Integrate Your Live Streaming Business Idea With Periscope Clone Script

The idea behind the development of periscope is “ you should be able to see what you read or hear”.When you are surfing on twitter and coming across something intriguing then if you are able to watch that to know what’s really happening there through a live
video then that could really make things interesting. People in this generation
are loving this kind of stuff.
Periscope has rightly met the expectation with its purpose. So integrate your live streaming business ideas with Periscope clone script to start your business right away.
What is different in periscope?
Though Youtube is a leading video streaming website and app all around the world it is a passive amedium. But Periscope is an active medium where they have enabled the users to comment, hit likes in the form of hearts all in real time.
The notable features on the Periscope are unlimited like and the push notifications.
When a broadcaster is broadcasting some video the viewers can hit heart as many time as they like. Then the notifications, this helps a user to know about any live stream initiated by any one of his follower/ following user or to tune into any live streaming.
Livza- a Periscope clone script
Livza is the best periscope clone script available on the market which has got the features very identical to the periscope. So to help you integrate your own ideas and to stand out among the similar crowd it has also got the customization option. With which you can add
or remove any modules, change its looks and can make to work as your wish.
Live streaming apps are not only a crowd puller but it has also got multiple ways to generate good revenue,
  • Subscription-based      live streaming

Provide access or link to only premium users those who have subscribed for paid subscriptions.

  • Ad  banners

Whenever there is a huge traffic then advertising any products there will get instant reach. So users for any product promotion will surely make use of the ad banners.

  • Pay   Per View

While live broadcasting any high demand event on your app, you can enable the pay per view option for it. 
End thought
Livza by default has got everything in it to help your ideas of setting up the live streaming
business. So avail it today, mold it as per your wish and view your business live on attractive native ios and android platforms in just matter of time.