How to create a PHP classified website in 10 steps ?– Appkodes Joysale
A classified website is a
place where people can buy & sell their used or new items using a specific
location and category. Website of this kinds drives lots of traffic, and
attract many visitors. Craigslist claimed it has 60 million unique visitors in
the USA alone. Having smart monetization moves can turn your ordinary
classified website into a profitable business. 
Today we are going to learn
about how to create a PHP classified website in 10 easy steps. The most
efficient and quick way is to opt for a ready-made PHP classified script that
is already done for you and comes along with great customization. 

Why choose a ready-made PHP
classified script for your online buy & sell marketplace?

Because an entrepreneur
does not necessarily need to be a coder. These platforms are great while
getting started and are cost & time efficient. All you have to do is
explain your requirements and the way you want your classified website to look
That’s it. 
These platforms always have
qualified developers and experienced designers who can turn all your
visualizations to real products. Once your website has passed their testing and
quality process you’ll have access to your administration panel. This is where
you can manage all your users account seamlessly. You might have heard about
craigslist clone, Gumtree clone and Joysale. 
They are professional
service providers of classified ads portal providing solutions for many
industries over a decade.
While there are many
alternative ways for your online business, we wanted to discuss building a PHP
classified website using Joysale.
Joysale is a reliable PHP
classified website having been chosen by many business owners. 

Things that make Joysale
the best option for your classified business

All of Joysale’s solutions provide
value for your time. They have got keen designers working dedicatedly for your
project once commenced. This means you’ll have a chance to interact with
developers in real-time to share your ideas and thoughts without any
restrictions. All of their products have a high ranking in Google right away.
This will stimulate your revenue without spending too much on advertisements.
Another advantage you get
from Joysale is your website’s loading speed. You won’t need to worry about the
bouncing ratio of the website cause this PHP classified website is built over a
native robust platform. Also, Joysale comes with all device compatible feature.

Your end product will be
customised according to the niche you want to serve and you can sure about its
robust UI professional design.
And last but not least! 
There’s no risk you’ll
spend your money in vain if you choose this PHP classifieds website builder!
Now let’s dive into the
second way of building your classified portal.

Create a PHP classified
website in 10 steps

Step 1:
Always use and rely on an advanced & personalized search option

Step 2:
Try to integrate advanced listing option

Step 3:
Clear & crisp ad listing page

Step 4:
Add navigatable buttons

Step 5:
Highlight featured ads

Step 6:
Write a consumable advertiser profile

Step 7:
Opt a confusion less ad submission form

Step 8:
Optimise your blog page for search engine traffic purpose

Step 9:
Straightforward contact form

10: Include video listings for better reach

Joysale is a fully
responsive PHP classified website which is responsive automatically. With its
help, you can provide an equally comfortable experience for both desktop and
mobile users.
It’s up to your choice on
how you build your classified website. You can start from scratch or use this
ready-made PHP classified website. It comes along with all do-have features
already built-in for your business. 
They include an advanced,
location-based search with personalized filters, simplified ad submission form,
appealing advertiser profile and more. All you have to do is list your ideas
and convey your views to their development team. 
That’s it. 
Happy listings!