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Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways are Crucial for All Businesses | Know Why?
cryptocurrency payment gateway is similar to a Point Of Sale system where payments are processed. A payment gateway’s primary function is to process digital transactions by transferring the sender’s funds & data to the receiver.

Accepting bitcoins and altcoins as a payment brings in a lot of advantages for businesses. Think of this: Payments through credit cards are usually expensive. And, banks or payment processors charge a fee for processing the transaction.

Crypto payments bring such transaction fees to less than 1 percent. Moreover, bitcoin transactions are irreversible, meaning, there is no open door for false chargebacks or returns.

Defining Crypto Payment Gateway

A crypto payment gateway allows merchants/retail stores to accept transactions in bitcoins and altcoins. In recent years, we have witnessed many payment processors that facilitate the buying and selling of popular cryptos like Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

“A quick tip: Since the crypto market is an extremely volatile one, businesses accepting cryptos as payments may convert them into fiat regularly.”

Why Businesses Need Crypto Payment Gateway?

There are numerous reasons that an enterprise could benefit by adopting cryptocurrencies as a payment option.

  • Businesses could offer existing customers new payment methods
  • Attract new customers who prefer using bitcoin and altcoins to pay for their e-commerce purchases, goods, and services
  • Companies could set up a discreet and trusted payment method for customers (no credit card or bank statements and all)
  • Crypto payments are far more secure than the traditional ones and are retained on the blockchain network indefinitely
  • Reduce the payment costs that come with other methods such as credit cards and banking transactions
  • Play a major part in the cryptocurrency revolution

Above all, traditional payment gateways are charging heft transaction fees, in particular for cross-border payments. So, now is the time to replace the traditional systems with newer, reliable, trustworthy crypto payment gateways.

Three Reasons to invest in a Dunzo Clone app development amid the COVID-19 pandemic
As a blessing in disguise, the Coronavirus outbreak situation is propelling the on-demand app sector. Although prevalent among people in the last decade, these apps are making a strong impression and have gained massive popularity following the lockdown norms. The fears of virus contractions and the sight of empty shelves in the stores have made people lookout for an alternative way to avail of services.
With grocery delivery apps scaling greater heights, there are various other platforms like telemedicine apps, video-conferencing apps, etc., gaining the limelight, as well. If you are an entrepreneur looking to venture into the flourishing on-demand app sector, developing a multi-service app like Dunzo should do the trick. In this blog, let’s look at why you should invest in a Dunzo clone app development.

‘Your chances of failure are very less’
By rolling out a multi-service app, you culminate more than 50 services in it. This way, even if a couple of services fail to create an impression, the remaining services can help you top the charts in terms of revenue. This luxury of eliminating the chances of failure is not possible with a single-service app.

‘You can increase customer satisfaction’
It is quite challenging for people to switch across different apps for multiple services. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s reliability towards on-demand apps has increased manifold. To enhance their comfort, it is crucial to provide multiple services with a single app. This way, customers can have complete control over their orders.

‘You can spend on your development cost wisely’
For those entrepreneurs who hesitate to pour in their entire investments into the on-demand app platform, this multi-service platform proves to be a safe, reliable, and affordable investment option. They can update the app frequently with those services that are surging from time to time. This way, they can assure their ROI more easily.

Summing up,

With the market for on-demand services growing more than ever, entrepreneurs who opt for multi-service apps tend to have a cutting-edge over competitors. App development companies are rolling out on demand service script that are entirely customizable according to your needs. Initiate your Dunzo Clone app development today!
Set Foot Into the Market Instantly With an Happyfresh Clone
HappyFresh Clone.jpg 78.6 KB

At UberEatslikeApp, we offer you a 100% customizable and reliable 
Happyfresh clone app. The clone app comes with enticing features like multi-lingual support, in-app wallet, etc. Besides, the user-friendly interface of the app offers an enriched app experience to users. Moreover, we provide complete customization and branding of the app.
Features of UberEats App Clone - Abservetech Blog
The rise of the smartphone has brought
lots of business into mobile platforms. Among those apps, UberEats is one of
the world’s best 
online food ordering
. UberEats app
clone lets a customer order food by using either mobile app or website. On
customer ordering, UberEats provides doorstep delivery.
to Wikipedia, UberEats earned more than $1.46 billion in 2018. The simple
business structure and revenue have inspired many startups and entrepreneurs to
start a business like it. To start a business like UberEats App startups have
two options either they can go for ready-made UberEats App Clone or hire a
website development company to do it.
is one of the top clone scripts of UberEats.
It has lots of important features of UberEats in it. Our RebuEats has mainly
four stakeholders Admin, Restaurant,
Customer, and the delivery boy
. To ease the
working of stakeholders, we provide separate apps and panels for them. It is
easy for an entrepreneur to use RebuEats to start a new business. 
Some of the most
important and unique features of our UberEats clone script is listed below.

Dashboard Analytics
Real-Time Order Status
Accept / Reject Order
Online / Offline Feature
Promo codes
Reviews / Ratings
Order Scheduling
Payment Options
Chat Option
Monetization Option
is one of the important features of our ready-made food ordering script.
This option is available to the admin and restaurant owners of the RebuEats. It
clearly explains all the important stats about the app. Dashboard analytics
helps stakeholders to improve the online food ordering app.

displays an instant notification to all the stakeholders in case of any update
in the order flow. All the stakeholders receive an instant message via push
notification. It helps us to understand the current status of the food order.

registered restaurant can accept or reject any customer orders. This option is
helpful in case of any shortage of food. A restaurant can accept or reject
orders based on food availability.

option is only available for the delivery boy. A delivery boy can update their
status according to their availability. It is helpful in case of any emergency.

can provide promotional codes to the customers in a festive season by using
this feature. Admin can also provide a “welcome offer” to the new customers in
the RebuEats product.

customer has the option to provide reviews and ratings to the corresponding
delivery boy and the restaurant. These reviews and ratings have an impact on
restaurant listings.

customer can schedule their order based on their time and place they want. This
option lets a customer to pre-order food from a restaurant.

RebuEats has an inbuilt payment option in it. By default, our RebuEats has
PayPal and Stripe payment gateways in it. 

customer can chat with the corresponding restaurant in case of any order

A ready-made food ordering script must-have
monetization option enabled in it. Some of the common app monetization options
are by using Google Admob, Commission amount, Advertisement services,
Restaurant advertisement services, etc.
you are looking to start a new business like UberEats, You can use our
ready-made uber clone script to do it.

WhatsApp: +91 98425 67828
Skype: Abservetech
What is a Crypto Trading Bot and its Benefits?
Simply put, Crypto trading bot are computer programs that autonomously pick signals and trends and then execute trades. Unlike the regular homo sapiens that get carried away by emotions, bots are entirely dependent on the data and perform trades seamlessly.

As an added advantage, the bots help you do your trades even while you are fast asleep with your family. Some bots are programmed to trade on multiple exchanges while some stick to the mentioned platforms only.

Benefits of cryptocurrency trading bots

Bots make the life of novice traders easier!

Cryptocurrency market space is tedious, and it’s hectic to make assured profits from mining, trading assets at the novice stages. The novice traders require a lot of research, tiring hours and a keen understanding of the ins and outs of the trading strategies to succeed in making profit rates. However, even after these striving efforts, the profit rates can’t be assured in crypto space! But, the bots can ease the task of monitoring, implementing the trade strategies and notify about the profitable deals in seconds!

Advanced crypto trading bots can copy the trading strategies of professional traders and mirror them into your exchange accounts, by which you’ll earn lumps of assets!

Exploring with experiments

Novice traders require a lot of space to research on distinct market strategies, trading techniques, popular crypto-assets and other realms. The bots can be set to provide an aggregate graphical representation of the market trends, thereby growing across your learning curve. With every exploration of a trading platform, you can experiment the strategy by setting automated profit rates in the bots. The experience with multiple trading strategies can make you a successful trader soon!

Round the clock trading

Crypto market space never sleeps, and the price hikes, declines occur all through the day. Of course, as your night becomes the day for other parts of the world, the crypto-asset value keeps on increasing and decreasing! However, you can’t work round the clock to perform trade deals in the crypto world. You can employ a bot and monitor the crypto space all through the day without letting your personal space!


Crypto market is 24-hour gameplay! Withstanding the crypto assets in your portfolio is a shabby task. Monitoring and concluding the trade deals at the right time is a mandatory requirement in the crypto trading space. Bots can be effective in concluding the trade deals within a fraction of second!

The bots can efficiently reduce the time of market monitoring and trade deals conclusion with intuitive UI. Choosing secure trading bot is also an unquestionable requirement!

Efficient and reliable

Humans are liable to lose efficiency, productivity on tiring 24 hours hectic day. Bots are tireless and keep working on till there are no technical glitches. The crypto bots are efficient and could analyze the multiple exchange platforms within seconds. Bots could compare and notify the crypto traders about the lucrative trade deals with preferred profit rates. 

Final Standpoint!

Even though machines are human-made, they gallop human efficiency in round the clock, repetitive tasks. Arbitrage Crypto Trading Bot can be extremely efficient and beneficial for traders who are frequently investing and making money out of price hikes!

Top 5 countries to outsource software and web development 2020
Imagine your company has brilliant business ideas but with a limited budget and in-house manpower. Outsourcing is maybe the answer to develop your company in this scenario. Let’s follow these step by step to achieve successful outsourcing!

Web and software development outsourcing is basically to hire a third party IT company to do technology-related work. In the past few decades, this solution has brought many opportunities for outsourcing companies in Asia, Middle East or North America... 

But when it comes to looking for an outsourcing contractor in a foreign country, it is not as easy as your thoughts without the experiences: time difference, work culture, language, cost.. that are all the important factors we need to consider thoughtfully.

  1. India 

India is the 2nd most populous country in the world, if someone asks you which country produces the most movies in the world, the answer will be Indian Bolywood, not Hollywood in Los Angeles, USA. Nowaday, Bengaluru is the IT capital of India and also known as Silicon Valley of India because of the hub for information technology companies in the country. Whether similar scenarios occur in the information technology industry when Bengaluru will replace Silicon Valley to be the best IT startup community in the world. 

According to The World Economic Forum, India will have about 2.6 million students graduating from STEM every year (second only to China) and an advance of the large number of people who can speak English in India, according to BBC, India now claims to be the world's second-largest English-speaking country with 125 million speakers.

Salaries: According to SalaryExplore skilled engineers in the US costs from 50 to 80 USD per hour compared to engineers in India with prices about 30,900 INR (400 USD) monthly or 371,000 INR (4,900 USD) yearly with comparable quality work. 
2. China 

China with a population of about 1.4 billion people ranks first among the world's most populous population, an estimated 4.7 million graduates of STEM fields ranked first in the world. In terms of the percentage of graduates in this group of days, the United States is currently in 4th place.

In recent years, the Chinese government has invested heavily in infrastructure development for information technology, 5G and especially Zhongguancun, the most famous valley of startup technology in China.

With cheap labor force and vast resources, many famous corporations in the world such as Apply, Sony, Samsung .. chose China as their outsourcing destination.
But with the current escalation issues with the US-China trade war, the issue of intellectual property rights, the proportion of the population speaking English is extremely low (According to wikipedia, only 6.43% people in the population of can speaking English properly in total ) … that's the reason many countries and large corporations are considering finding an alternative country.

Salaries: The average income of software engineers in China is 29,000 CNY monthly (4000 USD) or 359,000 CNY yearly (50,000 USD) according to a new report by SalaryExplorer. 

Base on the public report of Ukrainian IT-company N-iX domestic tech market, on the period of 2019 - 2020, Ukraine IT industry worth 5 billion dollars with 220,000 specialists, 36000 tech graduates annually, a high skill tech engineers with 80% can speak proper English, one hour ahead of time compare with US UK countries.. no wonder why Ukraine is one of the top list choices for outsourcing countries in the world. 

Thanks to the Ukrainian government policy on enhancing the tech industry, you can name many big guys in the industry who have outsourcing here such as Samsung, Siemens , Magento, Twitch… 
Salaries: According to SalaryExplorer, average software development in Ukraine get paid about 22,100 UAH (820 USD) monthly or 266,000 UAH yearly (9,660 USD) 
4. Poland 

According to A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index, the best outsourcing destination in Europe is Poland. 
With the estimates of about 40000 tech graduates at a high level from university each year, Poland is a popular place in mind for many tech companies when they think about outsourcing for the IT department. Developers in Poland not only have solid technical skills, but also have the mindset by western education and no barrier such as English due to the popularity of using English in the country ( 30% of the population speak English such a second language as the report from global EF English Proficiency Index).

As part of European Union, your data is well protected under data protection law compliance strictly by Polish Government . 

Salaries: According to the new report of SalaryExplorer, average annual pay of software developers in Poland is about 6,900 PLN monthly (1700 USD) or 82,800 PLN yearly (21000 USD)

5.  Philippines  

The Philippines has always been a leading outsourcing destination with the advantage of being the leading English speaking country (90 million people speak English as a second language).

The widespread popularity of STEM subjects are taught right from high school and over 15000 technology students graduate yearly bringing the highly skilled workforce in information technology for the country. 

With the dynamic of the IT industry, the low of peso currency and the western culture similarity ( 40 year colony of US and later Spain )..  list The Philippines as one the best outsourcing countries in a 2018 ranking according to agileengine survey 

However there is still a gap to the top list of outsourcing countries due to the lack of high demand of high - skilled level of developer engineers. It's more suitable for small scale project, if you have a big project, India or China still a better choice 

Salaries: According to a new report of Salary Explorer, The average wages of software developers in Philippines is about 42,000 PSP monthly (840 USD) or 504,000 PSP yearly (10,100 USD)

Eatzilla Blockchain Food Delivery Application
When it comes to online food delivery, you don’t need to worry about the future because
it is only going to get brighter. Right now, when we are faced to face with a
pandemic like this, its these online food delivery services that have pulled
through for us. So, if you plan on getting into the industry yourself, the odds
are pretty good. Especially in places where the food delivery systems haven't
quite been so famous and widely used. But even in places where they exist, it’s
a pretty good business opportunity. 

Starting something like this is not that big of a deal nowadays in terms of the
development process. All you need is an 
ubereats clone script and you’re pretty
much good to go. An uber eats clone is a clone app that integrates all of the
features of online food delivery systems and lets you customize it for your
business. It’s a pretty easy process, all you have to do is find a good company
that makes a good ubereats clone and ask them to modify it according to your
business. They will give you a completely new platform branded for your
business. This eliminates the hassle of having to build a platform like this
from scratch. It's much lighter on your wallet too. As a start-up business
coming into the industry, you might not have a lot of money to spend. And
that’s okay, you can still make it big with very little like uber has proved to
the world.

Make sure that when you look for an uber eats clone, you get one that has plenty of new
features and is scalable. As your business grows, you would want your platform
to also keep up with it. The industry is constantly changing, so, versatility
is key if you want to keep earning big even when there is competition. Hope this

For Demo Video:

What is smart contract? How it works & be beneficial?
Smart Contract is can also known as virtual contract or digital contract. This smart contract is basically build from blockchain platform and signed between two peoples or also can be among a group of people. The terms & conditions for the contract is developed based on people wish involved in the contract.
Smart Contract Development process can be explained simply below,
Step-1: Analyzing the requirements
Step-2: Development - the development blockchain platform can be selected
Step-3: Testing & Auditing
Step-4: Deployment
Smart contract can be developed from any blockchain platform as wished and also can be used in various industries like shipment, travel, start-up, mlm smart contract development & so on as per need or request. Though the complication of development process is high still it preferred because of it's beneficial traits like,
The very first thing comes to mind when talking about smart contract benefit is blockchain. Yes, the development of smart contract development in blockchain platform comes in mind along with its benefits like, 
  • Unbreakable
  • Irreversible
  • Trustworthy
  • No hacking
  • Transparency
And there is more to it like,
  • Data secured
  • Accuracy
  • Speed transaction
  • Globalized
  • Efficient
  • Storage & backup
  • Automatic transaction after the terms & conditions of the contract meet
  • Reduced middleman cost
  • No paperwork
  • Automated monitoring
So, what your waiting for?  - Have a smart contract development services for your business with us!!
Developcoins is one of the top-notched smart contract development company which offer all sort of services related to smart contract like smart contract audit service, smart contract development and what not with the aid of well knowledge & experienced industry experts.
                                         Get high-end smart contract here!!
What are the different types of crypto wallets?
Multi-cryptocurrency wallet is a software that stores all your digital assets and a combination of private and public keys that makes the transactions possible. 

As cryptocurrency doesn’t exist in any physical shape they cannot be stored anywhere instead it is stored in your crypto wallet. The public key is nothing but the wallet address and the private key is your password. 

Now let’s take a look at the different types of wallets

Online wallets

As the name suggests online wallets are accessible through your web browser. it is a faster way to complete a transaction

This wallet is ideal for holding a small number of cryptocurrencies. 

Mobile wallet

Mobile wallets accessible whenever you are with your mobile device. You can accept and send payments on the go.

They are very handy, practical, and easier to use than other crypto wallets. It is encoded with additional features like QR code scanning.

Desktop wallet

Desktop wallets are considered as most secure when compared to online and mobile wallets. 

You can consider this wallet as an effective cold storage whenever you use them in offline. 

Hardware wallets 

Hardware wallets are user-friendly crypto wallets than web and desktop wallets. They are considered as most secured wallets of all.

They are great for storing a large number of crypto coins when you don’t need to move around and they offer more control. 

Paper wallets

Paper wallets are considered as one of the most hackerproof crypto wallets. These wallets are cold storage wallets

They are not stored on a computer. All the private keys are not stored on a third-party server. 

I have deliberately listed the different types of wallets in order from less secure to the safest wallets.

OK! Now, let’s see what should you do to secure your wallet:

  • Don’t store the currencies on an exchange for a longer time.
  • Allocate sufficient funds that you need to trade each time.
  • Keep your private keys safe and don’t disclose them.
  • Don’t buy hardware wallets from third-party distributors.
  • Use reliable hardware wallets with password protection.
  • Utilize hot wallets for daily transactions or trading purposes.

 is an enterprise blockchain company providing cryptocurrency wallet development services across the globe at an affordable cost. Also, you can benefit from their dynamic multi-currency wallet development services.
The features that you should not miss on your on-demand mechanic service app
Getting a professional mechanic to help with their needs within a timeframe is what people expect. Building a powerful and robust On-Demand Mechanics Service App can help people get the best professionals for the job and yield maximum revenue. With a few simple taps on their smartphone, an expert will arrive at their location to offer their service. No matter what day it is or time, you can get a professional at your location to fix your flat tire or tow your car.
Maintaining a transparent pricing system in the application will help you increase your company's reputation and get loyal customers. Make sure that your customers get every minute details on the invoice, such as service charge, estimation, and cancellation charges. They will be delighted with your service and to know about the transparent pricing system. However, implementing every feature is not as easy as it sounds. You need to do in-depth research of the market on your part before proceeding with the development of your application. Let us dive into similar features that you must integrate into your on-demand car repair application.

Concentrate on your pricing strategies:

Developing an app and maintaining a professional team to run your business smoothly is not something that will go easy on your pocket. You would have made multiple levels of investments to improve your customer service and to maintain the operations. In order to regain your money, you must attract the users at any cost. But a customer will turn down your service and will not be interested if they find the price to be high. Offering customer satisfaction in terms of providing better service at an affordable price should be your business goal. A customer should feel convinced and satisfied with your on-location service compared to the conventional method of taking the car to the nearest mechanic shop.

Real-time tracking options:

Integrating the geolocation feature is one of the essential components/ elements for your on-demand mechanic application. Mechanics will be able to pinpoint the customers’ location at the appropriate time. Customers can also track the mechanics’ movements and can guide them accordingly to reach the location faster. Customers will find this option in the application, extremely convenient and useful.

Effortless payment service:

Make sure that your development team includes various payment methods that people use in their daily lives. Look at the bigger picture as customers can pick their preferred mode of payment, such as credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and PayPal. Take steps to ensure that your platform offers quick, secure, and convenient transactions for your customers.

Mechanic side application:

The application's homepage should have a powerful dashboard for the mechanics to oversee their work and get more information about a user when they accept the request. Make sure that you implement the latest technological tools and design the application with a minimalist approach to offer the best experience for the mechanics. The mechanic side application should have an in-built map feature to guide them to the customer's location.

Interactive design of the application:

Any new feature can attract the users, but to hold them as loyal customers and to run an application successfully in the long run, it takes more than that. The app must be easy to use, and the customers should not face any hassles while navigating within the application. A user-friendly interface can be a game-changer.  

Building your customer base:

After successfully developing your application, you need to put your time and money on promoting your application and offer discount offers to gain customers. Work on new strategies to capture the audience and lure them towards your application. Learn more about your competitor’s business and look for the gaps in their services as it can be helpful for you to rectify those errors.

A bridge between the customers and mechanics:

Pick your mechanics precisely based on their experience and value to offer the best experience for your customers. Your venture cannot survive in the market for a long time without a proper team. Draft a set of guidelines and code for your mechanics to have a well-organized team and follow the industry's ethics. 

Advantages of having an on-demand mechanic app:

  • The application can help boost your overall revenue.
  • The application will be designed to use effortlessly so that the users will not face any hassles.
  • This opens up the door to become a significant brand in the industry. 
  • The mechanics will have flexible working hours.

In a nutshell:

Make sure that your app solves the users’ problems and makes their life more comfortable. Get in touch with a professional app development team to learn more about the development process. The team of enthusiastic professionals will guide you from scratch to the launch stage to develop a robust on-demand mechanics service app.

Best Hyip Templates at Affordable Price in the Market-2020
Do you want to run a site that returns the high investment profit? Sometimes it’s important to build a site that makes a reliable and trustworthy state. And in HYIP it’s a must thing to create a good site. Running a well-designed site is not easy. But you have to generate it for your business and growth. To maintain a site you have to follow some key points before building it. To know about these points to run and maintain your own HYIP website.

To attract the visitor you should need a well-designed website. And for this, you need a  beautiful and decorated HYIP template. But you know that the HYIP template with default scripts is not always good. That’s why you just need to run a highly experienced and well-designed template to grow your HYIP. Also, a unique and perfect template needs to ensure some techniques and professional touches. Then your HYIP template will get proper uniqueness and professionalism.
Best Hyip Template serves only for success!!

In 2020, ‘Besthyiptemplate’ is the renowned name in the HYIP template industry. We are the top HYIP template designers in the creative marketplace. You can experience the best HYIP template from us. Our professional developers and skilled designers are much experienced to provide you the quality template for Goldcoders Hyip Manager Script and other custom scripts.

You can try our template as you want to run for hourly plans and daily plans. There is a range of HYIP template that we offer at affordable prices. Low priced template and fast delivery. You can get your own HYIP template at your own price with the best quality services. Just try once, you will be a genuine fan of our services. It is the best template world for your HYIP. So start with our HYIP template now. To order our template Click here.

HYIP template is a necessary thing for HYIP websites. And Company registration is a required part of it. You know that the visitors and the investors give importance to HYIP websites on the company registration certificate. So it is a must thing as well for your site. 
Who are the best sports betting software providers in the world?
Ever since sports betting turned towards the online medium, several app development companies have rolled out their softwares to entrepreneurs. Even entrepreneurs worldwide are initiating their Bet365 like app development to enter this lucrative business sector. While it is highly impossible to pinpoint a particular company as the best, it is easier to identify the top-performing companies that provide the best sports betting softwares to business owners. Let’s glance at some of the companies here,

Appdupe: With more than ten years of experience in the app development field, the company is well-known for developing top-notch sports betting 
app like Bet365. Besides, Appdupe offers 100% customizations to entrepreneurs, thereby achieving their highest satisfaction. From a user-friendly design to a highly-functional sports betting software, the company offers a complete package to scale your business in the industry.

VerveLogic: The company is known for developing sports betting apps with the latest technologies. Although the company is popular among entrepreneurs, the company’s high budget becomes a matter of concern for some business owners.

INORU: The company offers scalable sports betting app development solutions to businesspersons. Although primarily focusing on gaming app development, the company has obtained reasonable success in the other app development streams, as well.

These are some of the best companies you can opt for developing your sports betting software. The process of identifying your best-suited company is not a difficult task. Specific parameters can help you narrow down your search to a considerable extent. They include,

  • The flexibility offered by the company is one of the major constraints. They must hear you out entirely and provide customizations according to your needs.
  • The budget offered by the company must match your predetermined budget.
  • The company must equip itself with the latest tech-stack, thereby offering highly scalable solutions.

Happy Reading! 
Steps to be followed to choose the right Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway
An online payment gateway is a link that connects your bank account to the platform where you need to transfer your money.

Cryptocurrency payment gateway software that authorizes users to conduct an online transaction through different payment modes like credit card, debit card net banking, UPI and other online wallets

The payment gateway takes over the role of the third party that securely transfers your money from one bank to the merchant payment portal.

Now let us know the steps that need to be considered for selecting the right payment gateway for your business.

Steps to be followed to choose the right Cryptocurrency Payment gateway

Transparent fee structure

One must understand the fee structure of a service provider before signing up. There might be hidden fees associated with them. 

Some of the gateways charge fees for each transaction, and some have a monthly subscription fee for a fixed number of transactions.

It is necessary to check whether the payment gateway supports both recurring and one time payments. 

Automatic recurring billing support

If you’re giving the customer access to content through paid membership, your gateway should support automatic payment for recurring plans. It is not your customer has to revenue manually each month, which can be a bad experience.

Some gateway offers automatic retry so that users don’t have to collect all the failed payments manually. The customer subscription will not be terminated due to the payment failure but will remind in a waiting status until the payment details are updated.

Multi-currency processing

For your business, if you have customers globally, then it is necessary that a gateway provider should support the multi-currency transactions.

Your payment gateway does not have any geographical restriction and should support international shoppers to access your business or brand.

Website integration

The most important thing is integrating the payment processor with your own website and with different cards and banking services. 

You must choose a provider where your customer’s process checkout upon the gateway providers site, pay the bill, and the gateway provider sends them back to your website once the transaction is made. So it is essential to keep the integration simple.

24/7 Customer support

The Crypto payment gateway service provider must render you with excellent customer service that supports your client and work 24×7 because they are dealing with your customer’s money and your trust. 

Over to you

The payment process difficult part in your business that you can’t afford to take a hit and miss approach. We hope that with all the points mentioned above, you will identify the best one available in the market that can save your money and keep your customer happy.

12 Best SEO Techniques
12 Best SEO techniques which will definitely rank your website on google. Everybody can implement these techniques yourself without help of Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi. So let's read it:-

 1. Front load your title tag:-

 Try to use your keyword in name of "Title" of your website's page or blog. It will help your page to rank better. If your title will be your keyword then google will understand that what your page is about. then if anybody runs search on search engine on your keyword then, google will identify your post and then it will show your post to the visitor. It is a type of indicator to search engine that your post is relevant to the keyword searched by visitor of search engine. Google needs this indicator without using this indicator your post will never rank on your search engine whether your post is good or not. But don't forcibly or un-meaningfully enter your keyword in Title tag. For doing it practically, Change your keyword according to the title. You can have different keyword for different posts. So you don't need to change your title. Just change or add a keyword.

 2.Make short URLs

 Always make short URLs. URLs are as short as better. URLs are the links of your website. While posting your post you can edit your URL. URLs that are long are waste. URL should be relevant and short. Short URLs eases to crawlers of search engine to read your website faster.

3. Use Multimedia in Blog Post

 Use images or videos in your blog's post or in your website's page because Images and graphics makes your post attractive to the visitor but remember not to use much multimedia because it increases your file size and therefore loading speed of your website may increases. It is possible that user will leave your website if they didn't see even a single image in your posts. Webpage full of text sounds very un-attractive so viewer will not stay until a minute on your website. Webpage without any image sounds like the website is created by an un-professional man. So Attractive Images are must for gathering audience on website  

4. Use Outbond Links

 Outbond links means that you should link your website's text to the URL of other websites's page. Just link few words or a line only. You can link that word or line to the page that briefly explains the meaning of that word or line. But always remember never link your text to the webpage of the website which is attractive and useful. Otherwise, viewer may leave your website and get shifted to other website forever. The Webpage that you are linking your text with, should be irrelevant to your business but relevant to the linked text. You can use your own other website for this if you have any. It indicates search engine that what your text is about and helps in ranking faster.

 5. Use Correct Heading Tags

 Select the text, then right click and then you will see H1,H2 or H3 Tag. Adjust this Tag according to the text. It gives better view to the viewer. H means Heading, T means Title and P means Paragraph. Use of correct tags increases the usability of your website. It will increase the ease to customer to read your website's text. Otherwise viewer can be got confused that from where this paragraph ends and from where it get started. In this irritation, viewer may close your website. 

 6. Use Modifier in Titles

 Words like 'Top', 'Best' and 'New' are called Modifiers. These modifiers increases the viewers's attraction towards the post. Therefore, the possibility of viewer to open your post increases. Words like Top and Best grabs viewer's attraction. Use modifiers in Title tag. It is possible that viewer had also searched using modifiers, then google will display your post first so ranking of your post will increase.  

 7. Use Social Sharing Buttons

 It is recommended to always display social sharing buttons that are linked to your social media accounts. Link it with your social media accounts that are relevant to your business. Using Social share buttons increases the trust of your customer on you. Customer can directly contact to you from there. Displaying your social media accounts anywhere else is not worth. Social sharing buttons displays your social media accounts at right place in a right manner.

 8. Research on keyword

 There are many websites such as from where you can analyse that which keyword is suitable for you. Never choose your keyword yourself. Always analyse it. These type of websites reads your website's content completely on that basis it tells you that which keyword is most suitable. It also tells that how much audience exists on which keyword.

 9. Internal Linking

 Link your website's text with other posts of the same website. It increase the presence of visitor on website. Visitor will not need to go to other website for other information if he/she will get that information from the linked page.

 10. Image Optimization

 There are many websites from where you can optimize images such as . Optimizing images means reducing its file size. The file size of image can be reduced. Reducing File size of image is important because File size of image reflects on loading speed of website. Website with lesser file size will load faster. If Website's loading speed is low then visitor may not wait for opening of your website.

 11. Rich Snippets/Schema

 Create snippets for all pages of your websites. It tells google that 'what your page is', is it an Article, Resume, business or etc. On it's basis, google can rank your website in search results in right place. You can get your schema from 

 12. Backlinks (Off-Page SEO)

 Creating backlinks of website is a very simple term. Backlink means post a comment or blog on other's website. It's advantage is that Google will notice that your website is mentioned everywhere and then Google will assume that your website is becoming popular. So Google will give higher rank to the webpages of your website. But you have to post on websites that are similar to your industry.

What are the features that shape up an Uber for Dog Walking Service app?
Ever since the advent of smartphones and on-demand apps, most of the traditional businesses are gradually losing their popularity. New businesses that focus on enhancing customer convenience occupy the center stage and help entrepreneurs reap revenues in their fields. People demanding comfort and entrepreneurs coming up with ideas has been the recent trend in almost every industry. Even the introduction of the Uber for Dog walking service app emphasized on the fact that people can reach out to dog walkers to walk their pets with just a few taps on their smartphones.

The development of a dog walking app involves building three separate entities. They include,

  • The dog owner app 
  • The dog walker app 
  • The admin panel 

On a broader note, developing an app involves integrating features and functionality into it. Let’s look at the features here,

Features of the Dog owner app: 

  • Registration - They can register either via mail IDs or phone numbers. 
  • In-app navigation - They can track dog walkers without any hassle. 
  • Multiple payment options - They can pay for the services through credit/debit cards, digital wallets, etc. 
  • Push notifications - They are updated from time to time on their bookings, offers, etc., through in-app notifications. 
  • In-app chat/call - They can reach out to dog walkers instantly either via call or chat. 
  • Ratings and reviews - They can rate and review the services offered by dog walkers. 

Features of the Dog walker app: 

  • Registration - They can register with the app by uploading valid documents. 
  • Availability toggle - They can switch between their working hours seamlessly with the aid of a toggle. 
  • Accept/reject requests - They can either confirm or turn down user requests based on their convenience. 
  • Earnings tab - They can view their weekly/monthly/yearly earnings through this feature. 

Features of the Admin panel: 

  • God’s eye view - The admin can monitor the entire app activity from a single place. 
  • Verify dog walkers - The admin can verify dog walkers based on the documents they upload. 
  • Manage customers - The admin can reach out to customers in case of disputes or queries. 
  • Process transactions - The admin can process dog walkers’ payments after the commission cut-down. 

Wrapping up, 
These are the essential features that shape up the multiple entities of the 
on-demand dog walking app to provide an enhanced user experience. Integrate these features in your online dog walking platform and launch your app instantly!
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Work flow and its advantages
The rise in the adoption of cryptocurrencies has elevated the demand for crypto wallets to enable quick, secure, and easy transactions. 

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software that stores all your private and public keys. It interacts with various blockchain network to transfer digital currencies between users and monitor their balance. If you want to use Bitcoin and other digital currencies, it is necessary that you will need to have a digital wallet.

These wallets render users to experience safe and secure transactions. The 
cryptocurrency wallet development services enables users to pay and receive payments, use escrow service, monitor their balance, and increase their investments using your trading platform.

The workflow of cryptocurrency wallet

Essentially a wallet is similar to your safety deposit box in which we used to store all our assets. If we lose the keys of the safety deposit box, then we end up losing the ownership of our valuable possession because they might wind up in the wrong hands. 

The cryptocurrency wallet works similarly to the safety deposit box. The only difference is instead of physical keys, users will own digital keys.

Every cryptocurrency wallet will have a private key and a public key. The public key is nothing but the address of the wallet. The private key or the master key is the password of the wallet. 

The private key takes the form of hexadecimal codes, something like “2739020jsi82920yskw”. It is generally a random mix of numbers and characters. The wiser way to safeguard your private key is by writing down or printed on a paper. 

It is essential that if you own a cryptocurrency wallet, you need to take appropriate steps to secure your private key backups. The wallet owner will need the private key to access their asset and authorize trading from their wallet. 

So it is important not to lose them or share with anyone. It is better to always keep them somewhere safe where you can retrieve when necessary. 

Advantages of cryptocurrency wallet

The cryptocurrency wallet provides more control and flexibility to hand cryptocurrencies. 

  • The transactions are secured by unique keys which are accessible by the wallet owner
  • The transaction takes place faster and cheaper
  • The operations are not under the control of any governments
  • It renders user with minimal transaction fees
  • The current decentralized currencies protected from inflation and economic crisis.

Final thoughts
We hope that this guide gives you an insight into cryptocurrency wallet development services and its benefits. So if you are planning to develop a crypto wallet, we would suggest you approach a cryptocurrency wallet development company that can generate cost-effective and multi-functional wallet software.

How to Generate Leads for your Salon Business

The salon industry is booming since many people are willing to spend thousands of rupees to get their hair done. Since there are many salons in the market, the competition is becoming stiff. When it comes to generating leads for your salon business, you have to do something unique and extra-ordinary. If you are looking to increase your salon’s revenue with the traditional methods, then it’s time to change your approach. 

Looking for beauty salon marketing solutions that can help you in revamping your potential clients and lead to successful transactions? Then, you’re at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss all the potential methods to generate lead for your salon.

Quality Lead Generation for Beauty Salons 

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to a salon marketing plan. There are some key pillars that you need to focus on while building an online presence for your salon. 

Websites are important as they provide a base for your landing pages when you run PPC ( Pay Per Click) campaigns. Your website is the face of your salon. You have to make sure that it represents your salon theme.

It will be an extension of your salon and brand image. Hence, you need to add all the services and information for your customers. Things like Salon for women, at-home services, haircuts, unisex services, massages, spa, hair color, bridal makeups, contact information, user reviews and feedback can be added on your website. Keep an option to book appointments online and add a feature for blogs that you update weekly, too. It will help with SEO, we’ll talk about it in detail in a separate point.

Now coming to custom landing pages, you can not target all the women in your vicinity with a bob cut image. People have different needs and requirements; you have to adapt accordingly. When you run ads landing pages are very important, this is where the traffic generated with paid ads can contact you. So personalised or customized titles, content and images specific to offer should be added.

The reason why PPC traffic generated by  ads for beauty salon should not be sent directly to your website is the communication requirement. Website content is to bring traffic via SEO and PPC landing pages are for converting potential leads to customers. 

My Digi Salon can help take care of all your search marketing, website development and custom pages along with a lot more features. Maintaining a high-performing web presence will be our job, we offer 24×7 support. You just need to make sure that you reinforce your word of mouth marketing and make it easier for people to contact you. 

Direct mails, magazines, business cards, pamphlets and other traditional advertising methods are costly and restrict your area of the approach. Apart from that when your users see the exact advertisement method, again and again, they block it out like noise. All the time, effort and money that goes into maintaining the  hair salon sales funnel is a waste after that as the footfall is not increased. 

With such advancements in technology where humans are more dependent on smartphones than themselves. Smartphones and mobile technology have become more like an extension of our body. So it’s natural that customers are more aligned with online marketing than traditional paper pen approach. Almost 65% of beauty shoppers and enthusiasts are active on Facebook and Instagram daily.So there is no surprise that hair salons on Facebook are a thing now. But just making a page is not enough. You have to brainstorm beauty salon Facebook post ideas to get engagement on your page. This is the reason why the ad sales are tilting towards online social media platforms, like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook ads for hair salons. 

Targeting the right customers online can help you generate quality leads for your salon at a much lower price than any banner within your vicinity. 

There are a few points that you need to keep in mind while making ad copies:

  1. Ad Copies: To get things right in the first try for Facebook marketing for salon you have to make sure that your ad is crisp, eye-catching and get the point across in a few seconds. It will increase your click rate and make sure to improve your brand image. 
  2. Offers: Make sure you have a jaw-dropping offer that will make users click on your ads and avail them.  You can try to give high-value services for free or at a small price. 
  3. Set Your Target Audience Right:  Do not waste money on your Facebook salon ads or Instagram ads by just running the ads without an audience targeting. It will reach out to people who might not be interested in your ads but you’ll be charged nonetheless. Try to narrow down the attributes like demographic and psychographic, to attract your potential audience. It will lower the per-click cost and generate high revenue.   
  4. Call to Action Button: Make sure that you add a call to action button as the whole point of running this ad is to generate leads for your salon and get customers to get in touch with you. You can either have a landing page like an online form like your website booking page or you can add a contact now/ Call now button. Sometimes people prefer to get things sorted quickly over a call and sometimes they just refer to fill out a form rather than talk to a person on phone. To know hat your audience prefers you can do A B testing, one ad copy with a call now button and another one can redirect to a landing page. 
Google ads are more or less the same as social media ads. You do need the ad copy, creatives and target audience but apart from that, you need keywords. They are the baseline support for PPC marketing. Specific keywords and phrases like “chocolate” can target different individuals who are searching for different things. e.g. Chocolate hair colour a chocolate cake both have the keyword chocolate. So select your keywords strategically. Geographic and demographic attributes play a huge role in keyword placements. That can help in bringing the cost down. Try to look for marketing solution tools that can help create ad copy with geography, industry keywords, crisp messaging, and direct calls-to-action.

One of the most recommended ways to generate leads for your salon is optimizing your salon website or page for Google.

SEO looks simple but is a tricky business. There are salon marketing apps out there which can help you segregate these keywords for better results. You can also invest in marketing solution companies or SEO agencies to work on your website search engine optimization. This will help to rank your website organically so that it appears on top of the search page when targeted keywords are used. 

Local businesses should realize that content for beauty salon will help in SEO which can help them dominate and take over their local competitors and marketing if they appear on top in Google’s local search results. Using proper keywords in website content, metadata keywords can help. However, regular blogs update with keywords will help you get the desired results, faster. 

A salon marketing app is the new approach to generate leads for your salon. Many salon owners are using salon marketing app in order to market and manage their salon.

The Digi Salon is a complete marketing suite for your salon. Websites, social media online booking, affiliates and analytics, everything comes under online presence. All the features you need to market your salon are available 

My Customers:

You can access all the reviews and feedback anywhere on the net from a single place. No need to pay for social listening apps or check the reviews manually. Our feature allows you to manage everything easily from Digi Salon.

My Staff:

Tracking staff in-out timings and work hours are monotonous and tedious. You can manage that from this feature and focus on improving the sales funnel for your salon instead.

My Bookings:

My Digi Salon works as a salon booking app that Keeps a track of all your bookings and helps in avoiding any overlaps without maintaining physical records. It also provides the option to plan your day or upcoming weeks accordingly.

Marketing Suite:

Maintaining social media engagement is a 24 x 7 job. But it plays an important role in acquiring new customers and reaching out to the targeted audiences, Digi salon inventory can give you ideas and tips to make your platforms visually appealing.

Digital Album:

You can store all your client’s pictures and videos instead of keeping it in your phone or hard drive. Apart from storing, you get the option to edit and use these saved pictures too. 

Using this app for marketing and managing your salon is one of the best salon marketing ideas. It will definitely help you in increasing your online presence.

Once a user books an appointment online or successfully makes a transaction, there’s a 90% chance that you will get their phone number or email address. You can re-target these customers on social media to visit you again. Either you can use the traditional approach of giving them some discount before they leave or treat them online.

Just make sure that you are not bombarding them with notifications and emails everywhere at once. They might get annoyed and opt-out of your beauty salon promotional services. Or worse, not visit your salon again. 

The final step is to turn your satisfied customers into your field evangelists. When your clients are happy they will automatically spread the word. But we can’t just rely solely on our hunch that they will.  Ask them to leave a review online or share their pic on their social media while tagging you. This can become an invaluable source of high-quality leads for your salon.

You can also give some incentive to people for rating you on social media platforms or your website. One more thing is a referral, the number of people your customers get on board and give them incentives via emails or a special link.

If you want customers to reach out to you rather than the other way round, you need to be available anytime, anywhere they need your services. Along with implementing salon promotions that work, customers should be able to at least contact you, it may be online, social media or just a call. Doesn’t matter where they hear your name, they are going to check your social media pages and your ratings on google before they make an appointment. 

The main goal is to generate leads for your salon business, which is only possible if you have a strong online presence. At Digi salon, we like our clients to be involved in the whole process. If you get on board with us you can get all the tools to manage your salon marketing and analyse the data collected on one platform. It will make things easier to understand and manage.

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A brief write up on Blockchain Wallet Development
A cryptocurrency wallet is a mix of both bank and your leather wallet, the only thing is it does not involve physical currencies. 

When you earn currency to use them or to unlock the stock, you need a private key for security. The public key is nothing but your wallet address. The private key is basically a digital code that is assigned to the wallet address. 

Now let us discuss the types of blockchain wallets available in the market.

Different types of blockchain wallet

Several types of crypto wallets provide different ways to store and access your crypto coins. 

Online wallets

An online wallet is also known as a web wallet that allows users to access the crypto coins via the Internet. 

As long as it is connected to the Internet, users can store, access, and make payments. These wallets are considered as the least secure types of cryptocurrency wallets.

These wallets are very convenient because you just need a device connected to the Internet, and you can start your crypto payment.

Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are available just by installing an application on your cell phone. These wallets are much safer than the online wallet. 

Mobile wallets are easily available and also used in a physical store. These wallets offer additional features like QR code scanning. 

Desktop wallet

Mobile wallets are available just by downloading your desktop wallet and installing it on your personal computer. They also serve as a cold storage wallet.

Desktop wallets are especially safe if your computer is not connected to the Internet and essentially becomes cold storage. In these wallets, the private keys are not stored on the third-party server.

Hardware wallet

Hardware wallets are considered as one of the safest cryptocurrency wallets among all. These wallets store all the private keys in a hardware device like a USB drive. 

These wallets are great for storing large amounts of cryptocurrencies that you don’t want to use on a daily basis. Hardware wallets are also one of the cold storage wallets.

Paper wallet

To use a paper wallet, you will need to print out your private and public keys. These wallets are cold storage wallets, and hence they are hackerproof. 

Users can share funds by transferring the money to wallets public addresses, and you can withdraw or send currency by entering your private key. 

These wallets are not stored on a computer or mobile. The private keys of the wallet are not stored in the third-party server. 

Benefits of blockchain wallet development

Lets See the benefits of blockchain wallet development in this session

  • Easy to use. It is just like any other software that you use for your day to day transaction
  • Highly secured
  • It allows instant transaction across the globe, and these are borderless transaction without intermediates
  • Low transaction fees. The cost of the transaction fee is much lower than the traditional banks
  • It allows transactions across multiple cryptocurrencies and also helps you to do easy currency conversion. 


It is now clear that blockchain wallets are an integral part of using cryptocurrencies. They are one of the basic infrastructure needs that makes it possible to send and receive funds through blockchain networks. All the wallet has its own pros and cons, so it is essential to understand how they worked before starting to move funds. 

Gain instant positive reception with a Dunzo Clone App Development
With the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, people are inclining towards the digital medium for services. Right from grocery shopping to ordering medicines, they are dependent on smartphone applications. They prefer these on-demand apps because they offer reliable, affordable, and convenient solutions. However, people find it challenging to switch between multiple apps for different services. Maintaining control over multiple orders is complicated with separate apps.

This demanding situation has led to the rise of a multi-services app; wherein multiple services are provided under a common roof. Apps like Dunzo, Go-Jek, etc., have already established their multi-services apps. Are you an entrepreneur looking to develop your business in the on-demand app market? In such a case, you can initiate the Dunzo Clone app development to gain instant popularity among the masses. In this blog, let’s look at some of the reasons why you should launch your app amid the COVID-19 crisis.

‘The app provides enhanced comfort’ 
By offering multiple services from a single app, you let your users have complete control over the services they avail. They can book a taxi, order food, shop groceries, and many more on the platform. Besides, the app replaces several apps, occupying increased storage space in smartphones. As a result, your app prevents phone speed deterioration and enhances the quality of services gained by customers.

‘The app lets you widen the target audience’ 
Instead of narrowing your services to a specific audience, you can widen your customer base seamlessly with the multi-services app. This way, you enhance your chances of the app’s success. Moreover, even if one of your services fails to gain reception, the other services of the app will supplement it, boosting your customer retention.

‘The app provides revenue from multiple sources’ 
You needn’t worry about generating income with the app. With multiple services under your belt, you can yield revenue in the form of commissions and delivery charges. Besides, the app offers real-time analytics, letting you apply surge pricing as and when necessary. Moreover, the platform opens up a vast revenue-yielding market in the form of advertisements, as well.

Summing up,
The multi-services platform has multiple aspects that can ensure sustainability. It enhances user convenience, increases your customer base, and helps you gain revenue from numerous sources. Reach out to an app development company, demand the on-demand service script, and launch your app instantly.
A Brief Note on the Transformation of Real estate Business with Blockchain Technology
In recent years, commercial enterprises and real estate professionals have been encountering the transformative impact of blockchain technology that optimizes property sales and increased investment opportunities. This article explains the transformation that happened in the real estate business with blockchain technology.

How to make money with on-demand taxi booking script
is one of the best online taxi booking apps script.
This apps lets a regular customer step into a world called startups. The number
of clients using our RebuStar product is currently more than 200. RebuStar is
the best way to start an online taxi booking script.
The features
mentioned below are some of the most important features in our RebuStar product

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Carpooling / Share

Wallet Payment

Heat Map

Live Taxi Meter

Ride Later

Driver Payment

God’s view

a taxi booking app is easy, but making money with it is very
important. An entrepreneur has many options to make money with a taxi booking

For every trip, the
corresponding driver has to pay a certain commission amount from that trip
amount. The commission percentage can be fixed only by the RebuStar admin.

Admob is offered by
Google. It is used for mobile app monetization. An app developer just has to
place the code to the corresponding app. 

start an online taxi booking script businesses
use RebuStar.
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What are the steps involved in developing a top-notch OYO Rooms like app?
It is quite evident that the Internet revolution has transformed the hotel booking industry, as well. People nowadays needn’t wait for long hours nor worry about the availability of rooms. With the digitization of the sector, people get to know almost everything with just a few taps on their smartphones. The success of apps like Airbnb, OYO Rooms, etc., has propelled entrepreneurs to invest in this flourishing on-demand app industry. 


Are you an entrepreneur planning to launch an OYO Rooms like app? In such a case, you need to know the overall process involved in transforming your needs into a top-notch hotel booking app. Let’s look at the steps involved in development here,

Ideation: Any business needs a businessperson’s visualization as to how the app should turn out and perform. In this phase, you need to identify those requirements that are required to develop the app. These include market needs, financial needs, and technical needs. In simpler terms, you need to know what the customers expect, identify the tech-stack, and pre-determine the budget beforehand.

Design: The next step is to design the framework of the app. To enhance customer engagements, make sure your hotel booking app is user-friendly and simple to use. The UI/UX of the app plays a crucial role in determining the app experience.

In this stage, you develop the front-end and back-end of the online platform. While integrating features and functionalities into the app constitute the front-end, creating and maintaining servers and databases form the back-end development.

Testing: To provide an app that is free from bugs and defects, the app must undergo rigorous testing procedures. This way, any glitches or errors in the platform can be rectified.

Launch: Based on your target audience’s popularity, you can either launch your app across Android or iOS or both.

What if there’s a way to bypass all these stages and launch your app instantly? With the advancements in technology, app development companies are rolling out clone app scripts. You can modify the hotel booking script that is available at economical prices, and launch your hotel booking app instantly!
An Ultimate guide on different types of crypto trading bots
Crypto trading bots are automated computer applications that buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the correct time without human intervention. 

Their main goal is to generate as many profits for their users. They continuously monitor the market trend and act according to the set of predefined rules. 

According to user preferences, they can determine how the bot will analyze various market actions, such as volume, order, time, and price. 

Now let us discuss the different types of cryptocurrency trading bots

Types of crypto trading bots

Trend trading bot

As the name suggests, it takes a particular asset, and after analyzing the trend, it executes the buy or sells orders. 

If the market trend rises, the bot will enter a long position, and similarly, when the price falls down, it enters into a short position. 

Simply put, trend trading implies that and the asset will continue to move towards in the same direction as it’s currently moving, and the bot makes this work in their favor.

Arbitrage bots

These Arbitrage crypto trading bot are hardcoded with an arbitrage strategy. Arbitrage is defined as when you buy an asset in one market and simultaneously sell it in another market at a higher price. 

There are two ways to arbitrage cryptocurrencies. The first is finding price mismatches between different trading pairs in a single exchange. The other is by locating price differences across multiple exchanges. 

Coin lending bots

The most benefited way to earn cryptocurrency is to lend crypto coins to margin traders who will later return you the loan with percentage. 

Users can spend less time looking for the right interest rate as this bot helps you to automate the process and take advantage of possible spikes in the lending options.

Mostly these bots are free, and some of them you can find right on top of the exchanges that do margin funding.

Market maker bot

Market making boxes allow traders to buy and sell high volumes of cryptocurrencies and profit from the spread. 

The main principle behind this bot is to sell to investors at a higher value than selling price and do it often. 

It scans the digital market with widespread and does trading 24/7, thereby giving the trader an advantage of time, price, and volume. 

Summing up 

Apparently, trading bots can help traders ensure that they are always interacting with the digital market, even when they are not physically present. They remove some of the stress and emotions that are often found in any financial traders. If you are interested in owning a crypto trading bot, the wiser way would be to approach a Cryptocurrency trading bot development company that can help you overcome these obstacles.
tiktok clone app
As we all know, tik tok and other Chinese apps are banned by the government of India.
So people are moving towards a similar kind of app. TikTok is one of the biggest video sharing platforms in the world. Despite this, talent will prevail and users will find another option for a great music video app.

We at 
WebSenor Infotech provide you the finest tik tok clone app which is similar to TikTok. This tik tok clone app allows you to not only lip-sync to other music videos but also include other popular video categories like fashion.

Comedy videos and vlogging. Users will get prizes if the videos get maximum comments, likes, or shares. You can also get rewarded for commenting on videos as well as watching them. Moreover, there are hundreds of live filters, visual effects, and stickers that can be used to make the content that your followers admire. How amazing is that!
Crucial Aspects To Consider During UrbanClap Clone App Development

Did you know that, according to the New York Times, the online on-demand home services market in the US is skyrocketing in growth with a CAGR of 49% by 2021? Digitization has become a trend in almost every industry nowadays. Not to mention the fact that on-demand apps offer enhanced user convenience. Any service that boosts people’s comfort is expected to stay and flourish for years to come.

Apps like UrbanClap, Housejoy, and many more have already ventured into this lucrative segment and are reaping the rewards with each passing day. Are you an entrepreneur looking to set foot into this industry by investing in an 
UrbanClap Clone app development? If so, ask yourselves this simple question, ‘Are you equipped with resources that can aid in developing a virtual platform connecting multiple service providers with people in need?’ If you can answer this question, you can initiate your app development instantly. If you cannot find answers, do not worry.

By the end of this blog, you’ll be confident enough to initiate your on-demand home services app development.

Identify your buyer persona — the sooner, the better

A buyer persona is the imaginary target audience who utilize your app for their services. It is crucial to identify your target audience before developing the home-services app. It solely depends on the entrepreneur to choose and focus the app towards a specific set of the audience. This step aids in visualizing the usage of the end-product, thereby making necessary modifications down the way.

Analyze the market — Study your competitors

After identifying your target audience, the next step is to research their expectations. For an app to sustain itself in the market for an increased timeframe, satisfying the customers becomes paramount. Now, let’s look at how well the market is faring.
  • The global online on-demand home services market forecasts growth of 32.14% by the end of 2020. (Source: Technavio)
  • The global market will grow by $1574.86 billion between 2020 and 2024. (Source: Technavio)
  • The online on-demand home services sector in the US is currently valued at $600 billion. (Source: New York Times)
  • UrbanClap, the most popular home-services app, witnessed a 150% increase in revenue in FY19 when compared to FY18. (Source: UrbanClap)

The facts don’t lie. You needn’t have second thoughts about investing in this highly revenue-yielding segment. Once you have identified the potential of the market, you need to scrutinize your competitors. Some of the top players include,
  • UrbanClap: With over 3 million monthly users, the Indian-based startup has made a mark for itself. The online platform has more than 200,000 service providers under its belt. It is one of the most popular apps among the audience and known for its timely and quality services.
  • Housejoy: One of the fastest-growing companies in the sector, the app is well-known for its robust business model. The app provides an option of re-work, allowing customers to avail of professional services if they are not content with the services.

Wrapping up,

With the market for online on-demand home services growing exponentially, there cannot be an ideal time than this to set foot into the market. Identifying the target audience and analyzing their demands constitute the primary step of app development. While developing the app, the utmost care must be given to designing the UI/UX as it resonates with the user experience. Incorporating lucrative features is essential to pull the audience.

Schedule a meeting with our experts at Appdupe, tell us your visions, and get them transformed into a top-notch UrbanClap clone app in the shortest time possible!

Benefits of Creating ERC20 token
Before we are going into a topic, let's we can have a overlook....
Cryptocurrency is basically a virtual coin which has some value like other physical currency but the only difference is, it can handled virtually. And token development is held from the existing blockchain platforms, all the cryptocurrency are stored safely in the cryptocurrency wallet with the help of private key.  
This blog worth your time because it's info is given by leading token development service provider in the crypto industry.
What is ERC20 Token?
Basically ERC20 tokens are created from the ethereum platform which is one of the famous one and also got a special place in the market and placed next to Bitcoin. By keeping base as ethereum blockchain, numerous ethereum token standards are developed  and among them, ERC20 token usage hit the peak because of its vast usage and familiarity. 
This ERC20 token is like other tokens and also well suitable one for the development of DApp which is now widely in usage. ERC20 tokens are used in various platform and also for different purposes. 
Why ERC20 Token is preferred than others?
In this sub topic, we can start have a outlook about it's preference and its right whole advantages of ERC20 is covered by this upcoming sub heading of the blog. Now, while there are numerous ethereum token standards are available out there. But ERC20 token standard is stand out among all them and highly recommended plus preferred for the usage, that is because of these upcoming benefits,
  • Cost effective 
  • Easy creation/ easy coding
  • Create in less time 
  • Easy usage 
  • Secured with smart contract 
  • Deployed with wallet
  • Automatic Transaction
  • Quick fund raising 
There are much more perk to ERC20 token. They can be discussed further below.
ERC20 Creation Process
Since, this topic is about the benefit of creating ERC20 token, and the very tempting part towards the prefer of ERC20 token is, it is cost effective and easy to create.
Now, let's we can also get through some basics of creation of your own ERC20 token. The very basic thing to keep in mind and to choose while creating erc20 token is,
Token's Name
Token's Symbol
Token's Decimal Place
No. of Tokens in circulation
ERC20 Token step by step creation Procedure
Step-1: After confirming the basic need, like the traits said before.
Step-2: Then start to develop the Code.
Step-3: Test the code and also generate smart contract for the token.
Step-4: Custom the token if it is needed.
Step-5: Verify source code.
Step-6: Deploy it & use it.
Thus, these are some basics overview of creation of ERC20 token.
ERC20 Token Advantage in Business Field
There are much more benefits to ERC20 token usage among the industry, some are listed below,
  • High index profit
  • Grab end-user attention by providing 
  • Easy exchange 
  • Universal transaction
  • Can protect your token wallet by private key
  • Used in ICO platforms too
  • Secured transaction
  • Interacts with other currencies
  • Makes asset interchangeable
Create Your Own ERC20 Token
Therefore, create your own ERC20 token with the leading token development company like Developcoins who provide a complete guide about ERC20 token development to their clients from the start to through out the process and also provide supports even after launching the token like updating or customizing or exchange or so on.
                                                Create Your Own ERC20 Token!!
Brief about Blockchain Wallet Development workflow and its features
A blockchain wallet is a computer software or application that enables crypto users to preserve and conduct transactions with their cryptocurrencies by interacting with the native blockchain network. Every crypto transaction is recorded on the blockchain network. When it comes to the blockchain wallet, the transaction becomes much more encrypted and secure than other wallets.

To understand the process of cryptocurrency transactions in a blockchain wallet, let’s have a glance at its workflow!

Workflow Of Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that logs transactions with timestamps in chronological order. Every cryptocurrency has its native blockchain network to record the transactions. The transactions are stored in data blocks of the blockchain comprising of pre-hash, hash, nounce, and data values. Every transaction is verified and approved by the community peers called miner nodes before adding into the blockchain ledger. 

The entire crypto community can access the blockchain network, and hence, the transactions are transparent and traceable. Blockchain is immutable; therefore, transactions once approved can’t be modified. The blockchain wallet transactions are based on two major cryptographic keys: Public and private keys. 

Public keys are similar to email addresses, whereas private keys are close to our passcodes. Crypto owners share the blockchain wallet’s public keys to send or receive cryptocurrencies, but not private keys. When the crypto transaction occurs, the blockchain wallet’s private key matches with the public address of the particular cryptocurrency, and then it’s legally signed-off from the ownership. Once the transaction is complete, the crypto balance changes in the sender and recipient wallets. 

You have various options of blockchain wallet in the crypto market space to store your crypto coins. Let’s scrutinize the types of blockchain wallets available in the market to preserve the crypto assets!

Benefits Of Blockchain Wallet

  • Rapid cross-border transactions
  • P2P transaction model without any intermediary
  • Reduced transaction charges
  • Cryptographically encrypted transactions
  • Devoid of central governance, intermediaries

If you’re striving to leverage these benefits by building customized blockchain wallets, our team will then pack the features and functionalities required in the application!

A short script on cryptocurrency payment gateway and its advantages
cryptocurrency payment gateway is a borderless payment network that allows a smooth transfer of digital currencies and enables merchants and uses to do transactions in Bitcoins and altcoins. 

Simply put, a payment processor that facilitates the immediate transfer of digital currencies into fiat currencies. 

The digital market has been volatile like never before. A lot of government restrictions and many transactions are susceptible to losses. The payment gateway is equipped with another software tool that allows the whole process to automatically transfer crypto coins into the wallet of a merchant. 

Now let us briefly discuss the advantages of cryptocurrency payment gateway

Top 3 advantages of cryptocurrency payment gateway

Accept digital currencies worldwide

The main advantage of the internet is that it enables companies to conduct businesses with anyone across the world. So even a third-tier business can now sell its goods and services worldwide. 

As cryptocurrency is decentralized businesses it can accept foreign currency transaction fees and exchange rates. This created a business to have a single form of currency that is accepted through the cryptocurrency payment gateway regardless of the location. 

Lower fees

In the traditional method, when a business process a credit card payment the participants involved in a particular transaction like merchant, credit card company and other intermediate charges a fee. This middleman charging fee is eliminated in cryptocurrency payment.

The payment is routed directly between the sender and receiver eliminating all the intermediates and lower the transaction fees. In cryptocurrency payments, the transaction fees usually range between 0 to 1% so it allows businesses to save significant money on their sales. 

High security and privacy

In traditional methods, credit card payments are generally targeted by hackers who can steal the customer’s personal information and assets. Crypto payments are less prone to fraudulent activity.

In crypto payment customers are not required to share any of their personal data as the payment is completely anonymous. So security breaches are less when compared to other payment methods. 


To sum up, these are some of the advantages that you can encounter when you use a cryptocurrency payment gateway. If you are looking to accept cryptocurrency as your payment method approach a cryptocurrency payment gateway provider so that you will be benefited with all these advantages!

Top Three Services for a Gojek Clone App
Gojek is an app that provides on-demand
services such as, taxis, food delivery, payments, etc. Think of it as an Uber
for everything. Instead of having multiple applications on your phone for each
service, you can just use a single app and you’re done. Gojek originated in
Indonesia and quickly became the go-to application for people seeking on-demand

Gojek Clones

The Gojek app originated in Indonesia,
but the idea goes far beyond just that. However, starting an online
multi-service platform is not that easy. You’ll need a team of designers and
developers to put in the hours. Not to mention investing money and getting resources
that work.

This is where clone scripts come in. By
using a clone script, you can eliminate the hassle that comes with building and
designing a new application. All you need to do is a few modifications to the
existing script, and you’re all set to launching your own multi-service

Sparkout Tech’s Gojek clone is
one of the best clones that you’ll find out there. They provide customized
services for each business and have a really clean and professional user

Top 3 Services for a Gojek Clone App

Food Delivery Service

Food delivery is the number one service
people use multi-service apps for. This makes it a must-have service for
your multi-service

Taxi Booking

Getting a cab in the busy city traffic
is a hassle for everyone. This becomes an even bigger headache in the outer
areas of the city. A trusty cab service right on your mobile phone is your best
bet in these cases. Instead of having a separate application for cabs, it's
much more convenient to have it on a multi-service app. So consider adding it
to your Gojek clone.

Mobile Wallet and Online Payments


Significant aspects to scrutinize while choosing a crypto trading bot
Crypto space is volatile, and the traders love its price plays. Every crypto trader out there tries to play a safer game in the exchange platforms. However, sometimes due to the swift price volatility, they end up in losses. The crypto markets are much more volatile! For instance, a trader can conclude a deal in the specific profit rate, but at the time of trade completion, it may be low or high from the desired profit rates. Hence, the professional crypto traders employ bots to perform their trade deals to avoid processing time, tiring analysis and stripping into volatile markets. 

Crypto traders design their strategies and approach a 
cryptocurrency trading bot development company to proceed with technical aspects. The traders can opt for various functionality and security features while developing a crypto trading bot with their strategies! There are in-built trading bots for portfolio management, market monitoring and much more common strategy. You can even purchase them, as there are numerous bots with better trading tricks!

In this post, let’s look at the aspects that are essential to choosing a crypto trading bot!

Significant aspects to scrutinize while choosing a crypto trading bot.


The crypto trading bots must be of high quality with 100% reliability and uptime. Crypto space concludes a deal within seconds. Hence, downtime, buffering must be strictly avoided to enhance the quality of crypto bots. The eminent team with extensive professional skills must develop the crypto trading bot so that they deliver perfect companion for your trading experience without any bugs. 

Ergonomic Functionality

It’s not that only technologists invest in crypto trading bots. The investors from any industrial space can purchase the crypto trading bot for crypto play in the market space. Hence, the trading bot you’re choosing must have the simplified, streamlined functionalities, so that everyone can utilize them for trading purposes with ease!


Security is the priority while entering crypto market space. As the crypto trading bots prompt for exchange keys, they must be enabled with multiple security features. Enabling multi-factor authentication, automatic session logout, pop-up notifications on every transaction and much more can help crypto-traders escape from the prying eyes!

Proficient Functionalities

Crypto traders prefer advanced trading bots to perform their operations. Day trading, arbitrage, market making, mirroring, signal trading and much more have drastically improved on its way! The traders choose bots with stop-loss, fixed-profit, candle-stick patterns, automated signal trading features. 

Wrap up!

Crypto trading bots
 are employed to perform trading operations as the human can’t analyze multiple exchanges at seconds and conclude the trade. But, bots are masters of rapidness! Performing repetitive analysis and notifying the lucrative deals are tiring for a human to perform round the clock. Bots are invented to operate round the clock with repetitive tasks. Hence, crypto bots can shower you with work-life balance and lucrative business deals!
Video Streaming Platform Basics
Plunged into the world of video making with minimal details On 
attempting to market videos online. You've been creating videos for a 
while and also provide a fan following, and a few occasional troll. Does
 that sound like you?

On the Internet audiences immediately have 
an interest At the requirement of content plus it has made for having a 
point to sponsor video site, you recognize the demand. The rules to 
offer your imagination makes picture sharing organizations like YouTube 

The only method of Making a living out of one videos 
would be always to produce your own personal gaming site. Possessing a 
stage where you are able without compromising together with imagination 
to promote your videos.
How you can make a video website?

 Hosting your internet website to developing control processing, also a 
design learn methods of making your video online site. This informative 
article puts light how you may sell your videos online, regardless of 
one's financial plan.

1. Pick a point and procedure

To get
 Creating a website, you need to choose an perfect platform. Attributes 
which has got the choice to assemble your site quite rewarding are 
provided by few online site companies. And, that is where you need to 
begin considering tradeoffs. Listed below are a couple of choices that 
will help you Select the Right platform into the fantasy video website:

 Wix Is a regular site builder which lets you make web sites according 
to a design that is preferred. This causes a video internet site with no
 design or coding knowledge. It makes it possible for you to generate an
 internet gaming venture. But if you're looking to customize your 
promotion option that is video , then you definitely ought to possess a 
check out the choice.

Netflix Album: Video Stream script is a SaaS-based OTT platform that supports sound, and video streaming and monetization. Use Video Stream script
 To start your own video, television, and film streaming platform round 
Mobile, Internet, and TV instantly. Studios, Generation houses, 
distributors, or even filmmakers may distribute and monetize Movie or TV
 Show using the habit template of Video Stream script includes.

 From IT Recruitment to CDN, CMS, Transcoding, DRM, Html-5 Player, 
Payment Gateway, Monetizations, User-control, Analytics, Website, along 
with Mobile & Tv Apps -- Video Stream script includes everything!
 Your picture flowing internet site and Apps are entirely White Lable 
and release under your name, domain and accounts so the brand reflects 
an audience, whereas Video Stream script working quietly in the background doing most the heavy lifting. 

If you Join with a targeted audience, You're wanting to create a video firm and generate a fulltime income from the videos, 
Video Stream script may be the place you need to become.

 Tumblr is only actually an excellent solution to build your site. It's 
totally free to upload, share, and host photographs. If you're trying to
 print videos online, and won't need to market your content, then 
Tumbler could be the place to get started. Although its high-value 
YouTube's alternative that is sweet there are no plugins and attributes 
into advertising.

2. Create your homepage

The Homepage is 
among the pages of the website. Your site's possibility of making an 
impression that is leading. It reflects the information, tells people 
the website is all about and encourages them to click pages (proactive 
approach ). No matter how you pick on creating webpages, devote hours.

3. Upload videos

 You've got a homepage, so you should start building the rest of 
somebody's web site. And that means you are ready to upload your own 
videos. Uploading videos requires requirements and distinct approaches. 
There are sites like Video Stream script which are going to be able to 
help you with monitoring and transcoding via that it really is easy to 
upload files and also stream precisely the same via the app or the 
website options.

4. Create a video screen

Creating A video
 display might develop into an elaborate procedure. You need to keep on 
to keep it simple whilst the internet site has to be aesthetically 
pleasing and easy to use. Some make your video stand out and focus on 
engagement and stills from your video together side names.

5. Pick a payment method and supplier

 You're wanting to make money from your website that is own video, you 
want to create easier techniques for folks to pay for you. That's the 
reason why it is a fantastic concept to offer monetization methods. In 
the case that you are able to simply accept charge cards Stripe or pay 
pal, you are off to a start!

6. Begin a site

Once You have
 a video display, a website, and a payment system, your internet site 
that is audio is almost ready and the one thing now, you want is 
traffic. Certainly one of the best ways to pull in traffic without being
 forced to devote a whole lot of money will be to begin your blog. A 
blog is an ideal method to move.

Let's start

It is 
Anything but tough to get embroiled with the readily overlooked details 
which follow creating a site. However, is to just get started. Start by 
uploading your videos and earning your site. Promote your content, begin
 blogging, and get your name.

You may have a Great deal of time 
for you is better suited to. However, you can't do this unless at the 
proceedings that you own a site to work with. You are able to place the 
base for achievements As you recognize how to produce an online site.

 that we have brought you a range of those actions needed to make an 
video Internet site, please be in touch. Hosting a internet site that is
 video Is straightforward and Fun here. 
Brief Walkthrough on Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
A cryptocurrency wallet is a software that is a digitally secured system that stores all the public and private keys used for transactions. 

In simple terms, it is an application for sending and receiving digital currencies between blockchain network parties, carrying out crypto payments, and check the balance as well as transaction history. 

As it monitors and manages the cryptocurrency assets, it makes the whole transaction process safe and easy. 

A Custom 
cryptocurrency wallet development is a way of creating tailored solutions that guarantee user data security and system reliability. It is clearly designed to offer a chance to level up the digital transactions for personal use and integration it into your business setup. 

Now let’s briefly discuss the types of cryptocurrency wallets. if you are not familiar with wallets, read this. 

Five different types of crypto wallets

A Crypto wallet is simply a combination of a private key and a public address. You can categorize crypto wallets based on how and where you store them. 

Hardware wallets

  • As the name suggests, hardware wallets are built on a hardware device specifically for handling private keys and public addresses. 
  • It is like a USB device with OLED screen and side buttons to navigate the wallets’ interface and comes with its native desktop applications for different digital currencies. 
  • Most of the hardware wallets allow users to store more than 22 cryptocurrencies. The cost of this wallet is quite high but it definitely worth owning them when the safety of your cryptocurrencies is concerned. 

Paper wallets

  • A paper wallet is not for all the users because they are quite complicated, need some technical knowledge to operate them, and requires a high level of caution from the user. 
  • Typically, In the paper wallet, you just print your private keys and public address on a piece of paper and start transferring your crypto coins on it. 
  • It is considered as the best cold storage wallet as it keeps your private keys offline. These wallets render you another secure way of storing your cryptos, but not all digital currencies offer paper wallets. 

Desktop wallets

  • Desktop wallets are installable software programs that are available for most of the desktop operating systems such as Mac, Linux, Windows.
  • As it is installed in your PC that often connects to the internet, you need to follow the basic security measures by installing software like antivirus, anti-malware, and a strong firewall.

Mobile wallets

  • Mobile wallets for cryptocurrency are the most used wallets right now in the digital market. Users just need a mobile with an internet connection to perform trading. 
  • This is mainly because they are handy and also easy to use. It is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, and for less popular ones, you can expect a decent Android version, at least. 

Web wallets

  • Web wallets are also called online wallets that are always connected to the internet and can be accessed through different internet browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. 
  • The private keys are always stored online in these kinds of wallets in your browser itself, and in some web wallets, they are prone to security attacks. 

We have deliberately listed the different types of crypto wallets in order from safest to less secure types of wallets. 

Features of cryptocurrency wallets

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Push notification
  • QR code scanner
  • Automatic conversion rates
  • Detection of a false address
  • Paper wallet development

Closing thoughts

Now you might have known that the crypto wallets are an integral part of using digital currencies. They are one of the necessary infrastructures that make it possible to send and receive funds through blockchain networks. Each wallet has its own pros and cons, so it is crucial to understand how they worked before moving your assets. You can also approach a cryptocurrency wallet development services company for its developing services.

Start an Online Marketplace Like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay
Do you have a plan to start a multi-vendor e-commerce business like Amazon,
eBay, Etsy, Alibaba? it's the right time to get started. Yeah..!! The
E-Commerce platform is running everywhere around us and it goes viral with
billions of people around the world on the internet.

But in the vast marketplace, it’s increasingly difficult to run a successful e-commerce business. One has to face economic, technological, social media and legal challenges in the e-commerce marketplace. So, How do you get started on the right path to meet all your challenges and business requirements?

Of course, the first step is to find out the best thing which fulfills your business needs? In the fast-moving world, Launch your online e-commerce store with an all-in-one amazon clone script.

Yeah. Amazon Clone is a powerful Multi-vendor E-commerce Script that assists you to build and launch your own multi-vendor eCommerce website as similar to Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Alibaba, and more. We MacAndro provide you the complete Amazon clone 
package which possesses both Amazon Clone Website and as well as amazon clone
app for Android and iOS.

Get 50% OFF On Online Taxi Booking Script
Nowadays the number of people booking taxis using their smartphones is increasing
rapidly, in comparing it with the last decade. In other words, the increase in smartphones
has increased the number of people booking their taxis online. Some of the
major competitors in the 
online taxi
booking script
 business are Uber, Lyft, Grab, etc. These companies
are operating their business all over the world, and also they are earning
millions of dollars in this business. Uber, Lyft, Grab have inspired lots of
startups and entrepreneurs to start their businesses like them.
In this current
market, there are lots of taxi booking software available in the business.
Among those quality scripts, one of the best taxi booking software in the
market is RebuStar. This script is mainly built to provide a solution for taxi
booking software. RebuStar is cost-effective, features rich, fast working than
the other taxi booking software in the market.

Our Taxi Booking software has
all the important features of Uber, Lyft, OLA present in it. Our RebuStar is
developed with powerful features like 
Online / Offline

Call / Chat


Taxi Meter

and Ratings

Contact sharing


of the important features for an Online Taxi
booking script
, A driver can update the status based on their available
time. This feature is helpful in case of any emergencies.
A RebuStar driver
and the corresponding RebuStar rider can chat/call using their default
messaging and calling apps on their smartphone.

It shows the
real-time navigation for the driver and the rider. It shows the route from
start to finish. It is achieved by using Google Maps.

RebuStar app shows
the live fare charge the customer. It is calculated by analyzing the total
distance covered by the RebuStar driver.

Both the RebuStar
Rider and the RebuStar Driver can review and rate each other once the trip is

RebuStar has an inbuilt security feature. A RebuStar rider can add
their emergency contacts into the app. If any case of emergency, they just tap
the “SOS” button. it will send an emergency message with rider location in it.
For Contact:
Skype: Abservetech
WhatsApp No: +91 98425 67828
Outlook to kickstart your Uber for Laundry App Development
The modern way, later transformed as the world’s way, involves two main prospects; convenience and saving costs. If a service can surpass these two constraints, it will be acknowledged by the people and will become an integral part of people’s lives. Any example, for that matter, from flights to smartphones, all these services successfully replaced its predecessor and enhanced people’s convenience.

A decade back, people found it challenging to wait for cabs or accessing their favorite restaurants. Necessity is the mother of invention, isn’t it? There came the on-demand app evolution, wherein people got what they demanded at their doorsteps. For many years now, people do not have time to do their laundry. In this fast-paced world, they neither have the time to wait for long hours in front of laundry stores. This demand needs addressing, and this where entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas enter the picture. In this blog, let’s take a comprehensive overview of how to develop an Uber for laundry app.

The idea is quite simple. People request laundry services through their on-demand laundry apps. Laundromats will pick up the laundry from people’s doorsteps and return it within the estimated time.

‘Know the business models’ 

Before venturing into app development, you need to opt for a business model that suits your resources. Some of the common types include,

On-site model: This type of model works the best if you own an established laundry store in a particular locality. To increase customer satisfaction, you can roll out a smartphone application, where users can choose your services. You then assign delivery workers to pick up the laundry and deliver it back to their doorsteps. This model is straightforward, provided you have a delivery chain offering instant services.

Aggregator model:
 This cost-effective model works best for any entrepreneur who wishes to connect multiple laundry stores to people in need. In this model, it is your responsibility to have a delivery chain. By acting as a virtual platform, you generate revenue from several sources.

In-store model:
 This is a new model sprouting up across different regions. Here, people will self-deliver their clothes at a particular location. You then pick up these clothes, do the necessary washing, and return it to the same site. While this type of model incurs lesser work for delivery executives, the convenience of people is a matter of concern.

Wrapping up, 
Now that you have a comprehensive overview of the different business models, the stand-apart features, and the cost to develop an Uber for Laundry app, you can initiate your app development. With the increasing digitization of the world, you needn’t have second thoughts about investing in this sector. Get in touch with a well-reputed app company and establish your business entity among the masses!
5 Steps to Secure Your Blockchain based Bitcoin Wallet
What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

A Bitcoin wallet is a digital wallet to store your Bitcoins. A crypto-based company can provide you with the best 
bitcoin wallet development service in case you are looking for one. There are different types of wallets: software wallet, online wallet, e-wallet, hardware wallet, and paper wallet. It is important to safeguard your wallet to protect them from security threats and concerns. There are various methods and techniques used to secure the wallets.

Hardware Wallet

Storing your Bitcoins in a Hardware wallet is one of the primary steps that you can consider. This method is also known as the ‘Offline Mode’ since it does not require a link to the Internet. It is advised that you should not store a large number of currencies in the Hardware wallet. You can split the assets and keep a small amount online for trading purposes, and the second part can be stored in the wallet.

Backing Up your Wallet

Create backups of your wallet to remain on the safer side in case the device or data gets lost. The backup process includes Bitcoins stored in the Hardware wallet and the amount kept for trading purposes. You can always recover your stolen wallet if it is encrypted.

Always remember to back up your entire Bitcoin wallet to shield it against system failures and human errors. Some wallets contain hidden private keys internally. If you back up only those private keys and not the whole wallet, you will not be able to recover your funds on the whole.

Wallet Encryption

Encrypting your Bitcoin wallet gives an additional layer of security. You can encrypt the wallet using a passphrase that allows you to lock your coins. It becomes difficult for the hacker or other parties to steal your assets unless they know your secret phrase. In case you are using a mobile device or a laptop to initiate a Bitcoin transaction, then encrypting your wallet is the first thing you have to do.


Multi-Signature is one of the top-notch security standards that will help ensure that your Bitcoin wallet is safe. It is a method in which all the transactions have to get approval from the owners. Any organization can permit access to its Bitcoin wallet. But the withdrawal of funds can be made under only one condition that ‘3 to 5 people should sign the transaction.’ A Bitcoin wallet embedded with the multi-signature facility allows a user to take control over his money, thus preventing thefts.

2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

One of the best techniques to secure a Bitcoin wallet is two-factor authentication (2FA). This process is considered flawless because it requires two pieces of information before it cedes access to the wallet. Even if a hacker guesses or obtains your password somehow, he would not be able to access the wallet without the Two Factor code.
Who provides better service, Housejoy or UrbanClap?
It is pointless to mention an on-demand app as the best without mentioning their pros and cons. Both these apps have made a mark for themselves in the industry. Being in the app development field for a couple of years, I see entrepreneurs reaching out to companies to initiate UrbanClap clone app development. The success of these apps has created a major trend among people who find it more convenient to avail of services. Now, let me share the pros and cons of both Housejoy and UrbanClap. It is upto the readers to decide their best-suited company.
Pros of Housejoy: 

  • The quality of the service offered by the company is good, owing to the fact that it verifies professionals before letting them offer their services. 
  • The app offers exclusive discounts and offers to users, thereby reducing the total price for the service. 

Cons of Housejoy: 

  • The service rates demanded by professionals are quite high. 
  • Although the app encompasses multiple service providers, some services like beauty, plumbing, etc., receive a negative reception among the audience. 
  • The delayed arrival of professionals is a matter of concern. 

Pros of UrbanClap: 

  • The online platform is known for its customer responsiveness. 
  • The pricing of services is quite low when compared to other service provider apps. 
  • The app is best suited for working professionals, making the process swift and efficient. 

Cons of UrbanClap: 

  • The platform’s relationship with service providers is a matter of concern. 
  • Service professionals fail to show up on several occasions, leading to the loss of reputability of the platform. 

It is clear from the above that both the online platforms have advantages and limitations of their own. If you have a group of service providers under your belt, you can create an app for yourself in this flourishing market. You can reach out to app development companies for the UrbanClap app clone. Switching to the online medium can help you earn significant revenue in a short time span.
Benefits of an on-demand courier service application
The Courier industry has been in the market for several years. It has gone through several changes like offering quick delivery and premium packaging to serve their customers better. Currently, on-demand services are getting popular globally, and entrepreneurs have started to embrace this digital innovation to improve their courier delivery services. The on-demand courier delivery apps are helping them to reduce their workload as several operations can be automated with the application.
Entrepreneurs from all over the world have started to take their services to the online sector to sustain in the market. If you are still wondering about the benefits of taking your business online, read until the end of this article to steer your doubts.

Seamless online booking of parcels:

The courier delivery service sector has gone through a major changeover as a part of the technological advancements. These innovations improve the user experience to a great extent. Several courier companies in the market have started to offer online booking features so that the customer need not have to travel to courier companies to handover packages as executives will pick up the package on their doorstep. These apps also offer customers to track their packages in realtime. The app clearly displays every stage of the package and also shows the estimated time of delivery. With the integration of in-app GPS in the application, it is nothing less than a boon for the customers as they can have more control over their packages. 

Better fleet handling management:

Every courier company will have its own fleet of vehicles to deliver their packages. Courier companies that have been in the market for a long time know the struggle of managing the fleet. It is not easy to keep track of every vehicle and its operations. However, the on-demand courier delivery app has eliminated these hassles by digitalizing the business operations. Every data will be recorded in the database and the admin can access it anytime to get accurate details about the business activities. With the integration of GPS in the application, admins can track the real-time location of their fleet and improve their delivery time.

Timely updates through push notifications:

Time is extremely important in courier service as customer satisfaction is their first priority. Transferring a package from source to destination is not as easy as it seems. They must ensure that the packages are correctly labeled to avoid any confusion during deliveries. The advent of the courier delivery apps made it easier for entrepreneurs with the integration of the latest digital tools. The app updates every checkpoint of the delivery package which includes order received, pick up, under process, dispatched and delivered, etc. This feature can also be useful for the customers as they can get timely updates on their smartphone as push notifications.

Hassle-free warehouse management:

Warehouse management is another difficult part of courier services as they need to maintain a log that contains the details of every package. With the courier service app, you can easily go through the in-app log to search for a particular package in the inventory.

Less paperwork:

Every entry of the package from pickup to delivery will be noted in the paper for future references. The operations between the pickup and delivery add up to the difficulty in handling tons of paperwork. Maintaining a huge pile of paperwork for a long time is not easy and it is impossible to search the paperwork of old deliveries for reference. The on-demand courier apps reduce the paperwork to a great extent as they have in-built modules to enter the information regarding the package such as weight, time of delivery, location, etc. The information will be stored on a secure server for the admin to access it anytime without any hassles. The application automates every operation in the courier service and minimizes the difficulties of running a courier service.

Boost customer satisfaction:

It doesn’t matter how effectively a business is operated customer satisfaction will be the ultimate goal for the providers, irrespective of the business. In courier services, the providers must stress on offering value to the customer to earn them. They constantly work on new strategies to get a competitive edge over others in the market.  Besides the basic features in the application, some providers also include exclusive features, such as multiple payment methods and multilingual support to satisfy the needs of modern customers. 

In a nutshell: