What are the best automation tools for testing Android Applications?
For any mobile app testing to function efficiently, automation tools are a must. The time taken for testing process and also the chances of human errors can be avoided with properly organized latest automation testing tools. When it comes to go for android testing tools, there are numerous of these available out there in the market. Some of the tools are just new arrivals in the market, some are expensive, while some of them are free. Here we talk about the best automation tools for testing your android applications. 

SeeTest Continuous Platform

Dealing with fragmentation, huge amount of android versions, devices, and custom versions that are currently in use is one of the most challenging tasks. With the SeeTest Continuous platform you can efficiently execute your test on a large number of remote android devices and simulators that are located in the digital assurance labs. 

  • Robotic process automation companies in India provides visual tools such as object spy, device reflection, test recorder and many more. These tools will help you develop robust tests.
  • You are equipped to run tests created on any framework such as Espresso, Appium, and any language. 

You can generate detailed reports that contain step by step data, log reports, screenshots, drive actionable analytics and rapid resolution. 


When you go for appropriate rpa applications, you ensure safe and efficient testing platform. Kobiton provides you with the full control that is required for the device during manual testing and multi touch gesture support. Orientation and GPS simulations, speaker and camera control, and device control management is something that this tool will provide. For just a small expense, users can purchase prepaid testing minutes that will not expire. 

  • For increased collaboration you will find centralized testing history and data logs. 
  • The real and latest cloud based devices and configurations required by rpa tools.
  • Simplified user experience that helps streamline the sessions
  • Efficient support for Appium 1.6.4
  • No credit card required, and so easy to try during the free trial period. 

Squish By FrogLogic

With Squish for Android, you can easily solve your mobile test automation problems. There is a dedicated support provided for automated testing for native mobile apps, mobile web apps, and also a mix of both. It has a stable and unique object identification and so it can easily run on mobile device emulators and several real devices without making any changes. There is no need to root or jailbreak the device with Squish. 

  • Prepared to do testing in the cloud
  • Comes with advanced support for gesture
  • Efficient source and CI control integration
  • Effective support for embedded web content
  • IoT and end to end testing

These above mentioned and many other such tools are there at your disposal. However, you need to take out time and compare which is the best for your requirement and only then make a final decision on your purchase for one.