Why is Design Essential to Make a Mobile App?

Mobile design is probably the second thing any business thinks of (the first being functionality), before they head to make a mobile app. And rightly so. Lest you should commit the folly of mistaking design as just an ornamental aspect of a mobile app, we’d like to acquaint with the importance of design. 

For starters, you must know that design has everything to do with user experience. Any goof-ups with design could mean ruining your users’ experience with your mobile app, increased app uninstalls, depleted revenues, and not to forget, a soiled brand reputation. 

A sound mobile app strategy, thus, must focus on mobile app design, as much as on functionality. And we have more reasons than one for it. 

Reasons to be Design Focused when You Make a Mobile App;

Here are 5 reasons why mobile app design should be at the center of any mobile app builder’s focus.

Making the First (and a lasting) Impression:

Design is the manifestation of the idea that will reach your users in the concrete form. With the attention span of the users going down constantly, all an app has, is three seconds to make it. 

Expressive design; one that’s able to grab the users’ attention within seconds, is what your app needs to save itself  from instant uninstall. Design is what will create the connection between your app and the user. 

Keeping the User Riveted:

Congratulations for being able to hold the user, but you have a bigger challenge now - keeping them. Great design is all about predicting the habitual thinking patterns of target users; great design doesn’t let the user get distracted. 

Elements as simple as displaying a personalised message while a page or page results load, can be a saving grace for you. Yes, it’s a part of design. The most famous example is the images of Amazon’s employees’ dogs appearing whenever there is a delay in loading results. 
Supporting the Functionality:

The biggest function of design is to fulfil the purpose that a mobile app maker has at hand. Suppose, it is a fitness tracking app that you are building. Design is the visible part that will support the functionality. 

Colors, fonts, user flow, accents, tones, screens, etc., will be designed such that they make the fitness app look and feel like one that your target audience finds not only useful but also interesting. 
Helping the Users in Making a Decision: 

Believe it or not, good design almost leads the user by the hand to make a decision in your favour. Any mobile app development company of a decent standing knows that user experience design dictates users’ actions and reactions in relation to the mobile app. Making decisions like choosing an option, completing an action, or even giving permissions, is made easy by good design.

In the absence of intelligent design, for example, host of permission messages before one can start using the app can be one of the biggest reasons why your app is uninstalled.

Branding Your Product/Company:

Last, but not the least, the design of your mobile app sets you apart as a brand. Look at Uber, WhatsApp; Instagram, all have made such big names for themselves not because they come with large fundings, but because they have terrific design that users love. Each carries its brand’s unique signature. 

Ready to make a mobile app? We’re sure design would be the primary focus this time.