candidates is easier than ever with job portal script. Whether you work for a recruiting agency or in a human resources department, our cloud-based software is designed for you.

How to develop a Grocery delivery app like Instacart?
Instacart is a top-rated grocery delivery and has millions of loyal customers around the world. Instacart offers a user-friendly and seamless application interface. If you plan to take your grocery business online, getting an Instacart clone app will be the ideal solution. There is an immense potential for on-demand service apps in the current market. The revenue models of on-demand grocery delivery business are:

Commission fee:

The commission fee is one of the most revenue models, and it is being followed in almost every on-demand service app. The entrepreneur will deduct a portion from the customers’ bill as a commission fee.

Product sales:

The supermarket owners will get profit for each product sold on the platform. The primary revenue source of on-demand grocery delivery business is from product sales. The store owners will determine the cost of products.

Marginal cost price:

It is an inventory model in which the provider will stock up the products in a warehouse. The entrepreneurs will add a marginal rate to the product before listing them on the application. However, not every grocery delivery service provider in the market follows this strategy. 

Establishing a brand:

Most people love to buy things from a branded provider. The product’s cost will increase based on a brand’s popularity, and yet people will buy them. Advertisements on third-party sites and social media will increase your brand’s visibility in the market. Here’s how you can increase the reputation of your brand in the market:

Offer same-day deliveries:

Customers will love this feature, and more providers have started to adopt this strategy. Sometimes it is vital for customers to get a product delivered by the end of the day. There will be no need for driving huge vans around the streets with grocery packages, just a motorcycle or bicycle will be enough to get the job done. 

Customer engagement:

You should offer more value to your products and services to sustain your target audience for a more extended time. Offer promotions and discounts regularly on the platform to attract more users. Offer premium quality service with a wide choice of products to capture the attention of your users. Pay attention to the operational activities and make changes as per the demand. Make sure that the workflow of your business is disturbed in any way. It is essential to take care of your stakeholders’ needs to ensure that your business runs in a butter-smooth manner.

Let your Uber for tow truck app aid the stranded people and their vehicles
All of us would have experienced a situation where either the petrol ran dry, or our vehicle got punctured, and we were stranded on the road. This situation would have caused a surge of panic and anxiety. Uber for roadside assistance app development comes as a messiah at this time for the users. Using this, the users can get help for their stranded vehicles.

How does uber for tow trucks work?

1. The users can create an account on the Uber for tow truck app; once they need assistance, they can view the type of trucks providing towing services on the front page.
2. They can choose the truck based on the stranded vehicle and its size and moved forward to provide information like the location and click on the ''Next'' button to avail the services
3. This request is notified to the truck driver, and they can contact the user using the in-app call options and reach the user's  stranded location using the GPS feature.
4. The user can also track the truck using the GPS enabled feature of the app.
5. After availing of the services, the user will receive the invoice for the delivery with details like distance traveled, time-taken, base fare, distance fare, tax, and total cost.
6. The users can pay off the service provider quickly and also rate their services.

Indulge in on-demand truck app development to cater to the tow trucking service at a great time of need. On-demand service apps have enabled us to get many services in need quickly, and who would've imagined that we would get assistance when we're stranded.

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Tron Smart Contract for MLM Business
As everyone knows that things are becoming more online and people start to prefer to switch to digitalize as much as possible. So it is a well suitable one in the business world and who are doing start-up business and MLM type business. As start-up and MLM are mostly done the business directly with the customers, it becomes a tough time period now. The Multi-level Marketing business became a challenge now but its demand alone still remained as same.
As a solution to this problem, TRON Smart Contract MLM is developed to stabilize their position in the business world as well as to the extent of the business and aid to face the planned profit. And, the next question will be, how are these things going to work out?
 Yeah, right the answer to this question is provided below here by the leading 
smart contract development solution provider, Developcoins. 
Lets we can get into the topic...
Why Smart Contract in MLM?
As the above topic says smart contracts provide solutions to all the MLM drawbacks and how that happens?
We can see the answer in detail for this question here. Even MLM has been an old traditional way of marketing it is still in usage by many start-ups, small scale business people. Approaching to the customer in the business field MLM is the best way and many business magnets to planning to use it to expand the business but because of its various loophole, MLM idea was put in the hold. But after the implementation of smart contracts in the MLM field, numerous people start to use it because of its advantage as well as it feels the bliss to use the MLM in their business.
The advantages of MLM smart contract so it becomes easy to make out what are all the benefits it can provide in business when it is used together. 
Advantages of MLM
•    Direct sale from the wholesaler
 •    Low start-up cost
 •    Can choose the product & services as per the person wish
 •    Open business model
 •    Leverage
 •    Time Freedom
 •    Portability
 •    Huge potential income
 •    Personal Development 
Advantages of Smart Contract
•    Data Secured
 •    Trustworthy
 •    Automated Monitoring
 •    Irreversible
 •    No hacking
 •    Speed
 •    Transparency
 •    Clear communication
So what needs much more than this? - So both combinations will become awesome and it grabs the success easily on or before the time without any second thought, which makes it obvious by the above advantages mentioned.
Why TRON is preferred to Build a Smart Contract?
TRON is the up-growing blockchain technology now it the cryptocurrency world which is also standing equal to Ethereum, which is the top blockchain technology in the crypto field.  As the TRON token TRC20 is the well suitable one for smart contract development then what will be the need much more from TRON blockchain. Smart contracts can be deployed in Tron Virtual Machine (TVM), which is another advantage without the need for other blockchains. It is own P2P network is the added advantage to develop a smart contract so it can be easy to make the transaction and transfer the data in the same network.
What is the Role Play of TRON Smart Contract in MLM?
So as above said TRON smart contract is the biggest advantage to all the business industries. When it is implemented in the MLM platform it will make it successful easily to enlarge the business alongside building trust with the customers and traders. That will lead to improvise the brand naming as well as to develop the business to the next stage. TRON token TRC20 plays a vital role in developing the smart contract and it will be the greatest benefit when it is implemented in MLM business. It makes it even easier to build trust among the traders to develop business worldwide.
How TRON Smart Contract MLM Software is Aid to Achieve Success in Business?  
So the usage of TRON smart contract MLM software in the business to develop the business will be the greatest plus point and can bring numerous benefits among traders also for the business people. Those are,
 •    Easy way of branding
 •    Globalized speed transaction
 •    Asset safety & security
 •    Easy to build trust among the traders & customers
So even the start-up can make their business easy to trust and make it a success without any doubts.
Hence, all the things are tempted to search the best TRON smart contract MLM software and it is also tough to find that. 
So these are some of the ways to select top-graded one and to make your hunt even simpler, here is the company with all those qualities along with the other traits too, which is none other than Developcoins.
What you’re waiting for? 
Why Developcoins? 
Developcoins is the Best smart contract development company across the globe which provides end-to-end smart contract development service like creation, development, launching, smart contract audit.
The other reason to become specialize is Developcoins is basically a cryptocurrency development company and has the best knowledge as well as long lost experience in the blockchain and smart contract field. That is why Developcoins is the right and wise option to get TRON smart contract MLM software for your business.
How to develop an online marketplace like Amazon?

Market research:

No matter what business you start, you will have to conduct market research. It will be useful for you to identify your target audience, their needs, and business requirements. You can also decide on the range of products that will yield profit in the location in which your business is being operated. 

Never miss out the basic features:

Take the idea of developing an app like Amazon off your mind. You will have more customization options and offer an outstanding shopping experience for your customers, even better than Amazon. You should determine the scope of your business precisely as this is a highly competitive industry. Here are some of the essential features that you shouldn’t miss on your e-commerce app.
  • Customer registration
  • Search for products
  • User reviews
  • Seamless checkout process
  • Reliable payment gateway
  • Flexible shipping options
  • In-built AI

Focus on optimizing your app visually:

The app’s design is the first thing that your customers will notice. No matter how good your services are, the users will stop using your app if they are not pleased with the design. Create a logo for your brand as it will be your unique identity in the market. Reports indicate that almost 80% of users remember what they see visually, so make sure you have an attractive design and a minimalistic user interface.

Choose the platform:

Choose your app’s platform, depending on the geographical location of your business. iOS devices are more used in North America and Europe compared to the rest of the world. My advice is to develop your app for both platforms to make the most out of its potential.

Concentrate on optimizing your business:

After the launch of your app, it is time to improvise your services. It is a continuous process, and there is no end to it. Even market giants like Amazon keep optimizing their services to sustain in the market. Keep collecting user feedback to analyze your drawbacks, and additional research will help you decide the list of modifications that should be made to your platform in the next update. 

Complete knowledge grab on cryptocurrency wallet development & its subs!

Now, in this blog, let’s grab knowledge on the cryptocurrency wallet and its types! You can kick-start with the favorite choice of the crypto wallet!

What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software application that helps users to store, send, receive, or monitor the crypto transactions. The wallet users are provided with two significant keys: Public and Private Keys. Users are prompted for private keys to authorize the crypto wallet and perform transactions. Hence, it’s solely crypto wallet user’s responsibility to maintain their private keys safe and secure. I.e., Just like your credit or debit card PINs!

You may wonder where these cryptocurrencies are stored and how the transactions process at the backend! Here’s how cryptocurrency wallet works!

How does a Cryptocurrency wallet work?

Crypto wallets possess public and private keys. No one can view or steal the cryptocurrencies from your wallet until they have access to your crypto application. 

When the cryptocurrency is transferred from your wallet, you’re officially signing off the ownership of coins to the receiver’s public address of the wallet. The receiver can access the transferred crypto coins by authorizing the private keys that match the public address of the currency stored in the blockchain network. In general, every cryptocurrency transaction is stored in the blockchain network, just the ownership transfer of coins take place virtually. 

You can now explore the types of cryptocurrency wallets that are available in the market!

Types of cryptocurrency wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets are majorly categorized into three types.

  1. Software Wallets,
  2. Hardware Wallets,
  3. Paper Wallets.

Software wallets are sub-categorized as desktop, mobile, and web wallets. Here you go with the brief onsets of crypto wallet types!

Software Wallets

Desktop Wallet

The desktop wallet provides immense security than other software crypto wallets. The cryptocurrency wallet application of desktop type can be installed and authorized only through a PC or laptop. Desktop wallets are considered as a kind of cold storage that secures your crypto assets from potential hacks. You can access the cryptocurrencies in the desktop wallet through internet connection whenever necessary, and for the rest of the period, it can be safeguarded from prying eyes. 

However, you need to have a backup plan for desktop wallets as they are vulnerable to virus attacks, electrical short circuits, and other natural calamities. 

Web Wallets

The web wallet applications are accessible from anywhere on any device with your public and private keys. Exchange wallets are web crypto wallets that store user’s private keys on a hosting server. However, when you’re picking up the exchange wallets, you’re vulnerable to hacks. 

Mobile Wallets

Mobile crypto wallets are the most prominent type that is served on the crypto space. Crypto owners hold a minimum of their crypto coins in mobile wallets for easy accessibility and transfers of assets. They have the feature of a QR scan and pay for purchasing products from shops, e-commerce sites, and other places. Even though mobile wallets are considered vulnerable, crypto owners store a small number of distinct crypto coins for quick transactions and the rest of their digital assets in cold storage. 

Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets work differently from software crypto wallets. The user’s private keys are stored in the hardware devices securely without any vulnerabilities. The user connects their hardware wallet with internet-connected devices to authorize and perform transactions in their wallet. These kinds of crypto wallets store the coins in offline mode, making it free from prying eyes. 

Paper Wallets

Paper cryptocurrency wallets are physical prints of public and private keys of wallet. A paper wallet generates a pair of keys that help to access your crypto coins. However, to create a paper wallet, you must authorize a software wallet and transfer the control to the paper type by entering the public address provided. For the withdrawal of crypto assets, you must perform the operations vice versa. I.e., Paper wallet to software wallet. 

The process of withdrawal of crypto coins from the paper wallets is addressed as sweeping and is processed by scanning the QR Code or authorizing it through private keys. 

Final Thoughts

You would have selected the cryptocurrency wallet of your choice by now! 

A pro tip for you: Always pick a software wallet and a cold storage wallet. Hold a minimal number of crypto coins in the software wallet and the rest in cold storage. Software wallets help you with easy accessibility, whereas cold wallets serve you with immense security!

You are just loaded with the onset of the cryptocurrency wallet. To know more about the mandate and advanced features of the cryptocurrency wallet, do stick with us!

Inculcate these distinguishing features in your Netflix clone script

Multiple accounts: As per the subscription plan, users can set up many accounts. The premium subscription plan allows users to set upto five accounts. The more interesting feature is that each account can have separate names. This way, favorite lists, suggestions, history, notifications, etc., are as per individual users’ preferences. 

Parental control settings: Not all TV shows and movies are suitable for kids. While setting up the account, users can choose the account based on four maturity levels. In addition to that, they can regulate parental settings to not allow kids to switch to a different account.

Download movies and shows: When there is a reliable internet connection, users can download the shows. Netflix currently allows upto 100 shows or movies stored at a time and using cloud storage so users need not worry about the storage difficulties.

Netflix Roulette: It is one of the interesting aspects of Netflix; it gives a tv-like experience for the users. Users can select the genre, type, and select the spin button, and then random lists of shows and movies appear to users as per their selection. 

These are some of the exciting features that are not offered by other on-demand video streaming apps. Offer amazing users-experience with Appdupe’s Netflix clone script and win the hearts of customers instantly.
Examining the Role That Institutional Investment Can Play in Real Estate Tokenization
Real Estate which has been considered as an illiquid asset for a long time has been given a breath of fresh air courtesy the emergence of tokenization. For many years, institutional investors had an edge over individual investors due to the steep illiquidity discount associated with commercial real estate investment. Tokenization is the game-changer as it cuts the spread between illiquid real estate investments and publicly-traded investment vehicles by bringing the asset’s executable price close to its true value. 

Institutional investment is beneficial for the sector as it brings a lot of credibility. Investors become more active in managing their respective portfolios and witness an optimization in returns. They can expect strong rental growth and appreciation in the property value. 

However, factors like lower economic growth and uncertainty can affect institutional investment. Sometimes institutional investors can play the waiting game if project completion gets delayed due to lack of labour availability and the long wait for approvals which has a severe impact on sales. 

Since they have a direct holding over the asset being tokenized, there is a better tradeoff between risk and return. The service of professional management can be availed by firms at a reasonable cost. Hence, apart from providing money, they render solid advice and help in networking. 

Hence, there is an urgent need for an international framework unifying the laws prevalent in all countries. The tax structure also needs to be made common as most nations do not have clear tax laws encompassing cryptos. The volatility in the sector is high as prices change frequently. 

While there is no doubt that real estate tokenization is a landmark solution to make real estate investments accessible to all, it has to deal with issues such as red-tapism and compliance with regulations. Hence, institutional investors would require a more transparent process to ensure operational efficiency.
Launch a safe and secure Tripadvisor clone app of 2020
The COVID has gotten all of us locked down in our homes, but after everything resumes back to normal, the travels and tourism will witness a surge in the customers like never before. So it is expected that your business is soon going to reach horizons. Integrating a travel app for your business can be a great way to carry out such a process and manage your customers. It will also boost your business to reach and attract varieties of customers. In carrying out travel app development, opt to use the Tripadvisor clone app. The Tripadvisor has fetched a revenue of $156 crores, and it is undoubtedly the best.

How does an app like Tripadvisor help you in carrying out your business process

1. The admin gets a largely commendable panel and dashboard through which she/he can manage all the trip bookings taking place in the app.
2. The admin can manage the agents and the users in the app and has saved up data of their contact details and information.
3. The admin can manage content on the app, edit and review them. The admin can also update the on deals and packages users using the push notifications  
4. They can even advertise what they want in the ad column of the app, which boosts revenue. 
5. The user analytics reports received in the app lets the admin update the app as per the user demands.

Indulge in Tripadvisor clone app development with the best app developers in the market who will be on toes to provide services that are as per your business requirements. There is no doubt that your business will reach horizons with the Tripadvisor clone app and endure your will power in running a splendid travel business. 

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How the market of on-demand beauty services will inflate after the pandemic.
The COVID-19 pandemic has instilled a fear in humans as they are likely to knock on our doors anytime. With its origin still a mystery, it has toppled some major businesses worldwide as fear emerges from infections and deaths increasing at an alarming rate. WHO has advised people to stay indoors. Strict social distancing measures should be followed, in addition to wearing masks and gloves. As Coronavirus is single-handedly shaking the world’s economy, the negative aura around people is more than they can handle. 
Governments have announced multiple lockdowns over the months, and some have succeeded in successfully avoiding community transmission in their countries. People are maintaining social distancing to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones back home. They are maintaining less contact with the outside world, and so entertainment centers are closed indefinitely. Some are afraid to step outside of their homes and worried about getting essential things. This mindset has instilled a whole new level of stress among the people.
Amid all the crises caused by the pandemic, it has brought some positivity to the world. People get to spend time with their families, and several reports indicate that water bodies and air have never been this cleaner in decades. It has also propelled the user engagement to a whole new level and put the on-demand services industry ahead of years. Although people are stranded in their homes, they are frequently in need of professional beauty services. People see hair cut, make-up, masseuses, nail-art, and other beauty services as essential-like grocery and food delivery services. 
These apps help people to get professional beauty services with the utmost convenience and safety. Entrepreneurs and freelance beauticians see this opportunity as a goldmine to expand their online presence and enhance the quality of their services. It is proven to be a time-savvy and cost-effective method. Here is why on-demand beauty services are performing wee amid the coronavirus situation:

People prefer on-demand service apps:

Every on-demand service provider has made use of the opportunities in this pandemic  to promote their services. People are now more aware of these services than ever before and feel safe to use them. Some people have chosen to try new hairstyles during this pandemic as they are confined to their homes, and these apps make it easier to get done from the comfort of their homes.

Availability of choices:

People do not have to worry about the choices of services anymore. No matter where people live, they will have multiple options and can choose the one that suits them. Entrepreneurs will be partnered with local service providers and freelance beauticians to enhance the quality of their services. They look at the bigger picture and expect to see the same engagement on their platform even after the pandemic subsides. 

The services offered in these apps:

Ever since people started to use on-demand service apps in their everyday lives, entrepreneurs stop at nothing to overtake their rivals. They will do whatever it takes to enhance the quality of their services and to offer innovative features on their platform. They often keep adding new services to their app to keep their customers engaged. The customization options provided by on-demand beauty app development companies have made it easier than ever before. They can now quickly expand their working territory to reach out to more users. 
“Ideas can move mountains,” said a wise man; it is the unwritten rule to survive in the on-demand services market. Innovative ideas to deliver better solutions for the customers is the fuel that drives these companies. They are continually coming up with inventive solutions to take on their rivals and offer their best services with a few clicks on a user's smartphone. 

How well does the on-demand beauty services are performing:

The on-demand beauty services have been in demand even before the onset of COVID-19. But now the wind is blowing towards the on-demand services, and entrepreneurs are keen on making use of this opportunity. People love professional stylists coming at their preferred hours instead of getting an appointment to visit them at the salon. Bridal makeup, manicure, and hair styling are services with high demand in the market. 
These apps offer an excellent opportunity for freelancers to boost their revenue and work in their preferred timings. The market size of the on-demand beauty services’ market size is expected to inflate after the pandemic as more people will stick to these apps. Experts predict an excellent scope for these apps in the future as it offers options for customers to get professional beauty services anywhere. They can get their hair fixed in their office during free hours and professional massages in the comfort of their couch. 

How to get more attention to the YouTube clone script?

Features for channel owners and viewers

Channel Dashboard: It has details related to the trending videos and shows. So channel owners can know the trends and upload trending content on the channel. The videos that performed well are along with viewerships. The overall channel viewership is also presented. 

Channel Analytics: Statistics related to the channel are part of this segment. The information related to analytics comprises of the following:
  • The average number of views per video
  • Total channel views and subscribers list
  • Total channel watch time (in hours)
  • Demographic information about your audience

Featured video: Channel creators can add featured videos for specific audiences like new subscribers and existing subscribers. For instance, there could be a channel introductory video for new subscribers and this video will appear as notifications for them.

Share: People can share their favorite content on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and WhatsApp. They can also decide on the point of video time to share it. 

Polls: Channel creators can schedule polls at specific intervals by using the cards. Based on their viewers’ choice, they can create more content in those areas. It can also act as an opinion poll to understand people’s mindset of the topic discussed.
Entrepreneurs can develop and launch a YouTube clone script with Appdupe’s assistance and succeed in their ventures.
Reasons to implement an app and job portal in the company

There are companies that offer online services to the employee that, curiously, he hardly takes advantage  of  several reasons. Employees perform many tasks without using the computer, some travel and due to lack of time they do not go online to consult corporate information in the “heat” of the working day. Other times it happens that the portal is not multi- device and multi-platform , and when they access it, it does not offer them the necessary user experience on the device they have chosen at that time.

Less and less we use our PC outside of work, today we are replacing it with our smartphone or tablet and the user experience of the job portals on those devices does not encourage connection.

Many job portals are mere web accesses to human resources software without adaptations to use in mobility, or to mobile devices. They do not rank content according to the context of use, nor do they take advantage of key functions of mobile technology such as push notifications. To avoid these problems, it is advisable to choose to launch a multi-device and multi-platform job portal script  and app for companies .

The cross-platform property resolves the portal for the web, mobile web, and iOS and Android apps into a single solution.

Therefore, these characteristics make it possible to offer the same services and functions online to all employees regardless of the device they use to connect, be it their PC at home or at work, their tablet or their iOS or Android smartphone.

Some of the main advantages of successfully implementing an employee portal and app:
- Savings in time and costs in the administrative management of HR
- Reduction of paper and filing tasks, towards the paperless office
- Better internal and interdepartmental communication
- Fostering collaboration and participation in company policies
- Improves the work environment
- Team loyalty
What are the functionalities that add value in an employee portal and app ?
As an example, at vBote we have grouped them into different functional modules of our multi-platform and multi-device mobile application and portal solution for employees, which offers a desktop version, mobile web, and iOS and Android app.
The defined functional modules are the following:
- Corporate information. Here the company communicates general information to employees.
- Holidays and permits. It facilitates the management of permits, leave and vacations. Employees and their department heads interact through the portal
- Private documentation. This module makes available to employees their personal documents related to their relationship with the company (contracts, payroll, certificates ...) 
Training. The company shows its training offer and employees enroll in the courses with prior authorization from their department heads.
Approval of expenses. For the agile management of the expenses incurred by employees in their professional activity.
Communication between departments. Communication channels between employees and departments.
Management of the day. Management and control of hours worked and tasks performed.
Digitized signature. Signature of documents by the employee. 
- Reports. Activity and performance reports on the portal.

Custom eCommerce Development: Cost, Services, Technologies
What is the state of eCommerce in 2020? Why custom eCommerce development instead of CMS solutions? What is the cost of development, and what is the technology stack: how to choose the best options for backend, frontend, databases, and search systems. What problems eCommerce platforms are going through, and how to fix them?
Read the full article about Custom eCommerce Development: Cost, Services, Technologies and share your thoughts on it.

A keen write-up on how blockchain can help digital identity management
Every human in the world has his/her own unique identity right from birth. In a sense, identity consists of one first and last name, date of birth, nationality, religion, and much more, which is recorded on a birth certificate or a passport or any government-issued ID. 

Almost 1.1 billion people worldwide don’t have a way to claim ownership of their own identity.  A person without identity or a valid proof cannot own property, vote, receive government service, and even do not have access to open a bank account. 

The main problem is these forms of identification require immense maintenance of physical documents. So to overcome such a problem, blockchain came into existence. 

Some of the uses cases of blockchain in identity management

Self-sovereign identity

The self-sovereign identity is the concept in which people and businesses have the ability to store their own identity data on their own devices. 

People can choose which information can be shared with validators without relying on the central repository for identification data. 

These entities can be created independent of any nation, state, corporations, and even global organizations. 

Data monetization

Data monetization is a process of using personal data for quantifiable economic benefits. The value of a record increases when it contains personal data.

As per the survey report, there are quintillion bytes of data created every day by 4.39 billion internet users. It has been planned that 60% of global GDP is expected to be digitized by 2022, meaning personal data will continue to rise in value. 

It also provides users an option to keep their data hidden and protected from the corporation or governments. 

Data portability

Data portability grants the users to transmit their personal data directly from one controller to another.  

This has the potential to enhance the user experience, cutting down on the need to verify their identity across various services and platforms. 

The data portability reduces users’ friction while simplifying the sign-in process, which increases user adoption. 


Blockchain digital identity
 is benefiting several industries by reducing government bureaucracy, shaping many sectors, and detecting academic fraud. It also creates better Bank experience and helping many companies to avoid personal data breaches. 

How to Hire a Flutter Developer

Want to hire a Flutter developer? But how do you find a good one? Read this article for useful tips on 
hiring Flutter developers, setting main requirements, finding the best developers' locations, checking average rates, and most importantly how you can benefit from this cooperation.

Read the full article about How to Hire a Flutter Developer and share your thoughts on it.
Features of ubereats clone
Admin panel

  • Database management: Manage every single information such as the data of registered clients, restaurants, number of delivery boys etc.
  •  Customer management: Allows the admin to check the buyer details, the number of orders, date and time of the order and amount of the orders.
  •  Restaurant management: Lets the admin add new restaurants or eliminate the old ones, manage and maintain a flexible guide through the platform.
  •  Offer management: Produce and deploy new deals, offers, discounts as well as permit the deals from the restaurant side.
  •  Revenue management: Manage all the payments such as payment received from the clients, given to the restaurants, delivery boys and the commission set for them.
  •  Feedback management: Allows the admin to manage and view the feedback received from the clients and the answers given by the restaurant and delivery boys.
  •  Notifications to registered user: Admin can manage SMS, Emails, App notifications for the clients, delivery boys and the restaurant owners.

Customer app

Restaurant app

  • Profile creation: Create a profile to form a strong relationship with users through social media.
  •  Order alerts: Notification alerts to let the restaurant staff know that the user has placed the orders and make them prepare as soon as possible.
  •  Customize your menu: The customer can make any changes in the menu as per his choice through this feature.
  •  Order management: The restaurant can keep track of the number of orders received, delivered and the number of orders on the way.
  •  Payment management: Through this feature, the mode of payment made to the delivery boy is being managed.
  •  Customer details: Customer details are provided to the restaurant panel to confirm the order and get the location
  •  Track order history: The restaurant panel can track the completed and pending orders.
  •  Answer feedback: The restaurant owner can answer the reviews and feedback from the customers.
  •  Manage special offers: Allows the restaurant owner to provide offers, discounts and rewards to its customers through the on-demand food delivery app.

Driver app

  • Create a profile: Allows the driver to create his profile providing details like name, documents, contact details, and payment details.
  •  Receive order: The driver will get the order, contact details of the customer, location of the order and delivery through the food delivery app.
  •  Receive delivery location: The delivery location of the customer should be accessible to the driver through GPS to reach and deliver food on time.
  •  View order history: This feature allows the driver to view the number and type of orders he has accomplished.
  •  Receive multiple deliveries: The driver can get numerous orders at a single instance to save time and efforts in delivering the order.
  •  Notifications: The driver gets notified of the change in delivery location or the addition of new delivery through the app.

Technical aspects and research
Technical aspects of online food ordering software are important to consider when you intend to launch an online food delivery business as competitive as food delivery app. Depending on your budget, the location of your service and business requirements from the platform. Study clone script on the following aspects to choose the best platform for your food delivery business.
Platform compatibility
Technical aspects for platform compatibility decide the extent of your business to users with different devices. Owning a food delivery website is just not enough to run successful food delivery operations in 2019. The vendor must offer support for versions of web, Android and iOS apps.
Number of applications
Key partners in food ordering business are customers, restaurants and delivery personnel. All three partners must possess a touchpoint to connect with each other when required. Efficient food ordering software will provide three different applications for three different partners in the process.
Payment systems
Main feature aspect of food delivery business is the availability of secure and multiple payment options. Having multiple payment options ensure that users don't bounce back just because they didn't find a preferred payment method on your app.
Search filter options
Make sure the food ordering script supports advanced search filters that allow users to not just search for food or restaurant but also filter search results.
Live tracking
Automatic geolocation tracking is important to display food items from restaurants that are servable in a specific location.
Ratings and reviews
Letting users write reviews or rate food you would be utilizing user-generated content for the good of your business. Ultimately it will encourage more users to use your platform with more reviews came from fellow users.
What should you take into concern for building an app?

  • Decide your business model
  • Ensure user-friendly interface
  • Decide your budget
  • Framework to choose
  • What is your USP
  • Develop a customized website
  • Choose your demography
  • Plan your launch program

The estimated cost to develop UberEats like app
It is obvious for an entrepreneur to focus on ROI and to figure out the expected turnover and investment required. Let's find out the cost of building an on-demand app for food delivery business.
Influence of features
To develop an uber-like app you might go with the most viable features, advanced features or a blend of both basic and advanced features.
Influence of operating system
It purely depends upon the customer preference and target audience of the device to select the operating system. Therefore uber app development or Ios is surely a matter of customer preference.
Influence of technology
You need to figure out your app development needs. As you know building an uber like app requires using the latest tools and technologies.

What is the future of the on-demand food delivery industry?
Google has now integrated food service in its Maps and Assistant. Although it is not an indication of Google’s involvement with the food delivery service business directly, this recent update to its operating system and services will significantly impact the existing business. With this feature, Android and iOS users can now escape from the hassle of downloading multiple food delivery applications on their smartphones. Google has now enabled users to book food directly from their apps and services. They have tied up five top food delivery service providers in the market to facilitate the process. 
You might be wondering how that would be possible. But recently, if you have noticed closely, you will find a button that says ‘Order Online’ whenever you search on Google Maps. On pressing this button, you will be directly taken to the associated food delivery service to choose your menu, delivery time, location, etc. The process is similar to placing orders on an on-demand food delivery app, and you will have multiple options in payment.
Google’s recent move has put the online food ordering process way ahead of time and more comfortable. Customers can say, “Hey Google,” followed by the restaurant's name to get started. The assistance will predict the delivery services available in the user’s vicinity, and then the customers can easily place their orders. Another best thing about this feature is that users can reorder wherever needed by asking the assistant to do so. 
This feature will be deployed in a phased manner worldwide and will make it easier for customers to place orders on any food delivery app like swiggy. Currently, this service is available on popular apps like DoorDash, Slice, Postmates, and more. Google has announced that more on-demand food delivery apps are on the roster and added in upcoming months. 

What’s more to come?

There is no doubt that Google’s recent move is going to revolutionize the food delivery industry. In addition to this, several startups worldwide have announced that traditional delivery vehicles will soon get replaced with e-vehicles. This move comes as an initiative to raise their voices against global warming and pave the way for a cleaner environment. Some providers plan to offer innovative delivery options, like sending food packages to the customer’s location on wheeled robots. Discussions are going on to take Drones as alternatives to delivery executives as they can deliver food efficiently in city traffic, especially at peak hours. 

How to build UberEats clone?

How to build UberEats clone?
Online food ordering business is growing rapidly and local food outlets are extending its reach to the international market. Food ordering apps such as UberEats, Seamless, GrubHub, Zomato, and JustEat are the best example of how this niche has a promising future. People love eating and they will continue doing throughout their lives. They build food delivery marketplace in minutes. These popular on-demand scripts can act as a base for creating your own food delivery app or website.
Why UberEats clone script?

  • Both cab and restaurant aggregators are on-demand service marketplace businesses which require instant action.
  • Both offer a way to track live location and status of requested service

  • Select food ordering clone script.
  • Customize the food ordering or delivery software as per your business requirements.
  • Customize the restaurant menu and services according to your brand.
  • Launch your food ordering website and app.


How does UberEats clone app work?

  • 1. Browse restaurants: Find available restaurants by scrolling through the feed. Get particular restaurants of your choice by applying specific filters such as cuisine, distance, open time and price.
  • 2. Choose your food: By selecting a restaurant, you will be able to browse through the list of menu items which are available for delivery. Just tap on the preferred item to add it to your cart.
  • 3. Get your order finalized: Once you have completed adding all the items to your cart, you can checkout your order. Then, you will see all applicable taxes, the booking fee and the estimated delivery time. Place your order confirming.
  • 4. Track the order progress: With UberEats app you can see the status of your order in real-time. You will be notified once the restaurant receives the order and begins to prepare your order. You can also see the delivery partner's status and monitor their progress all the way to your delivery.
  • 5. Get your order delivered: You will get a notification once your food arrives and you can collect your order from the delivery person.


The business model of UberEats

  • UberEats business model works as a three-sided marketplace that connects a driver, a restaurant owner, and a customer. Restaurants pay commission on the orders to UberEats and customers pay small delivery charges at times and cancellation fee. Drivers earn through making reliable deliveries on time.
  • You can also check out here how food ordering system works.


Cater sustainable and trustable commuting service to your users using Uber clone
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Uber clone script is widely used by many in the market for taxi-hailing service apps and is the best of all. At UberEatslikeapp, we offer high-end taxi app development services that are sustainable for running your business efficiently and gaining your customers' trust.
How crypto wallet makes crypto trading better
Crypto wallets are a necessity for crypto users, and their creation is a strong indication of how fast the popularity of digital money grows. 

The number of crypto wallets and their users has been increasing rapidly since the creation of cryptocurrencies. There are wide choices of cryptocurrency wallets available to users nowadays. 

As there is a rising number of cryptocurrencies, multiple crypto wallets have been in the spotlight. They enable the wallet holder to deal with different types of digital currencies and keep those crypto coins securely as long as they need it. 

As there is a large availability of different coins, users will buy or sell the most prominent ones. Therefore the crypto wallet should assure the compatibility of different coins. 

Now let’s come back to the point on how the crypto wallet is making trading better. 

How crypto wallets improve trading?

There are a lot of benefits when you trade with the robust crypto wallet that not only secures your digital assets but also bypass many risks. 

There are many mechanisms embedded in the 
crypto wallet development to ensure that the user doesn’t have to struggle with volatility, which may impact the overall trade. 

Some crypto wallets are loaded with top-notch features that can help you get the market sentiment and give a profound gyan when you need it. 

The multi-cryptocurrency wallet program provides you with the best features and advantages from the core and boosts the overall trade scenario. 

It allows you to connect with different communities and channels to get more connections to perform trade. 

Bottom line

 It is imperative to choose the best crypto wallet because it is one of the key factors involved in successful trading. If you are interested in trading, then be wiser and select the best multi-cryptocurrency wallet development company that bypasses all your problems in the trading process. 

Significant features to include in Dating app development

Registration: Users can signup by providing the basic details or also use social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Matching: Users can set filters according to their preferences based on factors like gender, location, age, etc. Relevant profiles are listed to the users. 

Private chat: When both users have swiped right, they can communicate via private chat. The messages are protected with end-to-end encryption, so the data stored are completely secure. 

Push Notifications: Users will receive notifications about likes, matches, and messages. During dating app development, developers can also include alerts for the latest features and app updates. It is an important way to retain customers to use the app. 

Security aspects: Users can report other fellow users in case of abuse or harassment. The admin will be immediately informed of this, and they can review it and take necessary actions. It is crucial to include privacy & safety features to gain users’ trust.

Users anonymity: The selection and details of users are protected. Third-parties and hackers cannot misuse this information. 

The usage of dating apps is increasing with each passing day. Build an app like Tinder and utilize the prospering market. Appdupe offers a full-fledged dating clone app with all the salient features offered by popular dating apps.
What is the Human Resource portal?
The way of communicating within organizations has evolved enormously in recent years. Since more and more companies have tools that favor interconnection between their members, this evolution is here to stay.
Large companies have already implemented internal communication systems between employees. This new way of understanding company communication and the flow of information has given rise to human resources departments developing decentralization processes. 

One of the most prominent exponents of this decentralization of activities is reflected in the so-called Human Resource portal . It is an internal environment in the organization to which all its workers access and where all kinds of information related to the management of people in the company can be accessed . This environment can be considered as a self-service for the employee , since within this space it is possible that workers can consult their payroll, control their entry and exit times, download and view information related to the company and human resources, etc.

The Human Resource portal is a natural evolution of the intranet concept , which has ended up becoming a true manager for the people who work in an organization. For the administration of Human Resources within a company, having this portal supposes an important support in their tasks and a discharge of work that is assumed directly by the worker himself.

Information offered by an Human Resource portal:

Advantages of the Human Resource portal:

  • It allows the worker to have a better knowledge about the organization.
  • Generates a sense of belonging to a community.
  • Time spent on bureaucratic aspects is minimized.
  • The relationship between the company and the workers can improve considerably.
  • An important benefit is the improvement in internal communication.
  • Continuous updating of information.
  • Optimization of the time spent by the members of the human resources department.
  • Involvement of workers in the company.
  • Greater homogeneity in the information.

Many companies have already started developing specific software to offer HR departments of small and medium-sized companies an employee portal environment already configured with the main needs for their workers.

Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Vs Tron Smart Contract MLM
In the business world, there is always a new strategy implemented for various business platforms to improvise it or to expand the existing one to the next level, face profit, etc. Some plan success and some not, through before gadget any tactics there is any important thing to consider which is trust. The trust between the traders, every time the holder can't be in the place of need that is why subordinates or traders to assigned.
Let's get into the topic...  
Why Ethereum Smart Contract for MLM?
Ethereum smart contract is the best option to use in MLM business that is because of the combination which will definitely provide a huge success in the implemented field and there will be no second thought for that. However, there are some reasons are there for using this combination, they are,
  • Easy to develop & implement in MLM
  • Binary Matrix model is used
  • Improve the business revenue in a short time
Why Tron Smart Contract for MLM?
Tron based smart contract is now blooming concept and overtaking the position of Ethereum smart contract because Tron has extemporized traits while comparing each other, that is the reason why Tron based smart contract is highly started to influence in MLM field. And the benefits it provides are obvious when getting aware of it, some of them are,
  • High built Trustworthiness
  • Easy way to increase brand volume & profit
  • Cost-effective & Time efficient
Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Vs Tron Smart Contract MLM
Smart Contracts can be developed in any blockchain platform but now widely preferred platforms are Ethereum and Tron. The reason for that and what is the difference among them and which is overpowered now can be discussed here...
Ethereum smart contract is the first well now platform for the smart contract development through now Tron got that place, well that is because it is derived from Ethereum and builds its own peer-to-peer network in 2018.
             |  Ethereum | TRON
Found | July 2015 | July 2017
Consequence Mechanism | Proof of Work (PoF) | Delegate Proof of Stake (DPoF)
Transaction Per Second (TPS) | 6 minutes | 15 sec
Target  | DApp & DeFi | Decentralized Internet &   Infrastructure
Programming Language | Solidity | Java, Scala, C++, Python
Implement in | Go, Rust, C++, Solidity | Java
Virtual Machine | Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) | Tron Virtual Machine (TVM)
Forked From  | None  | Ethereum J
MLM | Yes | Yes
Transaction Fees | Calculate based on Gas & gas price | Calculate by Bandwidth (nearly zero)
Which is the Best Place to Develop Smart Contract in Any Platform & For any Business?
Well, after going through Ethereum smart contract and Tron smart contract the next thing will be the search of a place where to develop the smart contract and the answer is here, Developcoins. That is because it provides the outstanding smart contract development service for MLM and them develop the smart contract in any platform as per request which can be implemented in any business models too.
Developcoins is specialized in providing smart contract MLM software development for all sort of business. MLM is now highly in demand because of its traits and some people are double thinking about it because of its disadvantages of a con artist.
We Developcoins made sure to develop a high-end blockchain smart contract for MLM business by overcoming the drawbacks in MLM platforms assured to result in a profitable business while the use of our smart contract software for MLM. Not alone that, we also have our own uniqueness to stand out in the market.
Entities to keep track of in developing a real estate app
A famous quote by Andrew Carnegie says, ‘Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.’ Real estate is such an affluent business, but running the business is hectic, and the involvement and activity that the business demands are abundant. Real estate apps can help carry out real estate businesses easily. They readily provide ways to reach customers and pitch their properties quickly. Let us look at a few entities to be aware of in developing a real estate app.

1. Develop a real estate app using the Trulia app clone script, which is readily available in the market. Trulia is the best real estate app and has high-end features; integrating a clone app can help you carry out real estate business processes with ease.

2. The Trulia clone app should be highly customizable and scalable, where the admin has access to upgradation of the app as per the requirements.

3. Property owners must be able to list the assets that they are willing to sell along with the pictures and videos of it. This should be accessible for the buyers, which they can search using filters like price and location.

4. Buyers, sellers, and agents must have access to contact each other through the in-app chat and calling features by which they can negotiate on the price and make a deal. 

5. Buyers can save the assets they like in the repository and access it when they want to buy. This feature gives the buyers to bookmark what they like while also searching for other best options.

6. The Trulia clone app should have features that help the customers to apply for loans and the property owners to mortgage their assets.

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Revolutionize the Food Delivery Services Using Our Best Ubereats Clone Script
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Cater quicker and seamless food delivery services to your ever hungry customers with our 
best UberEats clone script at UberEatslikeapp. Our UberEats clone script has advanced filters to offer, which is to die for. You can avail robust UberEats clone app development services at a low cost.
How to boost your revenue with an on-demand grocery delivery app?

Revenue models in on-demand grocery delivery business:

Commission fee:

Commission fee is one of the highest sources of revenue for any on-demand service app. You can offer a common platform (marketplace) for grocery delivery. Supermarket owners can enroll on your app to sell their products. You can charge for every product a customer buys from supermarkets via the application. The commission fee will be charged based on the number of products bought by the customer and the bill amount. 

Increase in product sales:

Modern shoppers prefer to get essential things delivered to their doorstep. Thereby, customers will order more products from your supermarket if you have an online platform that offers door deliveries. Hence it boosts your overall revenue and adds value to your brand in the market.

Marginal cost price:

In the bigbasket clone app you can also choose to sell products directly from the warehouse. You need not have a brick and mortar shop to sell groceries online. Hence you can add a small marginal price for every product before selling them. You can also categorize products as organic, fresh, hybrid, etc., to attract your customers. You can also choose to offer occasional discounts and promotion to catch the attention of your customers.


Advertisements are a strong strategy to earn money especially for online based businesses. You can allocate a space in your app’s interface for third party ads and charge for them. You can also offer various options for the supermarket owners to boost their visibility in the app. The customers will get a particular supermarket name at the top of their search results every time they look for a product. Thus it is a win-win situation for both parties, as the supermarket owner can increase his sales and you can charge for it. 

Wrapping up:

Having an on-demand app for your grocery business is essential to strive in the market, especially during this pandemic situation. On-demand grocery delivery companies are reporting a massive surge in their user engagement. Experts predict that the sudden increase in usage of grocery delivery apps is a positive sign for these platforms. They conclude that the trend is here to stay and will increase in the forthcoming years. 

Why should companies use employee time attendance software?

Most of the corporates have shifted to ‘work from home’ amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. This naturally leads us to question how employers can keep track of employee working hours. There are many solutions available, but nothing can be as accurate as the face recognition attendance software. The software can be installed in both mobiles, tablets, and desktops. All that the employee needs is to scan their face, then automatically, attendance would be marked for them, simultaneously the timer would be turned on. 

Numerous benefits offered by attendance software
The employee time attendance has been built to suit both home working and office working environments. Here are the significant perks provided by both environments:

Home working environment 

  • With the attendance software, employers can keep track of their staff at all times. The day shift and night shift can also be regularly maintained through an employee time attendance system. 
  • On the other hand, it gives employees the time to work at their convenience. They can check for the projects and tasks scheduled to them and work on the given schedule. There are reminder features to set the time for each task. 
  • Productivity is enhanced through these effective tools. Some of the in-built features include time management records, leave maintenance, and many more. 

Office environment

  • The face mask has been made mandatory by governments worldwide. The attendance software will automatically detect a face mask during face scanning.
  • The camera integrated with the AI algorithm will verify if the social distancing guidelines are followed. The respective employees are sent alerts if they failed to do so.
  • Real-time reports are sent to the admins daily. They can check the reports panel through their secured admin panel.

Entrepreneurs can get the attendance software for business and integrate it seamlessly with the current working module. These softwares have everything required for a hassle-free launch.
Makemytrip Clone App Is An Upbeat Travel Booking App For Your Business
To travel is to live, and those who haven’t taken a chance at travelling haven’t lived. Many people are crazy about travelling and name themselves as wanderers. Few travel for peace, few travel for soul search, few travel to explore while much other travel for a cozy experience. Travelling from one place to another has existed within our system since the early times of man. As we evolved, we have learned to settle down in one place. Trees are bound to be in one place, and humans are not. While stating this, many have the question of the cost involved in traveling, that is where the travel booking apps come into play. Carrying out travel app development with a robust business model catering to the needs of all classes of people wanting to travel is a high scope of business. MakeMyTrip is the best travel booking app in the market. MakeMyTrip made a revenue of $486 million in the year 2019. MakeMyTrip clone script is popularly sought by many startups who want to build a travel booking app for their business.

How does the MakeMyTrip clone app benefit the business?


1. Users can plan their vacation/trips like booking flights, trains, hotel rooms, and much more in a single platform right from their homes.

2. The app’s holiday packages are upbeat and reduce the work of planning the holiday for the users.

3. Users can pay quickly from the comfort of sitting at their homes and needn’t wait long hours at the ticket booking counters.

4. Users can cancel their bookings effortlessly for valid reasons. They will be assured of an appropriate refund amount as well.

5. Users will be notified about new travel packages, offers, and promo discounts from time to time.

Travel Agency

1. It is an easier way of acquiring customers for travel agencies. The need for marketing their business separately is eliminated as the app itself broadcasts it to customers.

2. Agents can upload all the details of the booking, holiday packages, the price, and much more in the app, accessible to the customers. This avoids the tedious process of explaining every package deal to the customer in person.

3. Users can contact the agency if they like the package deals and move forward carrying out their booking process after getting their queries addressed. The agency can also contact the admin of the app for any questions and discrepancies.

4. All the booking history, payment, and invoice details are stored in the app. Agents can access all the details for their reference whenever they want.

5. Agency receives analytics based on user behavior and search analytics. Based on which, they can update packages and attract customers.

The MakeMyTrip clone app should have all the features mentioned above to help the users access the app seamlessly. Technical stack used in our MakeMyTrip like app development include jQuery, MySQL, Linux, Swift, Node js, Kotlin, Flutter, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud. AI-assisted features and add-ons can be integrated into the app to increase its efficiency. Travel booking apps have been earning good profits to the travel services and hospitality sectors. They also aid the customers in getting hassle-free services. Get your app developed from the best app developers in the market.

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Optimize Your personnal management with Human Resource Software
Your human capital is the most important asset of the business
The success of any business depends on its staff, so it is essential that you know them well. The better you know your company's products and services, its work processes, and above all, what your employees are like, the better you can predict how a potential candidate will fit in. Employees are the greatest asset of a company, therefore, hiring the right staff is essential to help your business achieve its goals.
The stakes are high, since the cost of hiring, training and integrating the wrong staff, with the consequent dismissal and return to the beginning of the hiring process, can reach the company up to three times the salary of the first year for the put in question.
But it's not just a matter of saving money on human resources
Hiring the wrong person can disrupt productivity, affect the coexistence of a team, or even cause other valuable employees to leave. So what is the best way to minimize the chances of making a bad decision when hiring someone?
Your plan for success with HR software
Your ability to attract and retain the best employees will determine the future success of your company. But hiring talent is not merely about who has the highest salary, it is about offering each employee the training, environment and experience to ensure that they are happy, engaged and motivated.
It may sound simple, but it is not. In 2016, Hays Group conducted a study showing the levels of employee engagement around the world.
While 72% of US workers felt involved, the figures for the UK (65%), France (61%) and South Africa (68%) weren't so optimistic. Different indicators are used in other surveys.
A staff management software for a smooth hiring process
In collaboration with your hiring managers, you should plan a smooth recruiting process for both internal and external positions. You should also ensure a thorough and thorough onboarding procedure and provide regular feedback on the work. Monitoring employee progress and providing necessary support will contribute to staff retention.

Lend a Helping Hand to the Users in Availing a Loan Without Hassles
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Lending a loan by traditional means is a beat around the bush method. Cash advance apps help avoid this struggle. In our 
cash advance app development services, we offer appropriate and needed services like regulatory compliance, data protection, enriched user experience, and much more. Schedule a meeting to discuss how to move about developing your cash advance app.