How to use uber clone script to create a reputable taxi business?
A right solution that a cab business owner has got to withstand in the market after the Uber advent is the introduction of Uber clone scripts.

Many taxi owners have started their own online business using Uber clone scripts. The cloned apps come with robust features to simplify the booking and routing process. It also leads taxi business owners to earn more likewise the industry players. There are almost hundreds of Uber clones available in the market currently. A lucrative Uber clone app must be simple with robust features like downlo
adable apps for customers and drivers, simplified online booking, GPS - enabled real-time tracking, crisp payment portals, fare calculator, emergency alerts, and more.

Days ago it would be a nightmare for cab businesses to withstand their niche. The traditional way of booking over a call or getting taxi’s on the streets by waving hands does not work in the online business world. There come the Uber-like app scripts with which the small-to-medium taxi business owners or even the start-ups can earn the profit.

Ways to choose the best Uber clone script

White labelled solutions for both customer & driver app
Compelling booking user interface
Secured payment portal
Exact ride fare estimator
Promotion modules for users
Referral option for drivers
Customer & driver feedback option and much more.
Besides, it should also be customizable to fit your business requirements. As businesses are emerging every day, it becomes necessary for you to not just find unique ways to monetize but also provide a great user experience among your competitors.

Choosing a best Uber clone is not just enough to gain a reputation among the top-  in the industry. You’ve put some benefitable efforts in marketing and outreaching your product. This will help you gain more loyal and notable customers that’ll make your business thrive.

Ways to use Uber clone script to create a reputable taxi business

“The best kind of marketing does not feel like marketing”
- Tom Fishburne, Founder & CEO Marketing Studio
Your Uber-like app connects directly to the customers, why not use this time to promote your business in a friendly way.

Interacting directly with customers can yield a lot of trust in your business.
Give them your business card and convey them you operate online during any part of the day.
Provide them promo codes for frequent riders.
Offer them special discounts and cash back for referring a friend.
Send them vouchers or gift cards while they book a group ride.
Encourage them to share your business with their family & friends circle.
Write them to thank you notes after every safe ride.
Spoil your riders with seamless cashbacks for long rides.
Offer your drivers with special vouchers on re-fuel stations.
Give your drivers an exclusive discount on taking more rides a day.
Provide them gift cards for special occasion shopping.
Send your loyal drivers' personalized notes and a hike appreciating their efforts.
Ask your drivers to suggest more affordable ways while using your service.

These are some ideas for making your taxi business reputable using an Uber clone script to your customers and drivers.

Did you find them creative and doable? Are they different enough to get traction?

Comment below your views about these hacks.

I think clone script is a great solution for those who don't want to spend months building an app from scratch, and it gives an opportunity to speed up the process of app development. But no matter which way of creating your app you choose, it's still important to know all the aspects of Uber-like app development, that you can find in this article: