7 Ingenious Ways To Generate Revenue With Classifieds Ad Script
Online classifieds are considered to be the future best e-commerce
marketplace for online shopping. So any for it will have a huge traffic on it.
Bringing in the traffic was the arduous task but with the demand for it, will
get good user count. Then the very next thing is the ways to generate revenue.
With proven traffic, you can fancy the chance of making a good profit.
So let us see, 7 ingenious ways to generate revenue with classified ad script.

   Membership plans

You can charge some amount to the users for posting an ad. This
amount can be charged for some limited period like for monthly, 6 months or for
a year.
This is the ideal way to generate the recurring revenue. And you
can make it flexible as mentioned above and also can mention the limits per

2.Freemium option

Users can just sign in and post an ad for free of cost. In case if
a user needs to sell his product urgently then you can charge a fee for it and
can promote his ad.
The benefit here is you don't need to push the users. If they want
their ad to standout then they will opt for this payment method else they can
continue on the usual way.

3.Premium Ads

Numerous products are posted by multiple users each day. But many
visitors hardly look after the first few pages. So for users to bring their ad
on the first search result page you charge some amount.
So through this, a user can bring his ad to the first page to
garner more views.

4. Ad banners

You can integrate the Google Adsense. And the users can make use
of it to post their ads on the Ad banners under relevant category pages. You
charge a fee for it depending upon the duration of the ad.

5. Pay per lead

Some service based companies may post the ad for generating
quality leads using this platform. So if any user fills the contact form and
contacts the seller you can charge a fee as commission.

6. Affiliate model

If you have got a good traffic on your website then you can
provide a platform for other business like you to use your platform. And if
sold from your site then you can charge a fee for it.

7. Commission based

For free users, if they make a sale using your platform then you
charge a fee as commission. So for every sale made using your platform you will
get some amount as commission from the sellers.

Wrapping it up

So these are some effective monetization models you can have for
revenue generation on online classifieds business. The reason I listed all
these is you can combine and have multiple models at the same time to see
effective returns.
But before all that you will need to have an attractive and
advanced feature rich classifieds platform for your business to bring you a
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classified clone script
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