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Understanding Token ERC-20
What is Token ERC-20?
Token ERC-20 is a token that is created and used only on the Ethereum platform. Token ERC-20 follows a number of standards so that it can be shared, exchanged with other tokens, or transferred into a crypto wallet.
The Ethereum community makes these standards with three optional rules and six BASIC rules

  • Token Name
  • Symbol
  • Decimal (up to 18)

  • total Supply
  • balanceOf
  • transfer
  • transferFrom
  • approve
  • allowance

What is Ethereum?
To understand ERC-20, you first need to know what Ethereum is.
Ethereum is a decentralized computer network that has two basic functions. Blockchain that can record transaction traces and a virtual machine that can make smart contracts.
With these two functions, Ethereum can support decentralized applications (DApps). DApps is built on the existing Ethereum blockchain, on the basis of the technology. Instead, Ethereum charges developers with computing power on their networks, which can only be paid using Ether.
Depending on its purpose, DApps can make an ERC-20 token as a currency, as a stake in a company, as a point in a loyalty program, or even as proof of home ownership or a certain amount of gold.

What is the role of Smart Contracts in this case?
Smart Contracts are used to make ERC-20 Tokens. In addition, it is also used to facilitate token transactions and record token balances in an account.
Smart contracts are written in a programming language "Solidity" on the basis of If-This-Then-That (IFTTT) logic.
What happens after the smart contract creates a token?
Once created, a token can be exchanged, finished, or given to someone else. ERC-20 is a universal language used by all tokens in the Ethereum network. ERC-20 allows a token to be exchanged for another token.
It is like we want to make a crypto-casino . Just like a casino in general, we want all the players who come to use the chips provided by the casino, to be simple. So that players exchange their fiat money for tokens that we have and then play at the poker table.
Also read: What are Smart Contracts?

How does it work?
For example, let's look at each of the rules for ERC-20 in our crypto-casino .
Starting with the optional rules ( optional ):

  • Token Name: Blu Chip
  • Symbol: BLU
  • Decimal: 2 *

* means the smallest token value that can be used in a bet is 0.01 BLU. We can just use the decimal to 18 so that the smallest bet value is 0.000000000000000001 BLU, but for this example we make it simple.
For the basic rules:

  • Total Supply ] means indicates the total amount of inventory ERC-20 Tokens made.

Example: The first thing our Casino needs is how many BLU tokens are played. Let's just say at our poker table there are 10 BLU and filled by 10 players.

  • Transfer ] means allowing the token to be transferred in a certain amount from [ TotalSupply ] to someone's account.

Before the game starts, players must get the BLU token from the dealer; each player gets 1 BLU.

  • BalanceOf ] is a function to return a number of tokens from an existing address to his account.

In the first round of poker, five players look at the cards in their hands and decide not to play. The other five players decide to bet 0.5 BLU. With the [ BalanceOf ] function , we can see that there are 5 players who have 1 BLU and 5 players who have 0.5 BLU.

  • TransferFrom ] is a function that allows a user to transfer his token to another user.

When one player wins the first round, he gets 2.5 BLU from the other players. But so he can get tokens from other players, he needs [ TransferFrom ]. Because without the [ Transferfrom ] function , it means that nothing prevents one player from stealing BLU from other players.

  • Approve ] checks transactions of total token inventory. No more or less certain.

Another way to maintain the integrity of our crypto-casino is to make sure no one brings extra BLU to the poker table. Thus, Approve allows for exchanges to occur by checking that the number of BLUs on the table remains 10.
  • Allowance ] is a function that checks the balance in a user's account and will cancel the transaction if there are not enough tokens.

In our crypto-casino , no credit is allowed. So, we need to make sure that each player has enough BLU to bet. If the player only has 1 BLU, then he cannot bet at 2 BLU.

What are the advantages of ERC-20?
ERC-20 makes things simpler.
Before there was an ERC-20 token, the developer might use other terminology in coding. Example; There is a token that uses [totalAmount] there are also other tokens that use [totalNumber]. Exchange and wallet are needed to build their own platform to accommodate the code of each token.
With a universal standard, new tokens can be placed on an exchange or transferred to a wallet automatically, after the wallet is created.
ERC-20 also made the creation of new tokens very easy and therefore Ethereum became the most popular platform for ICO in 2017.

What are the Drawbacks of ERC-20?
ERC-20 is not perfect. There are still a number of issues not addressed in the ERC-20 token standard.
There are some situations where tokens can be accidentally destroyed when used as payments for smart contracts because they don't use Ether. About $ 3 million lost because of this.
To remedy this, the Ethereum community is now setting a new standard under the name ERC-223. However, these standards are not compatible with ERC-20 so developers are encouraged to continue to use ERC-20 until compatibility is realized.
In April 2018, a number of exchanges held deposits and withdrawals of Ethereum-based tokens due to batchOverflow interruptions The disturbance is said to be a "classic integer overflow problem" and could potentially allow an attacker to "have a large number of tokens". It is noted, currently there is no traditional security approach to remedy these deficiencies.

Examples in the Real World
All tokens in the Ethereum platform are ERC-20 tokens. When this article was written, there were 245,148 tokens, among them

  • EOS (EOS) is currently the 5th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap value of $ 4.64 Billion, is trying to build a network that can take advantage of inter-blockchain communication .
  • TRON (TRX) was ranked 13th when this article was written and referred to as an " open-source protocol for the digital entertainment industry". Aim to launch a content platform with an ecosystem that connects everyone who creates different types of content.
  • VeChain (VEN), an " enterprise level public blockchain platform ", is the 19th cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, planning to implement Internet of Things (IoT) technology to provide private keys for each product to enable tracking.

Best Swiggy Clone App
Online food ordering platforms like Swiggy have been hugely popular, especially with students and office going people who have little time to spare for cooking at home. Most of these people are in cities where the cost of living is also very high and finding affordable food can be a challenge. This has opened up new business opportunities in the food industry.
Even you could launch such a business, and you don’t need to bust a sweat. Usually, launching such a platform requires months of research and app development. But that’s just too much work. Your best bet would be to use an 
ubereats clone app script that can be customized for your business. I say this because a friend of mine was also trying to do the same and the ubereats clone script  app saved him from having to waste a lot of time and money, and he could focus on the business.
Now, there are a lot of companies that provide clones but what worked for him is a clone script called Eatzilla. It’s an app from a company called Sparkout Tech Solutions and they are the best in the business right now.
They have a working demo on their website if you wanna try it out:
Decentralized Urbanclap Clone App
The gojek clone script service industry has really kicked off in Indonesia after Gojek was launched. They started out small but today, they one of the leading businesses in the country. 

Today, it’s not that difficult to create an app like Gojek because resources are more abundantly available to us. 

Now getting to the point. There are two ways you can do this. The first is like starting completely from scratch. Now, this is a good idea given that you have the time, the money, and the resources to get the job done. Let’s face it, it’s not an easy task to build an app. It takes lots of research, months of development and testing, and a good team working with you to get this done.

The second method is much easier and costs only a fraction of the money it would take to build an app. You can go for a Gojek clone app that can be customized for your particular business. This way you don’t have to go through months of painstaking development and get right into the business aspect of your project. Now, many companies provide clone apps. But I would suggest you take a look at Service Joy which is a Gojek clone app from a
company called Sparkout Tech. They have a whole bunch of other clones too and provide great service. They have a good team of developers working for them so you should be good to go without much hassle.
You can go to their website for more info and they do have a free demo for you to try out.
What is Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange?
Centralized cryptocurrency Exchange:

This is online platform and the most common way to trade cryptocurrencies.This includes buying / selling cryptocurrency with fiat currency (fiat currency / crypto pairing) and buying / selling cryptocurrency with other cryptocurrencies (crypto / crypto pairing). They can be regarded as an online market for the entire cryptocurrency network.

1.What does mean for exchange to concentrate?
 In the past, all organizations that manage finance used the term "centralized". Centralization means that there is a trusted intermediary to handle any assets that may exist in the transaction. For example, in a bank, a customer transfers their money to the bank. 
This institution now completely controls the client's funds. In many cases, this is safer than people who find ways to manage themselves. Banks can also provide various services, such as loans, because banks have large
Invested funds and established a trust relationship with customers.To develop a Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are no exception. Users can store money in the exchange. The currency is now in the hands of the exchange, but the trust of the middleman makes it easy for the customer to recover the lost password or 2FA because the customer has granted the exchange full access to their account. 
This can also reduce the pressure on customers to control funds 100%. There are many stories of investors losing hundreds of thousands of dollars because they lost the private keys of their hardware wallets. If their money is exchanged centrally, they need not worry about this;recovery will be as simple as showing a passport or verifying their identity. 

2. What is the difference between centralized exchange and decentralized transactions? 
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are decentralized in nature, so this allows transactions to also be decentralized. In short, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) cuts off middlemen by creating a highly intelligent “trustless environment”. The transaction is done through smart contracts and atomic swaps, so the currency will never go through the escrow service-it is just peer-to and so on.DEX is still in its infancy and is not very popular yet, but decentralized trading in 2018 may make great progress.  

3. Do all centralized exchanges provide legal / encrypted matching?
All exchanges have a crypto / crypto pairing (ie 1 BTC trading 9 ETH), but not all exchanges have a statutory / crypto pairing (ie 1 ETH trading $ 900). One of the most popular exchanges offering legal / crypto pairing is:

Coinbase-the most popular in the world-supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum Gemini-based on high standards in New York and the United States. Support Bitcoin and Ethereum Kraken-Kraken has multiple encryption / plain mail pairings, not just dollars and euros, which can be viewed on their website.Robinhood-A popular trading application that provides tablet pairing for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

4.Is the Transaction volume is important?

The greater the exchange trading volume, the less volatility and the less market manipulation. If Alice tries to buy 1 BTC for the exchange's current price of $ 10,000, and the transaction volume on the website is very high, then she can buy 1 BTC almost immediately. If the market price for a small number of websites is $ 10,000, she may eat all the sales orders with a price of $ 10,000 before buying her entire bitcoin. Then, Alice will need to buy a higher sales order to fulfill her order, lose money and make the price of Bitcoin rise on the exchange. 

5.Central Encrypted Goods?
Is the currency exchange safe? No centralized exchange is immune to hackers. A lot of hacking has occurred throughout the history of cryptocurrency, but in many cases, the exchange paid for the stolen money for customers. DEX is impossible to crack, but users are more likely to free themselves from money. The popular central exchange is safe, and the bank is safe. 

6. Does verification require an account to be opened on the exchange? 
The regulations in each country are still vague, but global exchanges require minimum verification to verify accounts. Many exchanges allow users to open accounts without identity checks, but these accounts will have very small withdrawal / deposit limits. 
Basic verification usually requires a picture of the user's passport / ID and enables 2-factor verification. 2FA is a secret password, and the password is regenerated every thirty seconds every time the user logs into his account. 2FA is usually saved on the user's phone. 

Set up your very own on-demand taxi app with an Uber clone app

The advent of mobile apps has made services convenient, reliable and affordable. People are inclined more and more towards the usage of these apps to get their services done. Even today, transportation is the largest service offered by on-demand apps. People from all walks of life are availing taxi services to commute from one place to another. For office meetings, family dinners, job interviews, and many more, people are in need of taxi services. If you are an emerging entrepreneur trying to set foot in this taxi business venture, there are some guidelines to be followed. The potential of the transportation market and the guidelines for entering the business are discussed here,

The hugely expanding transportation market 

Let us have a look at the statistics of the market. 

  • The on-demand transportation market is expected to generate 4.67 billion by the end of 2025. 

  • E-hailing services are experiencing the fastest CAGR of 20.4% 

  • 72% of the Americans have used at least one on-demand app. 

  • Trips as high as 47 million are completed per day. 

  • The market share of Uber-like taxi business in ride-hailing services amounts to 72 to 75%. 

All these facts signify that the transportation market is huge and vastly expanding. This can be an ideal time to set foot in this taxi services business venture. 

Guidelines before the development 

Extensive market study

Before entering into any business venture, an extensive market study is essential. A market study can provide you insights about the demand in the market, the flaws of the existing apps, etc. The geographical location where the business is said to operate is key before a market study. A properly executed market study can be highly advantageous during development. Feedbacks from people in the locality can help in providing a better-suited app to the market. Experimentation with the app can be done only with a proper market study.

Developing an Uber Clone Script

Uber clone script is a plot of how the app must function. The workflow of the app, the features that are to be included in the app are all decided while developing an Uber clone script. The uber clone script can be completely developed in accordance with the convenience of the business owner. In simpler terms, the Uber clone script involves visualizing the ideas of a business owner. 

Determining the Budget and Resources available

This stage helps you self-analyze your resources and budget to develop the app. Developing a taxi app that can fit your budget is highly essential. Stepping into development without a determined budget can stall the development half-way. Moreover, gathering a technical team who can fully commit themselves towards the development of the app is essential. Proper utilization of resources and a pre-determines budget plan can increase the scalability of the app in the market. 

Choosing the right development company

This is for those business owners who do not have a technical team. They can simply approach an app development company and get the app developed as per your specifications. Requesting a quotation from various companies, comparing and analyzing them can help you choose the right development company that can meet your demands. App development companies usually offer 100% customizable white-label solutions. 

Wrapping up

The transportation industry will continue to expand offering hassle-free ride services to the users. Entering this business venture can be highly profitable and beneficial. With revenues skyrocketing in this market, the development of an app that can satisfy the end-users is necessary. This is because there are thousands of companies offering varied taxi services to people. If you can find a way to stand apart from the rest of the lot and offer best-in-class services to the users, you can be the next big thing in the market. 

Develop a service marketplace application like UrbanClap

Imagine taking care of household activities when you have a busy lifestyle or going to the salon when you have an important meeting. You will be frustrated, right? What if we say, you can accomplish everything with just a few taps. Surprising, isn’t it? You can avail of all the services, from housekeeping to salon services in a single platform, i.e., through a multi-service app like UrbanClap.

You can also set up such a multi-service business platform with the assistance of turnkey 
UrbanClap clone script available in the market if you wish to start one. Here’s how you can go about the set up of your on-demand multi-services app business.

  • Analyze the market and identify your target market.
  • Research your competitors and come up with a business idea that is unique from other businesses.
  • Arrive at the list of on-demand services to include in the app.
  • Jot down the features to integrate into the app as per the services offered.
  • Decide on the technology stack to use for the app development.
  • Reach out to the leading app development company in town for building your app.
  • Customize the readymade UrbanClap app solution to come up with an app at relatively low costs.
  • Test the app for bugs and other discrepancies to ensure it is error-free.
  • Launch the app on the app stores after completing the testing phase.

These are the steps involved in giving life to your dream business. If you do not know where to avail of these app development services, do not worry. We have got your back. Several app development companies offer UrbanClap clone scripts, along with options to personalize them. You can take the help of one such company in building your app.

The cost of an UrbanClap clone, along with customization services, starts from US$ 2,000. But the cost depends on several factors like the feature list involved, technology stack used, the time needed, and resources involved in the UrbanClap like app development. Also, the cost varies from one company to another.

For exact costs, it is advised to reach out to the company that you chose for the development of your multi-service app. The company you contact will provide you a free quote, along with an hour-wise breakdown.

Remember, an on-demand app is the base of your multi-services app business, so make sure it is advanced and feature-rich for the smooth operations of your business.

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Why should your ICO marketing strategy be compelling and how to attain that?
For starters, let's see what an ICO is!

ICO- Initial Coin Offering, is a fundraising method, where investors are issued with coins/tokens, which they sell to raise capital for their start-ups! ICOs are currently widely booming among potential investors and are the most preferred fundraising mechanisms. This is because ICOs are unregulated and also companies do not have to pay back anything with what they raise from selling their ICOs. There are also many other advantages involved with an ICO, which makes it more credible among investors. Let’s take a look at what they are. 

Key Benefits of an ICO: 

  • High-volume liquidity

  • No involvement from any central authority

  • User anonymity and transparency

  • Easy accessible 

  • High return possibilities

  • Backed by blockchain technology that secures, controls and verifies transactions

  • Legally compliant

  • Enhanced security/ escrow system

These are the core advantages involved with an ICO. 

Why should you market your  ICO? And how to do it? 

Now, coming to marketing, for any business marketing is a very essential factor! Because, marketing is what will attain reputation, reach, branding and identity for your business among your target audience and to stand out from existing competitors. Especially, when a business like ICO development is in peak demand and competition, marketing is the key tool to achieve success and sustainability in the long run. Before going into the marketing tools, there are some steps you need to go through to make it more unique and effective that involves, 

  • Conduct In-Depth research about the current market needs and trends

  • Prepare a marketing structure based on the above criteria

  • Talk to experts, get in touch with the best ICO marketing company and gather immense information and knowledge about their services. 

  • Deeply analyze the existing competitors and the services offered by them to make your promotions more unique and to make customers feel you offer services that don't already exist in the market.

  • Analyze which marketing tools gain the most traction from customers to plan your marketing sketch accordingly. 

Now, how to market your ICO effectively? Let’s take a brief look at some important strategies and marketing tools that will be of big help. 

Ways to promote your ICO effectively: 

  • Whitepaper- Drafting a valuable, creative whitepaper that contains every information the customer will need regarding your ICO, the purpose, benefits and the solutions it would offer them for the existing challenges will gain their trust and credibility towards your project. 

  • Website- Creating a website that is easy-navigable and designed efficiently and in a user-friendly manner will turn the eyes of potential investors towards your ICO. 

  • Content Marketing- Engaging your audience with valuable content through blogs, articles, posts, forums, etc will help them learn in detail about what your project is about and how it will benefit them. 

  • Social media marketing- Social media marketing is a very effective and crucial tool for marketing. Right marketing through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc will gain huge traction and make your business viral among global customers. 

  • Email Marketing- Massive Email Blasts and newsletters with crisp, valuable content explaining the features and services of your ICO, will build strong customer relationships and build a circle for your business of potential investors. 

  • Influencer Marketing-  Hiring a legitimate celebrity/ influencer to voice out for your ICO through various forums will gather interest and trust from customers globally. 

  • ICO press release- Carry out an effective press release for your ICO, with every necessary information and gain increased credibility and also media exposure will expand the scope and branding of your ICO among the audience. 

  • Bounty programs- You can conduct bounty programs where the investors are given a task and rewarded accordingly on the accomplishment of the task. This will encourage and pave the way for new budding investors to participate. 

  • Pay-per-click- Paid advertisements like pay-per-click will drive the customers' attention towards your ICO and create awareness.

  • Community building- Every business needs to have its own community around. This will gain loyalty and enrich your brand more among your existing competitors. 

These are some major marketing strategies that will help promote your ICO soundly among your targeted audience. To carry this in the right way, you need to have a strong contact base and it is going to cost you an ample sum of your money! The better and the more effective choice to make here is, hire a top, well experienced 
ICO marketing company in India, who knows in and out about the market needs and is up to date with the current trends. Such companies will offer the most reliable, world-class marketing solutions that will widen your scope in the global sphere and gain you huge traction and profits in millions! Also, their solutions will be cost-effective! So, get in touch with a company today, market your ICO today and go viral in the market! 
How to develop a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

In fact, due to the emergence of the Ethereum platform, the speed of the launch of new cryptocurrencies has been greatly accelerated. The smart contracts of the Ethereum platform provide the ability to issue new coins simply and quickly.
Cryptocurrency exchange applications should be fast, intuitive, and powerful. To achieve these goals, the exchange application should include the following components:

  1. Trading engine
  2. Front-end user interface
  3. Cryptocurrency wallet
  4. Management console

In addition to these basic functions, every cryptocurrency exchange application should have additional features that can be developed after collecting user feedback or analyzing top global exchange applications.
Let's take a look at the key components of the application.

Trading engine

The trading engine is the core of the exchange application. It is essential for transaction execution, balance calculation, order record access, and matching of buy / sell transactions.
When developing cryptocurrency applications, priority should be given to the construction of transaction engines. Without a powerful engine, a cryptocurrency application can only be an empty shell of no value.

Front-end user interface

The user interface is the face of the exchange, and it largely determines how users view the exchange. Make sure to build a user-friendly and intuitive interface in a minimalistic way to provide a surprising trading experience and make it easier for users to execute trading orders. When building this component make sure it has the following features:

  • User registration and login
  • Deposit / withdrawal of funds
  • Orders, transactions, balance inquiry and statistics
  • Buy / sell order
  • Customer support functions

Cryptocurrency wallet

Embedded support for cryptocurrency wallets is very important for exchange applications. All crypto tokens / currency will be stored in the user's wallet. A more secure wallet solution will help develop trust between users and cryptocurrency exchanges.
The wallet can be run on the exchange server as a daemon process and integrated into the cryptocurrency exchange application using a script or API.

Management console

The management console will help exchange operators or holders manage the different operational aspects of cryptocurrency exchange. The functions of the console can be customized according to specific business needs, but in general, the management console must include the following functions:

  • Set transaction fees
  • Manage cryptocurrency list
  • Add new currency
  • Credit / debit funds to wallet
  • Resolving support issues

Develop a successful tow truck business with an online app

Working principle of tow truck app:
This app has three panels for users, drivers, and the admin. The workflow of each app differs from one another:

Roadmap of a user app:
  • Users can log in to the app and complete the authentication process. 
  • They have to specify their location and choose the type of service they want. 
  • Requests can be confirmed or scheduled for later use. 
  • After availing the service, they have to pay drivers via one of the safe payment gateways. 
  • Users can also rate and review the service provided by drivers. 

Roadmap of a driver app:
  • Tow truck drivers can register with the app and upload certain documents. 
  • After approval from the admin, they can accept user requests effectively. 
  • On accepting requests, the location and contact details of users will be visible to them. 
  • They have to reach the specified location and provide the service that was requested. 
  • On providing service, they will receive payments from the admin after the commission cut-down. 
  • Drivers can also rate users on a scale of 1-5. 

Admin panel:
  • The admin can log in to the dashboard with the credentials provided. 
  • The admin will have complete access to all the data. 
  • Monitoring and managing the entire process will be done by the admin. 
  • The admin can also set up fares and other additional fees via the powerful dashboard. 
  • Resolving disputes between users and drivers is also performed by the administrator after analyzing the situation. 

Essential attributes of a tow truck app:
The app has a set of features that should be integrated to make it user-friendly and optimized. They are listed here:

Effortless login:
Users and drivers should be able to register easily with the app. Login using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts should also be supported. 

Live location:
Live location and contact details of users and drivers should be accessible to each other. Location tracking is made possible with the help of GPS. 

Driver availability toggle:
Drivers will be provided with a slide bar using which they can mark their status of availability. If they are unavailable, user requests will be assigned to the next nearest driver. 

App notifications:
Status of requests, offers, and other information can be sent to users via push notifications, text messages, and more. 

Schedule requests:
Users can schedule their requests for later use by specifying the date and time in advance. 

Request/service history:
Drivers can view their service history via the app, and users will have access to the past and on-going requests.

Profile setup:
Drivers can set up their profile by specifying their name, contact details, and a short description. 

Secure payments:
There are several secure payment methods available in the app using which users can pay for the service. 

Chat/call facility:
The app has a chat and call feature using which users and drivers can talk to the support team if they have any questions or concerns while using the app. 

Accepting/rejecting requests:
Drivers can accept or reject requests based on a few fixed parameters such as distance, fare, and more. 

View earnings:
Daily, weekly, and yearly earnings of drivers can be viewed by them under the respective section. 

Ratings and review:
Users and drivers can rate each out on a scale of 1-5 and provide suggestions if required. 

Summing up:
Develop an optimized tow truck app with the aforementioned features and make sure that the roadmap is simple and efficient. Hire a suitable app development firm and launch it on multiple platforms to gain a large customer base and generate higher revenue in a short span of time. 

ICO / STO Token Development & ICO Launch Script
We at ICO Software help our clients in setting up the ERC20 Tokens, ERC223 Tokens and ERC721Tokens. We also do the ICO Launch websites with wallet system and payment
gateway integration to facilitate the ICO CROWD Sales.ERC20ERC223 Support. The system readily support ERC20 and ERC223 standard contracts and also support any contract which base the ERC20 Token. 100% Open Source Code. We deliver the code as 100 % Open Source Code and you are free to customize and add new modules on them. The source code delivered as GIT Report.


  • ERC 20, ERC 223 Support        
  • ERC 721 Support.
  • Ethereum Wallet Ready
  • Powerful Landing Page
  • Countdown Timer
  • ICO Sales Through Distributors
  • ICO Events and Event Bonus
  • Bounty Program
  • Refferal Commission as Token
  • Multiple Level Commision
  • Exchange Rate Calculator
  • Integrated Payment Gateways
  • Token Freeze/Unfreeze
  • Sell/ Exchange/ Share Tokens
  • User KYC
  • Automated Token Transfers
  • Ticket Support
ICO/STO/IEO Services:-
  • Fundraising Tool.        
  • Cryptocurrencies exchanged for New Tokens.       
  • New Coins serve as Entry required.
  • No dilution of Equity required.
  • Exponentially growing market demand.
  • Cheaper alternative to VC and Angel Funding.
Here 10 industries are using blockchain to drive business values right now!

1. Banking Industry

2. Apartment Rentals/ Real Estate

3. Healthcare Industry

4. Music Industry

5. Finance/ Insurance

6. The Startup Industry

7. The Video Industry

8. The Game Industry

9. The Education Industry

10.Supply chain management.
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What are Ethereum ERC20 Tokens and how do they work?

To understand the Ethereum token concept , you must start by first understanding some fundamental concepts.
Ethereum is a decentralized platform on which smart contracts are run . So the definition above makes it clear that Ethereum is not a digital currency (Ethereum's native cryptocurrency is called ether). Put another way, Ethereum is a piece of code that could automatically transfer home ownership to the buyer and funds to the seller after reaching an agreement, without the need for a third party.
For its part, Token is generally defined as a thing that serves as a representation of something else. On the blockchain , a token often represents a financial value or a digital asset , similar to how casino chips symbolize or represent fiat money just for use on different machines and games of chance.

Keeping these concepts clear, it turns out that Ethereum tokens are simply digital assets that are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain . Developers take advantage of Ethereum's existing infrastructure to build their applications, unlike developers who choose to build an entirely new blockchain. At the same time, tokens strengthen the Ethereum ecosystem by driving demand for ether, Ethereum's native currency, needed to power the smart contracts on which tokens are issued.

Ethereum tokens can represent anything: from a physical object like gold (Digix), to a native currency used to pay transaction fees (Golem). In the future, tokens can even be used to represent financial instruments such as stocks and bonds. The properties and functions of each token are completely subject to the use established for them: they can be used as payment to access a network or for decentralized governance over an organization, among many other possibilities.

Tokens are often issued to the public through a general or open sale called the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The creators of the ICO will issue tokens to others in exchange for ether or bitcoin and also for other cryptocurrencies. They can have a fixed supply, a constant inflation rate, or even a supply determined by sophisticated monetary policy. There have been many ICOs recently and in a short time they have completely changed the way projects are financed. There is no mandatory distribution requirement, although if you are building a decentralized application you would ideally want tokens to be owned by as many people as possible.
Token ERC20
ERC20 is a standard interface that guarantees interoperability between tokens. The ERC20 tokens are simply a subset of ethereum tokens that conform to certain parameters. To fully comply with ERC20 standards , the developer must incorporate a specific set of functions in their smart contract that, at a high level, will allow them to perform the following actions:
1. Get the total supply of tokens
2. Get the account balance
3. Transfer the token
4. Approve spending the token
ERC20 enables seamless interaction with other smart contracts and decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. Tokens that with some (but not all) of the standard functions are considered partially ERC20 compliant and may still interact depending on which functions are missing.
In general, a token ERC20 is no different from any other token , but also conforms to the standard token of ethereum.
Why does Ethereum need a standard token?
Interoperability. If all the tokens created on the Ethereum network use the same standard, those tokens will be easily interchangeable and will be able to work immediately with Dapps that use the ERC20 standard.
What a "standardized" token does is that it uses a certain set of functions. If developers know in advance how a token will work, they can easily integrate it into their projects with less fear of making mistakes. If multiple tokens behave similarly, calling the same functions the same way, then a Dapp can more easily interact with different sub-currencies.
Like bitcoin and ether, ERC20 tokens can also be tracked on the blockchain, which is the public ledger of all transactions that have occurred. This is because Ethereum tokens are just a specific type of smart contract that '' lives '' on the Ethereum blockchain.
Currently there are many projects that are leveraged on the Ethereum blockchain and the ERC20 standard to issue the necessary tokens to operate their platforms. It is very likely that this market will continue to grow with new and better applications that meet this standard in order to interact with each other.

Start and run a success taxi business in Brazil
Brazil is home to world-famous tourist spot cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. It also seats the Christ the Redeemer monument, which is one among the new seven wonders of the world. As a result of these, tourist flow into Brazil will be active throughout the year. Brazil has limited taxi services. The demand in this market is huge and ready to be exploited. Starting an on-demand taxi service in Brazil can be highly profitable. The essential information and guidelines before entering this venture are discussed here, 

Essential Information before development

The government’s rules and regulations are to be read thoroughly and systematically to start a taxi business in Brazil. They are, 

  • According to the International Finance operation, it takes 130 days to initiate a new business in Brazil. 

  • The legalization and registration of business costs around $900 approximately. 

  • Sociedade Limitada is a commonly used business enterprise type. The business owner can select other registration models too. 

  • Determining Visa requirements beforehand to the business owner, as well as the staff members, can ensure a seamless workflow. 

The Registration process: 

The steps involved during registration is as follows, 

  • Ensure the availability of your company’s name with the JUCESP organization in Sao Paulo.

  • Once the registration fee is paid, two forms, one from the National Register of Legal Entities and the other from The Register of Enterprises, are to be submitted to the JUCESP organization.

  • A CNPJ certificate is required to be present to the Institute of Social security. 

  • Enroll through ICMS as well as Sao Paulo’s government website for becoming a municipal taxpayer. 

  • After a gap of 30 days, apply for operation permit to the concerned registry, Taxa de Fiscalização de Estabelecimentos. 

  • Register new employees for the company to a social integration program, which adds employees to the National workers’ database. 

  • An employment fund at a bank can be set up by notifying the ministry of Labor Charges. 

Development of the on-demand taxi services app: 

An Uber clone app would be ideal for tourists as well as working professionals in Brazil. People expect user-friendly features in the app. The app must greatly benefit people who are visiting or working in Brazil. 

If you are looking for customized Uber clone app, Appdupe can provide you the same. This highly profitable venture is looking for business owners to invest in!

The essential features of the app are listed here. 

  • Real-time tracking

  • Vehicle selection

  • Registration

  • In-app chat facilities

  • Ride cancellation

  • Ride scheduling

  • Ratings and Reviews

  • Fare and time estimator

  • 24x7 support facilities

  • Trip sharing

Advanced Features of the App

In addition to the essential features, certain advanced features can attract people towards the app. They are, 

  • Multi-lingual support 

    People in Brazil may prefer Portuguese to English. But Tourists from all across the world may not be well acquainted with the language. Hence a multi-lingual support system is highly essential. The app becomes reliable to the users only when Users find it easily accessible. 

  • Taxi booking based on gender

    Users can find it convenient if taxi booking is made based on gender. Female riders are more pleased to have a female driver. This can be an interesting feature for users. 

  • Taxi booking for physically challenged people

    This feature will be of great use to people who are differently-abled. Vehicles designed to meet the requirements of the physically challenged people can increase the productivity of the business. 


The credibility of the app increases manifold once the user finds the features appealing. Proper planning and management of resources can help this business venture thrive in the market. Brazil is an excellent place to do a taxi business. 

Blockchain in Agriculture

Blockchain in Agriculture
Did you know that the total number of deaths in the world is due to hunger? This is not at all because of the food shortage. Of course, the food shortage increases along with the increase in the population. We also waste a significant amount of food on a daily basis. Food is wasted for a number of reasons and many factors affect it. One of the reasons is that food is only spoiled because of the inefficient food supply chain.
The food supply chain is inefficient with current technology, and most of the work is still done manually. With numerous middlemen running the supply chain, food producers are struggling to get fair prices for their food. Consumers are unsure about the whereabouts of the food they buy. They are not sure if what they eat is organic. A sticker on the food product does not ensure that it is actually organic food. Those who enjoy the profit are middlemen.

Food fraud is very common and often undetectable. Consumers are very concerned about this because they affect health. And they have no way of checking the quality of the food they buy. For this reason, the scammers make a lot of money by exploiting innocent consumers.
These issues must be resolved with the highest priority because there are no compromises when it comes to health.

The solution:
Food waste can be eliminated and avoided by making the food supply chain efficient. This can be a solution in many ways. The farmer benefits by getting the fair price for his products by eliminating middlemen, hunger can be satisfied and food fraud can be eliminated.

How is it possible?
Blockchain offers transparency; 
it shows what is happening in the blocks so that everyone in the block can see where the product comes from; 
and whether it's organic by using smart IoT devices in the farm that recognize the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
 By eliminating the middlemen, farmers can effectively send their agricultural products directly to the grocer or consumer, making profits.
 In the case of food fraud, no one can fool blockchain technology because of its decentralized nature. Since the blockchain network is distributed across the networks, the data in the network cannot be manipulated. In this way, integrity can be preserved and food fraud can be eliminated.

Therapeutic Hug With Uber Like App For Cuddling
Every pain, sorrow, and grief can be left behind with the right person beside us. How? By using Uber like App for Cuddling. If the customer doesn't want any strings attached and only needs hugs or cuddles to overcome their pain then this app is the perfect. Customers can sign up for the app to make use of the therapeutic hugs or cuddles.

An Overview of everything about ICO!

Ever since its advent, ICOs have been popularly trending among the crypto sphere and is one of the most trending fundraising methods preferred by entrepreneurs for their startups. ICO- Initial Coin Offering, acts as a source of capital for startups, where investors are issued tokens/coins that they sell to gather funds for their business. ICOs are unregulated, hence are more quick and efficient which makes investors prefer it more, over STOs and other tokens. ICOs involve several benefits for investors. Let’s see what they are. 

What do you benefit from ICOs? 

  • A major problem involved with traditional business investments is the lack of liquidity. ICOs come with high-volume liquidity, which enables an efficient business process and quick conversion of cash. 

  • ICOs are completely decentralized and are available to everyone for various cryptocurrencies

  • ICOs enable involvement from a large number of investors which reduces risk values and paves way for million-dollar businesses.

  • ICOs provide openness to the public which opens up possibilities for anyone to invest in anytime from anywhere around the world. 

  • ICOs can be purchased at reduced costs which opens up a way for small-time investors

These are the major advantages involved with ICOs and why you should prefer them over other tokens. Now, if you want to create your own ICO tokens, you must plan a thorough structure and follow certain essentials before going through the development process. This is important because the rise in the number of ICO developments is rapidly booming every day all around the globe and the demand seems to be never-ending. Thus, to make your ICO development authentic, follow these steps, 

  • Conduct ample research on requirements for your ICO, current market needs and plan a structure

  • Be clear about your targeted audience/ potential investors
  • Deeply analysis the existing ICOs and their services so you can provide unique solutions from them to attract your customer towards your project

  • Talk to experts regarding legal advice, and professional technical assistance. 

Most importantly, consider coordinating with a well-founded, reliable ICO development company. Gathering all the requirements and developing your ICO from the ground up, will consume a lot of time, money and as mentioned earlier, requires qualified technical assistance. To get your ICO up to speed and hit the market, while the demand is very much on, this is the best option. Now let’s see what are all the essential ICO development services you will attain from such companies. 

Top ICO development services

  • A legitimate/ Creative whitepaper

  • ICO tokens/Coins creation

  • Secure wallet development

  • ICO landing page/ design

  • ICO investor dashboard

  • Coin Drop

  • Multiple payment gateway integrations

  • Blockchain and smart contracts integration

  • ICO marketing structure

  • ICO coin price pumping

  • ICO listing services

One of the top token development companies in the current market with massive knowledge and experience to offer you the most effective and robust ICO services is Blockchain App Factory. They cover everything about your ICO from development, marketing, pre and post-launch services, and deployment. Their ICOs are programmable, scalable and can be customized based on your preferences. Also, their services are quick and cost-friendly. So, get in touch with them, get your ICOs developed and earn profits in millions!
Benefits of launching an ICO.
What is ICO: Blockchains Technology and Its Benefits

Blockchain is not Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. No. It's just cryptocurrency using blockchain. Simply put, a block is a group of transactions. A chain is a group of blocks connected to each other. Put the two words together, and there it is - blockchain.

All of these blocks are linked together in chains to form a public database. This database is public because it is shared with hundreds or even thousands of computers. We can think of this computer as a server for the blockchain / database.

Advantages of launching an ICO

There are a multitude of reasons why half of Carlos Domingo's audience at 4YFN raised their hands after his question. Reasons why, since July 2014, when Ethereum launched the first ICO in history , the total collected through this instrument amounts to more than 12,000 million US dollars. ICOs are a financing instrument with many advantages. These are some of them according to two experts, Emilie Allaert (Luxembourg House of Financial Technology) and Lindsay Lin (, and the blockchain company RefToken .

Quick and easy . Any company can start an ICO through various platforms like Ethereum or Stellar.

Access to an international and online market . The potential market is made up of all those who have internet access. The campaign can be promoted through social networks, specialized websites and forums.

Liquidity . For investors and consumers, one of the great advantages is that cryptocurrency markets tend to be very liquid. That is, usually, large amounts of capital can be acquired in a short time.

Democratization of investment . Investors do not have to be part of a select City of London club to be able to invest. Access to tokens is public and can be achieved from anywhere in the world.

Great profit potential . The data in our Spotify example was fictitious, mostly because the profit margins were too low to be an ICO. The price of the popular bitcoin was 90 euros in June 2013. Right now it is worth about 6,500, but it exceeded 16,000.

Blockchain in digital marketing
Blockchain in Digital Marketing?

What is the blockchain?
This technology lies in the transfer of digital data . How? In a totally secure way through an encoding that stands out for its sophistication. The similarity can be established with an account book where the inflows and outflows of capital are found. In this case, it alludes to a digital fact book.
The enormous novelty that comes with the blockchain is that the figure of the intermediary disappears . Thus, it is not necessary for a mediator to record and verify the information.
This new scenario means that the information you enter cannot be deleted, but only new records can be included. It serves to ensure, reduce and streamline processes , so that they are carried out with complete transparency and without intermediaries .
Blockchain features :We explain its main characteristics
This quality resides in the capacity of technology not to be altered or modified . Thus, each node in the network keeps a copy of the digital record. If you want to add a transaction, each of the nodes needs to verify its validity.
Technological decentralization
In essence, a set of nodes keeps this technology decentralized . In other words, there is no authority that exercises control or that governs it.
Optimized security
This characteristic lies in the aforementioned absence of authority, which means that it cannot use the information to its own advantage . In addition, the use of encryption guarantees total security of the system.
Relationship between blockchain and Digital Marketing
Full confidence in transactions
Have you ever experienced mistrust during your online purchases ? With this technology, trust will be established , since there is full security in transactions. Forget about fakes. What you purchase will not be a copy. Therefore, brands will gain strength.
Brands take responsibility
Until now, if a company wanted to do something, you had no choice but to trust their word. This situation is transformed with new technology and its smart contracts, which are agreements that are fulfilled once the parties have committed to it. Therefore, business promises are marked by responsibility .
The end of trolls
The user will be sure of the attack of the trolls. You know why? If we had a unique and universal key to surf the net that would replace all the ones we used previously, it would put an end to those people who pretend to be others to attack the competition.
Who exercises command?
At the blockchain level, it is the user who has the power over their data . In this sense, if a brand wants to send information or an announcement to a person, they would have to ask them. The consumer will put a cost on the transaction that arises when providing their data.
New way of understanding SEO and SEM
As mentioned, there are no longer intermediaries for transactions. What does this fact mean for SEO and SEM ? A revolution, since currently companies like Facebook , Twitter and Google act as a point of union between advertisers and digital media.
The most immediate consequence is that SEO developers will have to employ the blockchain on each of the exchanges . This will make the process faster, more efficient and cheaper.
How to use Blockchain to optimize a digital Marketing campaign

The essence of blockchain applied to online marketing is that, as it is a decentralized system,  people emerge as the core . How to apply this feature to your marketing campaigns ?
Avoid ad fraud
Ad fraud  refers to the misleading advertising that carries with false information. What he wants is a quick conversion, although it will be extended until the community finds out.
Analyze the customer journey
In addition, the blockchain opens the doors to registration and analysis of the customer journey . This makes it possible to detect fraud, fake profiles, bots and other practices of a fraudulent nature.
It also provides you with accurate information on where the ad was delivered. With which, you will optimize the investment avoiding losses.
ROI improvement
Added to them is the optimization of ROI or return on investment . How is it possible? Thanks to the suppression of overexposure to ads and other actions.
In this case, what could work is that your clients receive campaigns or offers only in the case of sharing their data. Can you imagine how it would improve the personalization of your messages?
Improved user experience
In this sense, we would bet on new segmentation strategies based on more specific data, which ensures you less investment for higher conversion rates.
Thus, the engagement of the target audience with your brand could improve considerably.
What happens to the traceability of the product?
The blockchain would provide you with greater security by ensuring that only good quality products are purchased.
In essence, the blockchain has the ability to reinvent your relationships with customers . Early entrepreneurship through this alternative will bring digital marketing a better position for companies. Not surprisingly, the client is its epicenter and it will gain transparency and security. In addition, it guarantees that you delve and establish a more profitable engagement with it.

5 benefits of starting your on-demand taxi business with Uber-like app
Do you know that uber fulfills 40 million rides monthly and has over 77% of the U.S. ride-sharing market?  
The vital factor which made Uber a successful on-demand taxi business is the application of evolving tech to their business. 
Many entrepreneurs have the idea to start their own on-demand business. But choosing the right tech stack has become a challenge for them.
What is On-Demand Business?

The On-demand Business lets you order anything that can be useful from food delivery, taxi booking to babysitters, pet care, etc.
In this digital era, the growth of the on-demand business is enormous as everyone glued to their smartphone. And it is easy to book various services from your smartphone. 
Interested in starting your own on-demand taxi business?

That sounds great but choosing the perfect solution helps you stand apart from the crowd.
The Uber-like app is a clone script of uber that has almost every feature of uber and also some add-on’s customizable to meet the need of the customer.
Benefits of the uber-like app,

  • Easy to launch – It is a ready made taxi booking platform. You can make use of the built-in features to start your own taxi booking business in no time.
  • Customizable – Look and feel of the uber like app can be altered as per your preference and needs. The logo, URLs can also customized to match your company’s portfolio.
  • Driver and Rider Information – You can prevent fraudulent activities by knowing your driver’s and also rider’s information. The easy document verification feature lets you know the details of the driver employed. And also the documents can be easily uploaded to the app.
  • Manage Bookings – Bookings made so effortless. You can track all the booking details along with the driver, rider name, vehicle number, live location, destination, and so on. 
  • Transactions – You can also enjoy the safe payment options that are available. It enables flawless transaction and trust between the user and the driver.
Choose your tech wisely, it helps your business in the long-run. In this case, if you are about to start an on-demand taxi booking business like uber, then go with uber like app.
Looking for a technologically sound on-demand app? Don’t worry we got your back. Grow/Start your taxi business with our uber like app – Wooberly
How the Blockchain will affect investment process and real estate?
How the Blockchain will affect investment process and real Estate?
The blockchain is breaking as one of the most disruptive technologies and promising for the future of transactions and therefore also the online investment . 
Investing in housing , in other processes or acquiring real estate through this technology will be a reality thanks to this 'blockchain'. We explain how:
Cryptocurrencies, the money used in blockchain

There are several types of virtual currencies, but the best known is Bitcoin. This coin was created in 2009 under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto . Soon its popularity increased along with its value.
Can I buy a house with bitcoins?

The answer is yes . In Spain, payment by bitcoins is legalized and some real estate agencies accept them as a currency, but it is still a 'cumbersome' system since, since it is not an official currency, the value has to be changed to euros. The transaction for the acquisition of part or of the entire house through bitcoins has to be carried out before a notary . This will certify the amount delivered and the documentation, which must appear in legal tender (euros) and thus avoid any suspicion of money laundering. On the other hand, since it is a fluctuating value, if at the time of the transaction the price of bitcoin rises and profits are obtained, the real estate agent must pay it.
And what will the blockchain guarantee?

To summarize in a very simple way the blockchain , it is like a large account book where each and every one of the operations appear digitally registered. Each information management and update will be reproduced equally in each of the multiple nodes (computers or hard drives) that store the information, which guarantees unprecedented fairness, veracity and transparency in all data. The operations between company and user will be carried out through a 'smart contract' or smart contract that will be encrypted and can be modified or signed by means of a digital certificate. All this will imply that the figure of notaries, lawyers or other managers involved in the sale and purchase process of, for example, a property is not necessary.
Digging deeper into smart contracts

The smart contract was born between 2013 and 2014. Initially, they were programmed to carry out a transaction between a 

  • User A who requests the services of a user B.
  • When B ends the services, 
  • A accepts that the funds be released and paid to B If you disagree, within 7 days a 'judge' will make a verdict to agree with A or B.

It was not until 2015 when the full potential that smart contracts could have was known . In that year the first transaction was made with Ethereum, another of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Ethereum made its blockchain chain available so that others could develop decentralized applications (known as dApp).
This fact was a technological milestone since it allows to develop blockchain-based applications without having to start from scratch, saving costs and technical, financial and logical barriers, and opening the panorama to be able to create new cryptocurrencies.
The applications decentralized have as an open source features a BBDD protected by a public blockchain and its own token to access the application. In the case of Bitcoin, Bitcoin (BTC) is its token and in the case of Ethereum, Ether (ETH), it is its token.
The author of the book 'The business blockchain', William Mougayar, defines the token as “a unit of value that an organization creates to govern its business model and give more power to its users to interact with its products, while facilitating distribution and distribution of profits among all its shareholders ”.
A token can represent from a DNI , to an insurance policy, a credit or a property right, for example. Therefore, dApps can issue tokens which represent what the dApp promoter and its community agree on.
Token, ICO and Smart Contract, the future of investment

The combination of these three factors will be the future of the investment. You already know the Smart Contracts and tokens, now we give you a brief brushstroke about what ICOs are:
ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) are financing prior to the creation of a cryptocurrency.
The advantages of making an ICO are multiple, both for the ICO promoter and for its investors.
Among the advantages for the promoter:

 An ICO offers a scalable financing solution , added to the 'momentum' that ICOs now have in general.
  • Being able to offer much smaller amounts of investment than through traditional channels thanks to its scalability, the number of investors that can be used is much greater.
  •  It allows linking the promoter's future market with the project, giving a representative sample of its potential.
  • Being a decentralized model, it eliminates intermediaries , having a superior scalability compared to centralized models.

Among the advantages for the investor:

  • By being able to go with very small investment amounts,  an ICO makes it  easier to diversify the investment portfolio .
  • Since tokens are listed on exchange houses, the investor will always know what their token is worth and will be able to liquidate it whenever they want.
  • While the collection is taking place, the developer will normally use a Smart Contract in the similar way as an escrow account (deposit accounts for the purchase of companies where part of the deposited price is in guarantee) to block the funds. In this way, the investor has security regarding the destination of his funds.

As you see, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, investment and real estate are closely linked with each other. Investing in an ICO for the creation or development of cryptocurrencies and acquiring real estate through them through smart contracts that guarantee security on both sides may be the future where the real estate sector is established.
Stay tuned to our blog to be informed of all our news and consult our real estate guide  to find out everything you need to know about the sector.

Vital ingredients to develop a revenue-generating Uber for marijuana delivery app

Business owners:
  • They set up a profitable business in the market in a short period of time. 
  • Owners were also able to generate higher revenues. 
  • On successfully establishing their brand, they expanded their geographic reach. 

  • Users were able to purchase weed without any hesitation.
  • With a single tap, it was delivered at their doorstep, saving them the travel expense. 
  • It was cost-efficient as offers and discounts were included in the app. 

Delivery executives:
  • Delivery agents had a regular and fixed source of income. 
  • Work hours were flexible.

Weed vendors:
  • They were able to sell weed on a regular basis. 
  • People started buying all types of weed available in the store after proper doctor consultation. 
  • Their outlet was also well-established in the market. 

3 key takeaways to be known before marijuana delivery app development:
Before developing the cannabis delivery app, any business owner must understand these three key factors in order to build an optimized app and a profit-yielding business. 

Gather all knowledge about cannabis:
This is an important phase that will help you frame a better requirement set. You need to know everything about marijuana before you step into this business. When all information is displayed within the app, people will not have the need to look up on the Internet about the different types of marijuana along with their benefits, composition, and more. They will lean towards your app for all details related to cannabis. You can also obtain help from medical professionals to better understand its medicinal benefits. 

Partner up with legalized weed vendors:
Prior to developing an app, you have to meet all the legalized weed sellers in the country and talk to them about remunerative partnerships. After you have collaborated with the vendors, they will sell marijuana through your delivery platform regularly. Another important phase is to team up with dispensaries or doctors so that they can provide medical consultation to the users via the app. These partnerships can be set up on a commission basis. Therefore, it will be a mutually advantageous platform. 

Stay updated with the latest information on marijuana:
You should know all the information about the new types of marijuana, new laws and regulations, and more. This will highly benefit the users, and they will buy the most suitable marijuana they need. 

Vital features to be included in the Uber for marijuana app:
There are a few attributes that should be available in the app to make it optimized and easy to operate. They are mentioned below:

User login and verification:
Users should be allowed to log in to the app using their contact details such as phone numbers or email IDs. Social media account login is also available. 

Find products easily:
Customers will be able to find any type of weed easily using the various filters available in the app. They can also input the desired quantity in the respective section. 

Integrated secure payment gateways:
You can include any number of trusted payment gateways to your app using which the customers can pay quickly. 

Live tracking:
With this facility, the delivery executives and the users can view each other’s live location and contact details. This feature will enable them to stay in contact with effortlessly. 

Doctor consultation: 
Users can avail paid doctor consultations via the app. Licensed practitioners are approved after a strong screening process. 

Push notifications, text messages, and email notifications are sent to the users to notify them about their order updates and other offers. 

Reviews and ratings:
There is a separate review section in the app where users can specify their suggestions or concerns. They can also rate the delivery executive and the vendor after a successful delivery. 

Chat and call facility:
An in-app call and chat facility that will help the users and delivery executives to get in touch with the support team if they have any queries. 

With the help of these key ingredients and features, you can build an efficient and optimized Uber for marijuana app. Hire the developers who excel in marijuana delivery app development to develop an app in a short span of time. 

Understanding the Initial Coin Offering Concept: What is ICO Fundraising?
People who want to be involved in the Initial Coin Offering must do their research and work carefully.

With the increasing popularity of crowdfunding , the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has become the latest project in raising funds and capital needed to start a business. 2017 is the year where the Initial Coin Offering became popular. This popularity may be due to the increase in crypto and blockchain in the media, or perhaps because of the convenience provided for contributors to support a project.Technology that Enables Existence of Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering benefits from blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a unique block of data that is interconnected to form a public database. This database is considered public because it connects hundreds or even thousands of computers. Try to imagine these computers as a blockchain or database server. Every change that occurs in a public database must be verified by more than 51% of the computers on the network. If there is no confirmation, then no changes will occur. Therefore it is very difficult to hack the database because a hacker must control more than 51% of computers connected at the same time. There are various companies and institutions that hold these computers. Moreover, this is referred to as decentralization because there is no single institution in control. It means, blockchain is a secure database that is not under the control of a single entity. Anyone can tamper with the database as long as 51% of the computer users approve it.

Database changes in question are a variety of transactions that occur in the network. In the case of Bitcoin, this transaction is when someone is buying and selling Bitcoin. The database will track how much Bitcoin a person has. Blockchain itself can not only track transaction data. By use, blockchain can do anything, as long as it includes the value of objects and services that are on the network.

For example, a transaction can include a car or electricity bill. Of course it is not possible to physically record this transaction. There must be something that represents the value of this transaction. One of the symbols of this value representation is Token.

Tokens and Smart Contracts

A token is created as a representation of the value of the transaction. This token cannot be entered directly in the blockchain because the blockchain only processes transactions based on certain cryptocurrency, such as Ether in Ethereum Blockchain and Bitcoin in the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Initial Coin OfferingToken transactions must be processed using the application. This application is referred to as smart contract. In 1994, Nick Szabo (a cryptographer ) had a vision. He wants to make a smart contract using computer code. This contract will be activated if there are conditions that are fulfilled. That means, there are no loopholes to commit fraud, because all processes will use computer code.

Because third parties are no longer required to make contracts, each contract (or transaction) will automatically take place in a trusted network. The computer will fully control this network. Here are the essential characteristics of smart contracts:Can process transactions automaticallyTransactions will occur if the right conditions are met.Smart Contract uses Blockchain technology, so the terms of the smart contract condition cannot be changed.

Initial Coin Offering uses the advantages of smart contracts and blockchain technology to raise project funds.

A smart contract and token will be needed when creating an Initial Coin Offering. The next step is to determine the conditions of the smart contract conditions. For example: if 0.1 ETH is sent to the smart contract, the smart contract will send 1 token to the address that sends 0.1 ETH. This condition will guarantee that everyone who participates in the Initial Coin Offering will get the right amount of tokens. There is no human control, no manual distribution. Smart contracts will be publicly available so that each sender can read the conditions of the smart contract.

Two common reasons why people participate in Initial Coin Offering:

The token can be used in the application if the final product is ready to be launched.

As the popularity of the project increases, the price of tokens or coins will increase. The more people use the service, the demand will also increase.

Mastercoin, the earliest Initial Coin OfferingImagine the Initial Coin Offering as a Kickstarter version of Blockchain. The main difference is, Initial Coin Offering automates the sales process in a safe and reliable way. It all started with the first Initial Coin Offering made by Mastercoin in July 2013.

Mastercoin made a public project in January 2012. They proposed the idea that the existing Bitcoin network could be used as a protocol layer for advanced protocols. The purpose of Mastercoin is to empower new rules of smart contracts. This allows people to create new crypto without the need to create a different blockchain network. This process is the same as that done by Ethereum at this time. Ethereum is also known as Mastercoin 2.0. Even though it was made public in January 2012, fundraising to start this project began on July 31, 2013. JR Willett was the figure who created the Initial Coin Offering for the first time.

August 15 is the historical date when the Mastercoin transaction first occurred. The network was tested by sending 1 Mastercoin. After being tested, Mastercoin was opened to the public and increasingly experienced stable funding. It's just that, the biggest investor from Mastercoin is found when they make a presentation to BitAngels. BitAngels is an investor and incubator who exclusively invests in crypto money startups. BitAngels were interested in doing a project with Mastercoin and they soon joined.When raising Mastercoin funds with a Bitcoin address, if someone sends BTC before August 31, they will get 100x Mastercoin. So, if someone sends 0.01 BTC, he will get 1 Mastercoin. At the end of the Initial Coin Offering event, Mastercoin collected around 4700 BTC, which was around 500 thousand USD at that time. In comparison, 4700 BTC was already worth 41 million USD at the time this article was written. As a record, Mastercoin was once worth 0.25BTC: 1MSC.

Initial Coin Offering

In 2015, Mastercoin changed its name to Omni and started rebranding. Their aim is to leave bad news, criticism and public anger directed at Mastercoin. As a result, many Mastercoin leaders, such as JR Willet, CTO Craig Sellars and BitAngels co-founder David Johnston moved to Omni. Unfortunately this project has lost momentum and made many people disappointed. Mastercoin or Omni is only around 0.0041 BTC: 1 Omni today. However, this example does not stop people from contributing through Initial Coin Offering.

This fundraising method has proven to be effective for starting a project. Mastercoin has managed to get 500 small investors from all over the world rather than just relying on large investors to get large funds.

The Most Successful Initial Coin Offering in History

Until 2017, companies that have managed to raise several million dollars through an Initial Coin Offering have started to become scarce. Ethereum (which is the second largest crypto money in 2018) has raised $ 18 million in 2015 thanks to their smart contract innovation. Another success occurred in 2016. DAO managed to raise 150 million dollars in just minutes. DAO experienced security problems that caused them to be hit by hacker attacks resulting in losses of more than 50 million dollars. Since the rise in popularity of Mastercoin, Ethereum, and others, the concept of Initial Coin Offering has gained a lot of momentum. Collectively, the Initial Coin Offering action successfully raised 10 billion dollars in 2017 and 2018. The crypto money market itself began to slow down at the end of 2017. December 2017 is the most active month where there are 1 billion dollars collected through the Initial Coin Offering. In March 2018, the Initial Coin Offering became popular again. There are 2.9 billion dollars collected through various Initial Coin Offering campaigns.

1. EOS (EOS) has collected 7,162,546.39 ETH, meaning they have earned around $ 4,201,836,214 ($ 4.2 Billion) with Ethereum exchange rates in the range of $ 586 (based on BitGuru). The Initial Coin Offering from EOS lasts for 350 days and finishes on July 1.

2. Telegram (GRAM) is known as the second most successful Initial Coin Offering with a value of 1.7 billion dollars. However, Telegram may not be included in this category because they do not use Initial Coin Offering and their crypto money has never been offered to the public. According to theverge, the way they get 1.7 billion dollars is to use 2 private Pre Initial Coin Offering. They get 81 investors who give 850 million dollars and then they sell it again to 94 investors who also give 850 million dollars. Because Telegram only does 2 Pre Initial Coin Offering, they do not need public funds so that their Initial Coin Offering is fulfilled without the need to start a campaign.

3. Dragon Coin (DRG) According to Bitrazzi, DRG has raised 320 million dollars. Dragon is a decentralized currency used for gambling. DRG functions in casinos and is used to advance the industry.

4. Huobi tokens (HT) get 300 million dollars. HT is a blockchain supported by the loyalty point system . This token will allow users to get discounts at Houbi stores and make transactions with ETH or BTC.

5. Filecoin Futures (FIL) gets 257 million dollars. Filecoin is becoming popular because their Initial Coin Offering is adjusting to the SEC's new regulations. This means that only contributors with accreditation can participate in FIL's Initial Coin Offering. If they do not comply with SEC regulations, then their crypto money will be rejected by the bank, so ETH transactions to FIAT will be impossible. Filecoin has obeyed all regulations so that this incident did not occur.

6. Tezos (XTZ) gets 232 million dollars. Tezos created an accounting book distribution that was used to make smart contracts. Tezos users can get involved and fund the renewal of the protocol system. This process allows Tezos to avoid conflicts over network development in the future.

7. Siren Labs Tokens (SRN) have earned 158 million dollars. Sirin is intended for the mass adoption of blockchain technology. They focus on developing hardware for monetization of additional devices through micro transactions. At this time, Sirin is creating a blockchain ecosystem.

8. Bancor (BNT) has earned 153 million dollars. Bancor is a protocol that allows people to launch their crypto money. They call it a smart token. The biggest advantage of using a smart token is that it doesn't need a second party if you want to make a transaction. Bancor launches smart tokens and modifies ERC-20 in their internal system.


People who want to be involved in the Initial Coin Offering must do their research and work carefully. The crypto world is not a world for certain people. Crypto is a large industry where investors can make or lose money in a matter of weeks. There is a lot of potential in blockchain technology for future projects. Using Initial Coin Offering is the easiest way to get funds. Of course, everything has its own risks. For your Initial Coin Offering to be successful, you must think carefully about a project. You also need an experienced and dedicated team for your campaign to be successful and get public support

How Blockchain will change the financial Sector?
Blockchain in Financial Sector:

The blockchain is being the guideline for many debates and evaluations 
about the future of the blockchain in  financial sector. What is very clear is that it is a concept with the potential to change market logic and create new business opportunities.

The blockchain can be defined as a digital system of nodes that operate in parallel and allow self-certification and information exchange. Technically it is a process of adding  cryptographically signed blocks of data to form perpetual and immutable records.   That is, it is a node system that allows online transactions without the need for an intermediary, as it controls itself. This system is based on parallel and simultaneous information processing, being extremely secure. The data of the transactions after being registered cannot be falsified or erased, and they are stored in a history that contains all the operations since their creation.

Blockchain concept emerged to support the protocol of Bitcoin , but no longer limited to the monetary sector .

The blockchain goes beyond the application to currencies, such as bitcoin, since it allows to register any type of financial transaction , which can be bonds, shares, transfer of property and any type of right or obligation.

This impacts the financial sector, generating new business opportunities. 

The great challenge for companies is to adapt to this new scenario, with agility, but with great security, which is the key point of the sector.

Some relevant numbers of what the blockchain has achieved so far:

  • $ 921 million dollars invested in bitcoin and blockchain companies
805 bitcoin and blockchain companies identified ( here you can see some of them)
  • More than 30 banks and financial institutions have publicly announced that they are researching and / or investing in blockchain technologies ( here you can see some of them)
106 thousand merchants that accept blockchain

In this image you can get an idea of   the ecosystem that is around the blockchain and its main actors:

The blockchain can and should be seen as a strategic ally and not as a competitor to financial companies.

"This technology will not make banks disappear, but will allow them to explore new niches and market areas," says Antonio García-Lozano, consulting leader at Grant Thornton, in an interview with Expansión .

According to this report, the Santander bank estimates that the use of blockchain development can mean a saving of 20,000 million dollars for the financial sector by 2022.

To finish, the study Blockchain in Capital Markets, points out that the next steps and challenges for blockchain are:

1.Developing concrete proofs of concept
2.Challenge service providers to innovate
3.Understand the current quantification of operating costs
4.Maintain the commitment of the entire industry
5.Participate in prototypes and embrace "learning by doing"
6.Bringing the business mindset for tech startups
7.Prepare the narrative of the regulatory and supervisory bodies
8.At Private Investments Network we believe that blockchain brings opportunities to explore new markets. We act as a RegTech and we are dedicated to allowing unlisted companies to adapt to new technologies such as blockchain by supporting them so that they can also stay within compliance parameters  .

Features of GoJek Clone Script | Gojek Clone App
Here is the list of top advanced unique features of GoJek Clone that will make your app unparalleled in the niche. Let us move ahead to grasp the ultimate features in detail,

Manage User Profile 

A user can create and update their profile and also manage their personal information from the application. Without the knowledge of the user, no information will be stored in the application.

Schedule Bookings

A user can book their trip instantly as well as in advance via the scheduling option. This can help the user to reach the destination without any delay. And mainly nearby drivers immediately pick up the user.

Amenable Payment Mode

This application offers multiple payment mode options which allow users to pay off their money via credit card, debit card, wallet, PayPal, COD. This makes customers more convenient.

Live Tracking

Customers can track the real-time location of the driver using this option. And this will help both users and drivers to locate each other via GPS option.

Ride Sharing

It is one of the popular business models and everyone loved it more. This ride-sharing option makes their ride shared by some users and finally splits the ride fare equally. Ride-sharing is the best cost-effective business model.

Alleviate Admin Panel

This app provides an admin panel for users with top-notch features and functionalities. The admin role is designed and customized with a predefined model which allows them to manage and monitor overall services.
Manage Orders

This option ensures easy navigation for admin. They can easily manage their booked service orders, user details, driver details, everyday transactions, and more conveniently here.
Service Feedback

Feedback is mandatory to know the pulse of customers like what they are feeling about our business service. Here, you can get the user suggestion, review in the feedback section which helps you to better your business.

Calculate Estimated Travel Time 

This option will automatically calculate the travel time to reach the desired destination from the pick-up place. With the help of google-maps, it shows the adjustable timing based on traffic. 
Fare Assessment

This fare assessment module will help the customer to find out the estimated trip fare before booking the trip. The trip fare will be shown based on the ride distance from the source to the destination.
Notification Alerts
The notification alert system delivers the order updates via SMS and Email TO customers and drivers constantly. The notification message includes invoice summary, tax, ordered details, and few things.

In-App Support

In-app support service is available in this app that will help users and service providers to get support and clarify their service related queries via instant chat, call, and other options.

History Details
Using this option, Both user and driver can view their service history that includes date and time of the trip, travel fare, location, trip id, person id, and more information.

Wrapping Up:

Well to build a Gojek clone, all you have to do is, hire an awful GoJek clone app development company like MacAndro which offers exceptional gojek clone app development services for all business verticals.

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Adavanced Features of UberEats Clone Script

Several entrepreneurs, who are hearing about this incredible success story of UberEats clone concept is raising with the query that how it becomes a recognized business model? Well let me explain it to you. It has two major reasons behind its success. Those are its advanced features that suit with this fast-moving world and its boundless benefits. 

Let me kick start with its incredible features.

Here is a list of top advanced loaded features in UberEats clone through which restaurants and admins can track their orders and improves the quality of service.

Manage Address:

This feature helps the users to add and manage multiple addresses under his/her profile and modify existing ones under this option.

Filtering option:

Users can utilize this feature to sort out by selecting and triggering filters and sort their beloved food items once before placing orders. 

Different payment integration:

In this app, users can find out various types of options for their payment process via this feature. Through this feature, they can select to pay for integrated payment with your Credit or debit cards or even by an online wallet. 

Bill Estimation:

Using this feature, the application will automatically estimate the final bill that the users should pay by undergoing several factors into consideration like the first order offer, Restaurant Vendor fee, distance to be covered, weekend offer and much more.

Note making:

This feature enables the users can give custom notes or instructions to restaurants for preparing their food while placing food orders. It aids the restaurant owners to offer hassle-free food to their customers similarly users can also get their beloved food.

Favorite restaurant:

This feature in UberEats clone allows users to mark his/her favorite restaurants or hotel. So that the users can reach their favorite hotels or restaurants listed in their favorites instead of searching in a big row. Using this feature, customers can directly access favorite restaurants and place orders.

Calculated Delivery Charges:

This feature is utilized by the restaurant, to calculate and manage delivery charges & taxes/GST under the provided formula. All these details can be configured via the dashboard.

Event Booking:

This feature is specially provided for the people who look for bulk bookings for parties, events, get-togethers, large meetings, marriage functions and even more. Using this feature, your users can book bulk orders within a few clicks.

Offer Packs:

Using this feature, customers can get to know about the latest offers provided by the restaurants and by the admin. Usually, this feature increases your business undoubtedly, as people always prefer to offer to buy products or anything else. 

Product List:

Using this product list feature, customers can get an idea about the food that is available in the restaurant. Restaurant owners and admin can add or delete products from the access panel according to food availability.

Commission Tracking: 

Well, this complete food delivery app generates revenue only by getting a commission from the restaurant for each offer. This feature calculates the rate of commission the service provider earns per day and generates a detailed report of the commission earned from each and every restaurant.

E-mail Notification:

Once after the order confirmed by both the user and restaurant, a proper Mail format with the details of the service such as the final bill breakdown, the service provider's details will be sent by mail to the users. Through this mail, the user can also get the contact details of the delivery persons.

Final Verdict:

Well, UberEats has completely revolutionized the way food items reach users. So building a perfect UberEats clone app/website with value-added features will never let your hands down. In order to get a perfect UberEats Clone Script, pursue with MacAndro, who upholds years of experience in building food delivery apps like UberEats. Our UberEats clone app is a ready-to-use which is a completely white-label food delivery app that offers a top-notch experience to your app users without doubt.

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We offer a collaborative fixed-cost and time-bound discovery phase to help you refine your ideas and requirements from a design and technology perspective.

Smart Contracts Development
Pulsehyip is a top notch Smart contract development company that helps you in integrating smart contract for all the businesses types. This make all your business transactions easier and trustable. You can easily approach our developers regarding your queries to enable your business transactions with smart contracts.
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How Localbitcoins Clone Script Works?
Once the server is successfully set up with the script, then it is all well-set to run the business.

The Steps to Sell Bitcoins

Step 1: First, register on the platform by filling the details on the profile.

Step 2: Once the account have been created, a wallet will be generated on the platform that works like an escrow on the platform. It maintains cryptocurrency balance considers selling amount of items and the fee in the wallet.      

Step 3: To perform selling, first need to post a Ad describing the sales details. Before posting an Ad, the platform cross-checks whether the person applying to sell have an enough balance to proceed the request.

Step 4: Once the sell request Ad is posted, a notification will be received to the buyers nearby to the seller or those who have shown interest to buy cryptocurrency from anywhere.

Step 5: Then the interested buyers after viewing the request can get in touch with the seller to buy the bitcoins either in direct or by way of online transaction.

Step 6: The seller has the option either to accept or reject the buyer request.

Step 7: After the payment is received by the seller from the buyer, there will be note mentioning that the transaction is complete and then the crypto coin is transferred to the buyer.

The Steps to Buy Bitcoins

Step 1: In order to buy a bitcoins, the buyer need to create a profile and then search for a suitable seller nearer to one’s own location, then rating, pricing, and expected payment options are also need to get mentioned.

Step 2: Once they found the seller based on one’s buying demands, then you can contact them by placing a buying request.

Step 3: Then, the seller will look the buyer's profile and make decision whether to accept or reject the buyer request.

Step 4: Based on the seller acceptance, next the payment made through the option both the buyer and the seller is comfort with by notifying that the payment was done along with the proof of payment.

Step 5: Once the seller received the payment from the buyer, the bitcoin is transferred from the seller's wallet to the buyer’s wallet.

For the Site Administrator

How to write upgradable smart contract in vyper?
This fast-moving world consist of various sectors and people and the highly revolving and dominating one among them is business. The keyword to enhance the business and to remain stable in the market is ‘trust’.
This trust can be built by smart contracts and it can be coded using various languages based on the blockchain used. And here, we are going to the lookout about the Vyper language, which is grabbing the attention of the industry people. This vyper language is used when a smart contract is created from the Ethereum blockchain platform.
Before entering into the topic, we can brush out about vyper…
What is Vyper?
Basically vyper is a python derived programming language, which is now widely used in developing the Ethereum based smart contract and run in Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). But, it does not completely inherit python features and its ulterior motive is a mind-blowing and tempting one for both the developers and users. That is, it claims to simple, easily understandable and it strikes much more tempting claims 
Benefits of Vyper in Smart Contract
As said before, it claims and motives are one of the reasons, why vyper are used in developing Ethereum based smart contract instead of solidity. Those advantages are listed below,
  •  Simplicity
  •  Security
  •  Readability
  •  Auditability
  •  Simplified process
  •  More transparency
  •  Bug-Free
These rewards are enough to show why vyper grabbed attention in the industry market, to develop smart contract.
How Vyper Differs From Other Programming Language?
Vyper is often compared with other programming languages mainly with solidity and python because of its traits and codes but vyper has its own identity, which makes it stand out from python. They are,
  •  No Modifiers
  •  No Class inheritance
  •  No operator overloading
  •  No function overloading
  •  No inline assembly
  •  No infinite length loops
  •  No recursive calling
  •  No binary fixed points
These are some of the technical features of vyper language and different from other language like OOPS, Python as well as Solidity.
Process of Developing and Deploying Vyper Smart Contract
Lets we can see the technical process of vyper in smart contract development. Here, is the rough layout of how the smart contract is created in vyper,
  •  Analyze the requirement
  •  Develop the code
  •  Compiling
  •  Deploying
This is the general layout of generating vyper smart contract and to know much more, click here ---> Vyper in Smart Contract.
How Can I Start A Food Delivery Business Like Swiggy?
First of all, Congratz on choosing the successful food delivery platform to start a business. Yes. It’s one of the popular on-demand business which was loved by more people. Right now, To start a food delivery business like swiggy you need an IT team to build an app.
You may think, it’s not all possible to start a business like swiggy.
Surely, you can do it. Let us get into the know about the secret sauce,
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How blockchain is applied in schools?
Usage of Blockchain in Education:
Blockchain technology makes it easier for students to manage their data and decide what content they want to share and with whom. In addition, if a student has to manage an economic transaction, such as in the case of wanting to enroll in another school, he / she will need to pay the corresponding fees, and thanks to the Blockchain the process can be carried out safely. 
On the other hand, another of the applications that use Blockchain technology, allow for a new system for issuing and certifying official documents and qualifications. Thanks to this, you can ensure the accuracy of the assessments and qualifications a student gets. In this case, the technology applied by the system certifies the registration in a safe way and certifies the authenticity of the entire history of each student. Therefore, it is a tool that all teachers should know and, in addition, explain to their students as they will have to deliver all written work and exams through that platform. It will be important for them since they will also have to manage their academic record from that tool. 
Benefits of Blockchain technology in education

Currently, the use of this new technology consisting of block chains is rare and is still used in very specific cases. I tell you the benefits that Blockchain technology can offer you in education :
Universal Online certification:
The immutability and guarantee of veracity granted by the blockchain could lead to the creation of a new system for issuing and certifying both official documents and academic degrees.
Environmental Respect
Thanks to the Blockchain technology applied to education, it is possible to reduce a great use of paper, since everything is digitalized it contributes to the reduction of deforestation. We avoid printing large numbers of documents that are now scanned safely each student can access to consult whenever you want. 
Academic Records
Thanks to the immutability of the application, the possibility of safeguarding all reports and student work within the platform is increased. Blockchain offers a secure model for collecting grades, letters of recommendation, certificates, among others. This technology will be essential to avoid fraud.
Goodbye Plagiarism
Blockchain technology can be applied in education makes it inaccessible to modify any document without approval. It is possible that in a short time the plagiarism will remain outside our lives forever and be part of the past and not of the present or future.
Avoid identity Theft
All students will be their own managers. They themselves must control their data and they are the ones who decide what content to publish and who to share. Blockchain technology has the capacity to manage, share and protect digital content.  
Goodbye to physical Money
With Blockchain technology, payments can be made through 'tokens', thus eliminating the need to make currency exchanges between countries and in the case of exchange of students or students who are interested in a course in another country they could pay with' tokens'. 

Why EOS Blockchain is well suitable one for DApp Development?
Blockchain is a vast growing technology which aid to adapt various sector in this fast-moving world. In the blockchain platform, there are different types and among them, EOS got a special place and became a trend in the market because of its unique traits. 
What is EOS?
EOS is one of the types of blockchain platforms and becoming trending in the blockchain industry as well as various fields because of its motive. That ultimate goal of this EOS blockchain is none other than to become a decentralized operating system that can assist various sectors which are relayed on decentralized application.
The main tempting part of this EOS blockchain is,
  •  Millions of transaction per second
  •  Cost-effective when coming to a transaction fee
What is more, than these advantages can benefit the industry people?

So, it becomes obvious to find the reason behind its popularity in the global blockchain market. 
EOS allows to a built smart contract on its platform which enhanced its advantage to the next stage in DApp developers' point of view.
Benefits of EOS Blockchain
The Benefits of EOS blockchain is outstanding while comparing it with other blockchain platforms like Ethereum and some are mentioned below,
  •  Scalability
  •  DApp
  •  Consensus Protocol
  •  Fast and Free Transaction
  •  ICO Friendly
  •  Low latency
  •  Easy upgrade and Bug recovery
  •  Self-sustaining
  •  Flexible
  •  Easily usable one for developers
  •  Parallel performance
  •  Governance
  •  Easy hard fork with fewer risk
How Does EOS work?
Here, is how EOS works. EOS is often compared with the Ethereum blockchain process because of the similarities but EOS is considered as better one because of its traits, mainly the transaction process timing and speed i.e., known as scalability.
EOS blockchain uses DPoS consensus mechanism which can avoid the famous hacks like DAO. 
Now, lets we can see an organization provides the outstanding EOS development services in the market.
Now, we can see an organization that offers a high-end EOS blockchain development services in the industry market. Developcoins is a predominant cryptocurrency development company which provide striking blockchain development services with the aid of a team of industry experts who has vast knowledge and handset of skills to face all sort of industry downs and ups. 
The most important thing to note about Developcoins is, we provide complete end-to-end blockchain solutions and all types of services related to the EOS Blockchain platform.
Blockchain in IOT
Blockchain in IoT: 

Benefits and use cases
Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) emerged with maximum public attention in recent years in addition to their implementation in the networks of global financial systems and industrial leaders. This article will explain the concept of the Internet of things and give answers to some essential questions about the convergence of blockchain and IoT, its benefits and future challenges, its use cases of greater cooperation.

What is the IoT in simple words?
Iot, or the Internet of things, is a concept of connecting any possible device to the Internet by creating a network where they could save and exchange each other's data. It should be noted that objects united in an interconnected system do not require human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction to obtain, receive and send data. 
Computers and smartphones are definitely a part of IoT but it also includes a lot of things: 
cars, smart appliances, medical equipment, sensors of all kinds, printers and much more.
IoT devices can be divided into three groups:

  • Those who collect the information and send it (for example, different temperature, light, action, etc. sensors);
  • Those who receive information and act accordingly (for example, a printer receives a document and prints it, an electric kettle receives a signal and begins to heat the water, etc);
  • Those who know how to do both (for example, an irrigation system collects information about the humidity level and automatically turns on if the level is not enough).

What are the weaknesses of the IoT?
Privacy & Security
There have already been several cases of IoT devices that shared private information on the Internet or that have been hacked. Some of these cases threatened the life and health of the people. For example, in 2017 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned 500,000 pacemakers connected to the Internet that had been considered weak for hacker attacks. Another example is from hackers who had found weaknesses in Jeep cars and forced emergency brakes at high speed.
Traditional IoT systems are often based on a closed and centralized architecture and this has created many questions. The devices collect the information and send it to the cloud where it will be processed and sent back to the IoT device. This system requires that third parties check and verify each transaction between the devices which entails limited scalability, high prices and many weaknesses in the network security system.
Low compatibility
Interoperability in IoT remains at the low levels of coexistence of various protocols and connectivity standards. Different IoT platforms have different forms of connectivity formats and manufactures must choose only one when producing their equipment. A single IoT platform can't be compatible with many other devices. If the manufacturer produces a device compatible with a platform, it will not be so easy to connect it to a different platform. The given situation does not satisfy either manufactures or users and it would be much more comfortable to have a unique standard.
How can Blockchain help improve IoT?
Improve security
Blockchain treats device message exchanges as transactions verified by smart contracts. Transactions are recorded in blocks, this ensures that they are organized in fair sequences and assigned to the timestamp when they have been added. The cryptographic algorithms used by the blockchain ensure user data making them more private and preventing previous records from being changed.
Enter smart contracts
Blockchain is designed to act as a basic layer for applications that involve transactions and interactions and smart contracts have an important role in it. They work autonomously (and do not need intermediaries to approve or confirm a transaction) when certain conditions are met. What do they give to the IoT? More secure and autonomous operation, faster and cheaper transactions, more data security. 
Smart contracts also make the billing process easier and more convenient: complicated payment systems are not needed. The transaction is made, tokens are transferred and these processes are clear and transparent in the blockchain
Unlike traditional centralized architecture, a decentralized blockchain network could improve the lack of system tolerance. A single error would not deactivate the entire network because it works using millions of individual nodes. In addition, in a decentralized system the information saved and processed is not controlled by a group of powerful companies.
Decrease expenses
Blockchain greatly reduces connection costs by eliminating the need for an infrastructure. Expenditure on additional administration, maintenance or installation disappears.
What are the cases of use of Blockchain and IoT in the industry?
Jaguar Land Rover
The largest UK car manufacturing with IOTA boosted the price of MIOTA (the platform's own token) by 20% in 24 hours on Monday, April 29. Cryptocurrency can be used to drivers for sharing information about traffic jams and potholes. Rewards can be used to automatically pay tolls, parking and electric charges. The head of IOTA cooperation, Holger Köther said: "Our technology goes perfectly with machine-to-machine payments for smart charges, parking lots and tolls, as well as allowing drivers to get their own crypto funds."
Volkswagen has been actively exploring IOTA and as the result presented the Proof-of-Concept (PoC) that uses the IOTA Tangle system for autonomous cars at the 2018 Cebit Expo in Germany. The new “Connected” car system will use IOTA Tangle to transfer software updates safely and wirelessly.
The largest information and communication technology company in Japan used IOTA as the new protocol standard for audit trails.It will plan to use IOTA to improve transparency, data security ,trust, etc. Fujitsu's team considered the IOTA protocol as "an immutable data storage medium."
The Bosch XDK is a device with the programmed sensor and an IoT prototype platform that can be used as the sensor node solution. The Bosch XDK can be used to collect specific real-time data that can be sold in the IOTA Data Market. Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) allows data to be shared P2P through a secure and encrypted channel.
What are the challenges for Blockchain and IoT?
Most existing blockchains are not compatible with most of the data produced by IoT devices and this number is only increased. Research shows that the number of devices that will be connected to the IoT will reach at least 20 billion by 2020. Bitcoin and Ethereum have suffered from scalability issues and their current status does not allow them to deal with the amounts of data produced by the IoT devices. Without slowing down.
Blockchain has to make IoT safer as problems arise on the other side. The security of the devices connected to the IoT is complicated and blockchain cannot guarantee that they will not be hacked. This means that any IoT device should, in a perfect world, have the highest level of security but is not cost effective.
All devices are connected by the Internet but the situation is complicated when we add the blockchain. Different blockchains are usually isolated from each other and if the interoperability challenge is not addressed, we will have smart devices connected to numerous decentralized and isolated networks. It could work for certain purposes but it would not become the Internet of everything where all devices are connected to each other and can interact with each other.
Final thoughts
Enthusiasts always say that blockchain improves the industry by revolutionizing many processes. Will it work with the IoT? Perhaps, since blockchain should bring great benefits to IoT but most of the challenges will have to be faced equally. Blockchains known as Blockchain or Ethereum cannot support large volumes of data from IoT devices. IOTA chose another path by creating the Tangle platform with increased scalability and this attitude has been approved by many corporations including Jaguar Land Rover, Bosch, Fujitsu and Volkswagen.

Airbnb Clone App | Airbnb Clone Script | Vacation Rental Script Provider | MacAndro
Airbnb clone is nothing but a travel app through which people can discover and book comfortable accommodations according to their needs across the globe by using their smart phones or tablet. Moreover, it is an online peer-to-peer marketplace which enables the people to rent/list or get accomodation/lodging  from a single room to an apartment, , a yacht, a castle, a suite or even a houseboat. 
As a matter of fact, Airbnb is in active more than 190 countries and 65,000 cities all over the wolrd. Being a successful idea, Airbnb app upholds more than 100 million users and 640,000 hosts. Below pie-chart will explore how Airbnb is simply amazing & cheaper than a normal hotel room booking.
Working Process:
1. Initially, property owner will list out their property details via Airbnb app along with basic details & description of facilities and location along with the photographs.
2. Visitors who seeks for accommodation in the city can acquire lodging facilities where they wish to stay and browse available options according to price, count of days they stay and much more.
3. Once after the visitor confirms the booking, visitors will be charged by the amount mentioned by host plus commission.
4. Finally after the stay, Airbnb will pay the amount to the host after deducting their commission for hosting
Once after reading all this fascinating facts about Airbnb, probably the next question rise within you will, How to establish an app like ?. If so, here is your solution
How to build an App like Airbnb?
Well, developing a travel app like Airbnb and attaining success is possible only if you follow the below business models
In this model, your app acts as a mediator between the property owners who are ready to sell or rent their properties and the travelers who seeks for accommodation.
Some additional features should be provided to the host like clickable buttons which will be easy for the visitors for booking. By providing this clickable buttons to users, you can generate more leads to your host and so you can charge extra charge for every clicks which is redirected to the hotel website.
There should be a option for the visitors to check regarding the hotel contact information by paying for their subscription . Moreover, apart from booking rooms or apartments, some other services like air ticket booking, renting a car and also booking a holidays package from a travel company should be offered to the visitors.
To know more about features & Cost refer this article: FEATURES & COST OF AIRBNB CLONE
MacAndro - One Stop Solution
Being an expert in mobile app development, We furnish custom transportation & hotel booking app like Airbnb in Android and iOS platform according to the user’s requirements. We will asset you to stand unique among your competitors and to lead your transport business by providing automated solutions to your client’s via high performing world Airbnb Clone App.
Benefits of Vacation Rental Business
Renting properties is a form of investment and requires you to choose which type of rental you want to resort to. There are two types of rental business .
1.Short term rental 
2.long term rental
There are several factors to evaluate, to understand whether it is convenient to rent in the short term or to rent in the long term. Often, this decision seems almost obvious, following the nature of the property and the objectives pursued.
What is Short term rental? and Beneficial of Short term rental? :
Short-term rental - in common language, tourist rental or "holiday homes" - is the rental for delimited periods of a furnished property and is precisely regulated by a temporary contract which must be renewed periodically so that it remains valid. In fact, at the owner's discretion, as well as based on the location and a series of other factors, this type of property is usually rented on a weekly or daily basis.
There are two types of short-term rentals: 
tourist rents and transitory rents. The tourist rents refer to stays of a maximum of 30 days and do not require the registration of the contract with the Revenue Agency (a private writing between the two parties is sufficient). Temporary rents, on the other hand, range from 30 days to 18 months, where the deposit of the contract is required.
A short-term rental translates into greater flexibility for the owner (and also for the tenant). It is possible to rent the property only in the periods of the year when you do not want to use it personally. This is the ideal solution for those owners who are able to offer hospitality and accommodation in a non-regular way and for this reason they need to manage reservations with some flexibility.
Usually, the duration of rental contracts for vacation homes varies from a few days to a few weeks. Renting for such short periods ensures that guests take advantage of the property without feeling the need to customize or redecorate it.
It is possible to set different rates depending on whether you are in high or low season . Not only that, you can also expect a minimum rental period in the high season, to make sure you maximize your profits.
For example, one-day stays are mostly counterproductive. In fact, every booking requires to be managed by contacting the guest, organizing the arrival and departure and also the general cleaning of the house.
Often, renting short-term properties means being entitled to tax breaks or deductions on property-related expenses. On this point, be sure to check the local regulations.
Nowadays we hear a lot about the sharing economy and its positive effects on society in general. Renting short-term properties means being innovative, contributing to the expansion of this modern way of living and thinking.
Long-term rent - unlike short-term rent - typically refers to properties that are rented for a month or more. Typically, renters pay the owner monthly, taking on the extra expenses like utilities.
Unlike short-term tourist rentals, where in the event that they do not exceed 30 days, the deposit of the contract with the Revenue Agency is not required, for long-term rentals it is necessary to draw up a signed contract containing the agreement Between the parts.
One of the main advantages of renting long-term properties is the security of a monthly income you can rely on. Which can be a relief to those who have recently owned a property and are burdened with many expenses. In addition, long-term renters are generally responsible for paying periodic bills for the consumption of electricity, gas, water and often even the internet.
The long-term rental implies minor concerns related to the administration of the property (paperwork, key handover, marketing, etc.). Once the tenant signs the rental contract, he knows (with relative security) the length of his stay. The only need to worry about is finding a new tenant for when the house is free.
Some (if not all) long-term guests bring their own furniture. This can make your decision easier if you are thinking of renting your unfurnished property. With the long-term rental, not only will you get a guaranteed monthly payment, but you will not have to buy new furnishings for your home.
If you are concerned about the details of the rent, such as insurance, lease or deposit, there is no need to panic. For long-term F, it is normally possible to request a substantial deposit, which will be returned to the tenant at the end of the rental period, unless there has been no damage to the property. These cash deposits can give the owner one more reason to feel comfortable when it comes to renting real estate.

Take your business to greater heights with an Uber for flower delivery app

Why an app for flower delivery?
The flower delivery apps came into existence to help people send flowers to their loved ones when they cannot meet them personally. People do not have to go in search of a flower shop anymore. With a single tap, they can order any flower of their choice and get it delivered to the desired address. This also helped the flower business owners manage their business efficiently and subsequently gain more customers within a short period of time. 

Challenges that were overcome with a flower delivery app:
With regard to a flower business, there were two crucial hurdles that persisted. In this section of the article, we can take a look at how it was surpassed, and the business became a success. 

The flower shops did not gain as many customers as they wanted, as it was difficult to spot their store. People do not want to search every nook and corner to find a flower shop. So, unless the shop was in the main or busy area, it was difficult to have more customers. But with an Uber for flower delivery app, no matter where the shop is, if people like your flowers, they will order it with a single tap. 

Another challenge was that, in a busy world, the customers did not have the time and patience to go to a store, customize a bouquet, and take it to their loved ones. They wanted an instant solution that would help them with this. With the flower delivery app, they were able to customize their flowers in a few seconds and deliver the flowers quickly with the help of a delivery executive. This saved them a lot of time. 

The workflow of an optimized on-demand flower delivery app:
The flower delivery app is based on the model of Uber and has a simple roadmap that helps the user navigate quickly through the app and place an order in a few seconds. The app has four different panels, and each has a different workflow, as mentioned below:

User dashboard:
  • The user will first sign in to the app using any one of the log in options available. 
  • In the next step, the user should complete the in-app authentication. 
  • They can now view all the flowers/shops available for delivery. 
  • On selecting a flower or store, the details about them will be displayed next. 
  • They can choose a flower of their choice and add it to the cart. 
  • Users have to choose a payment gateway available in the app and pay for the flowers. 
  • A delivery executive will be assigned, and the user can track their location. 
  • Once the flowers are delivered, the user has to rate and review the delivery personnel and the store.  

Admin dashboard:
  • The administrator will log in with the credentials given. 
  • They will monitor ongoing and past orders. 
  • Access to user and delivery executive data are also provided to them. 
  • Base fare can be fixed by them easily.  
  • Reviews, ratings, reports, and other in-app analytics can be viewed by them. 
  • They will manage the entire process efficiently. 

Delivery executive dashboard:
  • Initially, they have to register with the app successfully. 
  • They have to upload a few documents for verification purposes. 
  • On obtaining approval, they can set their status to available using the slider. 
  • When a request is placed, they will be notified about it. 
  • The request can be accepted or rejected based on various parameters. 
  • The location of the store from which they need to collect the flowers will be accessible. 
  • They have to pick up the flowers from the store and deliver it to the customer. 
  • When each phase gets over, the customer has to be updated about the delivery status. 
  • After a successful delivery, they have to rate and review the customer. 

Flower vendor dashboard:
  • The first phase is to register or sign in with the app. 
  • After approval from the administrator, customer requests will reach the vendor via the app. 
  • They can review the order and accept or reject it. 
  • Details of the available flowers should be updated regularly in the app.
  • The details of the customer and the delivery executive will be displayed.
  • They have to update the order status in the app after accepting the order. ‘
  • The flowers should be handed over to the delivery executive. 
  • They can also track the live location of the delivery personnel. 
  • Vendors have to change the status to completed once the flowers have been delivered.
  • Finally, they can review and rate the delivery executive. 

Wrapping up:
An on-demand flower delivery app with a simple and effective workflow will help the customers as well as the business owners. If you want to build a flower delivery app, then get in touch with an apt app development company and launch your app in a short period.  

How Do I Start A Business With Airbnb Clone Script?
I guess that you are well aware of the current marketplace, it’s the right time to kickstart a business with airbnb clone script. I will assist you from the scratch to start your own business within 2/3 business days. But keep in mind that, Doing a business is not a big thing, running a successful business in the on-demand platform is matters a lot and also which leads your business growth to the next level in future also.
Let us start from the scratch,
1) Analyze the feature and working functionalities of airbnb clone script from end-to-end.
2) Find the right airbnb clone script provider in the marketplace.
3) Look out the demo script of airbnb from the reliable company.
4) After getting satisfied with the demo script, buy the airbnb clone script from them and skyrocket your online rental business to the new height.
5) Launch your business by renaming with your business name, logo and more via ease customizable options. 
6) If you want add any additional features to your airbnb script, the renowned company or app developers will make your idea into reality.
7) Launch your business with best solution provider.
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 Set up and blow off steam your online rental business right now.
Types of cryptocurrency wallets and how to protect cryptocurrency wallets

Types of online and offline cryptocurrency wallets and how to protect cryptocurrency wallets
How to choose and protect a cryptocurrency wallet
In July 2017, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, BTC-e, suddenly became unavailable. Trading on the exchange for the last day before the shutdown amounted to about 56.7 million dollars. USA. The official reason for the shutdown of the exchange was the FBI accusation against Alexander Vinnik of money laundering using cryptocurrency. Exchange accounts were seized, exchange servers seized. About a million client accounts fell under attack, and it was very difficult to return a day from. The management of the exchange for more than a month and a half has been considering the possibility of a refund.
Following BTC-e, another largest exchange, Poloniex, made amendments to the contract, stating as a separate clause that the exchange is not responsible for money lost by the trader (stolen or otherwise lost) and does not guarantee the security of the platform. In other words, representatives of the exchange preferred to evade responsibility and do not exclude problems with hacking. This clause of the agreement immediately gave investors a reason to suppose that the exchange itself was not averse to using forbidden methods for capturing accounts, arguing this fact by hacking.
Unsurprisingly, investor confidence in uncontrolled and unregulated exchanges fell. An alternative to storing cryptocurrency on exchange accounts can be electronic wallets. Read about their types, advantages and disadvantages, as well as protection methods.

The best cryptocurrency wallets
1. Online Wallets
They are a third party service. Keys in this case are located on remote servers. They allow not only opening several wallets for different cryptocurrencies, but also conducting convertible operations, trading on exchanges, calculating commissions using built-in calculators, etc.

  • quick registration;
  • anonymity. Verification is not needed, the owner of the wallet remains unknown;
  • the ability to work with several cryptocurrencies;
  • high transaction speed.

  • risks inherent in cryptocurrency exchanges. Some wallets were created with obviously fraudulent purposes; the risks of breaking wallets remain;
  • additional expenses. In addition to the exchange commission, you will have to pay a commission to the service.
There are no reliable ways to protect money on such platforms. Therefore, recommendations for protecting money come down to diversifying risks, that is, working simultaneously with several wallets. Given the profitability of cryptocurrencies from 100% for several months, this option is optimal.
Examples of popular online wallets:

  • HolyTransaction. The multi-currency wallet, founded in 2014, supports more than 10 of the most popular cryptocurrencies. It has an intuitive interface, the commission in comparison with other wallets is average;
  • Coinbase, created in 2012,it  supports bitcoin and ethereum;
  • Cryptonator The most popular multicurrency wallet in the CIS.
2. Offline Wallets
They represent the storage of keys on their own media without access to the Internet. There are several such options:
1. Desktop . Wallets that involve storing keys on your hard drive. They are considered one of the most reliable options among offline wallets. They are a program installed on a computer with the help of which access to data on a cryptocurrency account is carried out. Their disadvantage is the need for continuous updating, which takes up a lot of memory (from 100 GB). Therefore, desktop programs are divided into "thick" and "thin". "Thick" ("heavy") - programs that themselves from the very beginning download all the block chains and constantly update them. "Thin" ("light") - download the necessary information from third-party services. Despite the fact that the key file remains on the computer, there is a risk that the data from the services will not be downloaded as needed.
Wallet Examples:

  • Exodus Has a built-in exchange platform ShareShift, supports 7 cryptocurrencies;
  • Bitcoin Core. One of the best wallets for bitcoin, working with all operating systems;
  • Armory It is an addition to Bitcoin Core, which allows to increase the level of security of private key storage.
2. Hardware . They are a separate removable media like a flash drive. This method of storing keys is not very popular yet, because it is suitable only for long-term storage (it is inconvenient to trade from it). But he does not overload the computer.

Examples of devices:

  • KeepKay. Supports 4 major cryptocurrencies;
  • flash Ledger USB Bitcoin Wallet;
  • Trezor.
3. Browser . Programs that are made as extensions for the Chrome and Firefox browsers. They have a minimalistic design, pleasant for visual perception.

  • Jaxx, supporting 14 cryptocurrencies, has open source code, allows you to export and import keys, and has a desktop version for Windows and Linux.
4. Mobile . They are programs for installation on mobile media (gadgets). Mobile wallets provide payment for goods and services. It is rather a transit option for storing cryptocurrencies, since mobile devices do not provide for constant updating of the blockchain.
Wallet Examples:

  • Coinomi. One of the best wallets for Android, supporting more than 50 cryptocurrencies. Its advantage is the ability to enter a seed phrase, which allows you to restore wallet data;
  • Xapo. A California company wallet that supports bitcoin. Money on the wallet is insured, there is the possibility of issuing a debit card, you need to bind a mobile number.
5. Paper . A unique option for storing keys, which is a printout of a picture with a QR code containing a public address and a private key. Long-term storage option for those who do not trust electronics.
Each wallet has its advantages and disadvantages. Which option to choose depends on the goals. For larger amounts, desktop versions are better, paper media - for those who are used to cash currency, they are considered the most reliable from the point of view of the absence of hacking risks.
Ways to protect cryptocurrency wallets
Online platforms are a risk associated with a third party. But cold wallets are not completely safe. There are many viruses that read key data and transmit it to third parties. Some viruses not only open access to passwords, but also install hidden software that uses the power of a computer for mining. Alas, anti-virus programs are not always effective, because the best protection is autonomy and control over which sites are opened and programs are downloaded.
Other ways to protect cryptocurrency wallets:

  • encryption. The wallet is password protected. A classic way of protection that minimally protects data. It does not give an absolute guarantee, since there are viruses that read keystrokes. Any password can be hacked;
  • backup. The data used for changes in transactions can be stored in different places and may not be accessible to the user. Because we are talking about a full backup of the wallet;
  • multi-signature. Optimal protection against hacking online wallets, provides for the signing of transactions by two or more people. Multi-signature is used in a business environment where an account can belong to several partners. It is possible to create 2 accounts from different devices - this way the investor builds multi-level protection.
And finally, the most reliable option is to not mess with electronic wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges at all. Not so long ago, LiteForex offered traders a new service - trading in leading cryptocurrencies . Your trading account is reliably protected from hacking, and the broker's work is strictly controlled by regulators and an independent auditor. Join the number of professional traders and earn on technology! Successful to your trade!