Digital Makreting - What Why Where and How
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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing is the way to promote market and sell
something using internet in front of our online customers. Digital marketing
involves Search engine optimization, SEM, Social media, Content marketing and
few more things. Digital marketing is not a new thing but it has been getting
very popular in recent years. With more and more people are using smartphones
and internet, digital marketing industry is growing rapidly.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the future. Traditional marketing is costly,
not-measurable, not scalable and not very much targeted like digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a lot more affordable way of marketing where at a much
less cost we can promote our business, products or services to a larger set of
audience which is unimaginable in traditional marketing.

The results of internet marketing are mostly measurable. Analyzing the results
is very important to understand the ROI. Unless we have a clear picture of this
we cannot take future decisions and that can paralyze the marketing expansions
in the right direction. Digital marketing and its different tools get us those
important raw data which we can analyze and come to a decision about how to do
our next online campaign to reach more people and generate more profit.

As traditional marketing is not that measurable (at least in a short span of
time), it's very difficult to scale it to the next level immediately. But in
case of digital marketing we can take swift decisions rightly and scale our
marketing and business to the next summit.

Traditional marketing is not at all targeting. Showing a commercial ad or
placing a hording in a market does not guarantee that the advertisement is
going to reach our customers only. But in digital marketing we can do this
easily. Be it a keyword based marketing or interest based marketing, we can target
the exact set of audience with internet marketing techniques, tools and
channels. This gets the best ROI, saves money and generates more leads &

Where Can We Do Digital Marketing?

For any type of business, we can do digital marketing. This includes real
estate business, agency business, tourism business, education business, HR
business, financial business etc.

If you are doing a business and still not using digital marketing for your
business, products and services, start using it as soon as possible. You do not
need a huge marketing budget to start digital marketing. You need to either
hire digital marketer at your company or enrol yourself in a digital marketing course to build your own skills. The first option is practically better but the second option is must. Means even if you hire a digital marketing company or a freelancer or consultant, to do the job on your behalf, still you must develop your own internet marketing skills to
analyze the job and measure the results correctly.

How to start Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has few techniques and channels. SEO, SEM, Social media
marketing, Content marketing, Email marketing are most important channels of
digital marketing. Depending on your business type you can any or all of these.

SEO is going to be the most important channel. Search Engine Optimization alone
can bring 65% traffic to your website which is most targeted and gets converted
more often than any other form of online traffic. SEO needs skills, time,
patience and consistency. You won't get any immediate results after starting
optimizing your website. Depending on the competition, business location, types
of products and services and the mode of business (retail or online), SEO may
take as low as 3 months to start getting you the results.

Other than SEO, SEM and social media marketing is more like real time results.
In these cases, you need to invest money to get business leads and other form
of business benefits. The more you invest and more accurately you target your
customers, you will get the better results.

Problems and solutions of Digital Marketing

There are few problems with digital marketing today.

First of all it is difficult to get good human resources in digital marketing.
Unless you have good digital marketing manpower it's difficult to get the

All digital marketing companies are not up to the mark. If you hire a digital
marketing agency without checking its clients' ratings, reviews, testimonials,
social and blog postings, you may end up with hiring a wrong internet marketing

The solution is not readily available, unless you develop your digital marketing
skills. It may sound a bit difficult initially, but if you can learn digital
marketing, this will pay you a lot more than what you have invested in learning

Digital marketing is the future of marketing. It cannot be separated but it
is an integral part of your business. If you are not doing online marketing for
your business, start it from today. Otherwise you are dragging yourself behind
your competitor businesses.