Email Automation - A Necessity or A Convenience?
Out of the billions of emails being sent and received each day, don’t you think it is quite tedious if you handle all those emails by yourselves? Well, then your major agenda would zero down to reading emails and replying to them! Now let us take a brief look at how automating emails would help you simplify the processes.

We receive tons of emails every single day, from customer complaints to notifications when an order is ready, it becomes an impractical task to personally reply and deal with all these mail each day, and no matter how efficiently you try to do these tasks, you might end up causing a few errors! And the worst thing is not just the time consumption, these errors might end up in causing delays and brings down customer satisfaction.

Now let us check how email automation using Robotic Process Automation and process automation would help you!

Firstly, you can just create and end sessions at a very quick pace.

Secondly, it deletes all the redundant emails from the respected servers and minimizes the error associated with manual work.

And last but not the least it helps you to organize, download and archive emails according to the category they belong to.

What all are the tasks that you can possibly automate??

Well, to start with it is the customer service and the support desk that is of utmost importance. The system would be set so as to intercept the requests, divide them according to category and do the necessary action automatically! Interesting isn't?

The best part is that, if you automate these jobs then you can spare your time to concentrate more on complicated tasks.

The financial department would receive plenty of invoices in hard copies and would take a lot of time to get processed, but setting up an email inbox for the same would not just simplify the process but the mesh between document management and finance department would save a lot of time.
A lot of customers would send emails to seek details about their order, refund status and shipment, and delivery information. Automation would be just perfect to match the order to the information and answer the respective customer.

You would receive excel files, word files or even CSV which would have details of orders, and you would have to update this information to your database. Rather than manual data entry screen scraping techniques used by robotic process automation would help you update the order details at a quick pace with minimal errors. 

Reports are very important in a corporate environment and preparing a crisp report including all the details is another task. These RPA tools would help you get your important documents printed in no time, even though all companies are on the verge of digitization it is equally relevant to maintain these files. You can always check with SynLogics for more details on email automation and implementation!