Trade Product Globally Using Online Classifieds App
The trade which means buying/selling the products. A certain doubt may arise here the word trade either denotes trade for new products or for the used products. In this case, what can be the ideal solution than an online classifieds app, which lets the users sell either new products/refurbished products. Down here we shall see about, to do this business globally what all you will need for it.

Right platform with attractive UI

An online classifieds business on a right platform with all user preferring features may guarantee the entrepreneurs for capturing the local market. But to stake a claim globally it requires much more.

Here Appkodes’s Online Classifieds script could come in handy, with all requisite features on its attractive designed UI to support the global classifieds business ideas.

Global classifieds app requisite features

The process of listing or purchasing a product is a little longer, so an app for it requires little more feature than any other online business apps. Users should be compromised on every aspect like quality, price, much more to buy a product. So it requires quality features to help user-sellers to attract buyers and compromise on every aspect.

• So basically a buy/sell app will require features like,
Sellers may not be available online at all times to describe the products to the buyer. A feature to post brief product detail for sellers can help buyers to easily understand about nook and corner about the listed product.

On entering the app for purchase, buyers will be excited to look for their needful product but instead, if the screen displays all products mixedly their excitement for purchase will go down. So for that, it is better to have an advanced search filter feature, which helps buyers to directly land on their needful category/products.

All internet users are very much used to follow and invites, so having an option of social media login, follow preferred sellers, and invite friends on the social network will surely lure users.

Buyers will prefer purchasing the products from the sellers having the tag of a trusted seller. So having a user verification feature will help both sellers and buyers.

Above are some of the basic requisite features.

• Requisite features for global classifieds business are,

Worldwide the requirements will be the same, two main things which differ are the native language and the currency.

Multiple languages- Script having multiple languages to help users to go international or specific country. Also having a translate option will help the users viewing from the different countries.

Currency management- Selecting the currency according to the target location will be liked by the users, So it is better to leave to admin to choose the currencies for listings.

• The recently evolved advanced useful features are,

When sellers and buyers can interact directly with each other, then it will be comfortable for them to share more info. So having an instant chat system will surely help. Also on it having an image and location sharing options will benefit both sides.

On the classifieds app script, user buyers at times may not be able to afford the price to buy their needed product. So they can make use of make an offer feature to request an offer at price to the seller.

Sellers may feel ok with the offer requested by the buyers or may not, so having an accept and deny offers on a single click will greatly help.

If buyers have the product of equal worth to the seller product, then a buyer can swap it to buy using the exchange to buy feature.

So these are all the basic, global and advanced features on an app for online classified business.

Online business with multiple revenue generation options

This is the only online business which can efficiently generate revenue through multiple ways like,

• Commission from the seller earnings
• Promotional activities for product selling
• Also, when it is integrated with Google Adsense it can generate good revenue.

Final thought

Appkodes online classifieds app- Joysale by default have all above mentioned basic, global, advanced features on its attractive UI. So avail Joysale, instantly view your online classifieds business go live on the web, ios, and Android apps.