Eminent Classifieds Ads Posting Software With Exclusive Features

Classifieds ads have become the best medium to rightly connect the thriving seller and the
interested buyers. So this is fast becoming the best e-commerce site for online
shopping. In near future, the huge number of peoples might rely heavily on this
site for online purchase. So be prepared to earn big by building your
classifieds ads portal using the best classifieds ads posting software.
Eminent software with exclusive features
Online Classifieds is the only online business which has got the multiple revenue generation options.
Which can efficiently generate the revenue through the,

  • Commission based system
  • Ad  and urgent promotions
  • Ad banners

Through these you can generate a good amount of revenue but only when you have got some exclusive features on your app. 
Usually, all classifieds app will have features for instant buy and sell and for all it supporting processes. So when you are starting new on online classifieds industry you will need some exclusive things on your app to announce your presence and to make
them turn as users of your app. There is no point in having the same features
as other apps and seeking for attention. So these following features might help
your cause,
Instant live chat with image and location sharing -
Instant chat option on the classifieds app is effectively connecting any seller
and buyer. But the addition of the image and location sharing option to it
makes things even simpler for both the kind of users.
Multi-language and currency - When an app can speak the native language and display the costs on native currency value then it could easily gain the attention.
Exchange to buy - Another intriguing feature and this may not
be available on all readily available script. When any buyers feel he may not
afford the cost of any listed product to buy then he can contact that seller
and can request to swap the products of equal worth to buy that product.
Chat block option and chat templates - Chat option is mighty
effective but it can associate some hassles too if used inappropriately. So
adding a chat block option might help to overcome that and the addition chat
templates will speed up the conversation.
Final thought 
Set up your classifieds ads portal using one of our best selling readymade classifieds ads posting software- Joysale. It has got all the above-mentioned revenue-generating features and the essential cum exclusive features on it. It can also be endlessly customized for any kind of classifieds portal like automobile, jobs, services, etc, which you like to set