5 Best Business ideas With Live Streaming Apps
Have you ever tried live stream? Have you ever felt any moment worth and thrived to
share with your lovable one? When you are about to meet the old group of
buddies isn’t it worth sharing their expressions on their face to your friend's
network to cherish for lifetime?. The present live streaming script has got
covered up all these needs at best. 

But this post reveals the best possible ways to generate revenue from the live streaming
You may have an outstanding idea for your live streaming business and also might have
shaped a model for your business plan. So here are five ways in which you can
make good money on ur live streaming business.


If you are a regular youtube user then you might have seen direct ads rolling out as
any usual video. These ads are the unwelcomed guest to any video on any user
device. With the kind of traffic, Youtube posses each day it is an easy way for
brands to get reach from there. 
So if your site has got good traffic each day in and day out then brands would be
interested to advertise on videos in your site.

     2. Donations

Don't think only about earning for yourself. Help for some social cause with some donations. This doesn't mean that you are ought to donate some huge money for any social cause. All you have to do is integrating a donation feature on your site, just
like a virtual jar. This will reflect your values among the peoples and will
indirectly market your brand and also might result in bringing more number of
users. But you to imply this only when you have got some healthy number in
And the real money is here, when a user follows any broadcaster then users are
requested to donate some money and get rewards something like bonus points.
Then that broadcaster returns those as real money for the premium subscribers
to the owner.

    3. Sponsors

And the other way for income is sponsored ads. The brands directly advertising may be
one of the ways but the other good way is to sponsor the ad in other most
watched videos. And you can act as a middleman here and can collect the costs
per clicks and share it with the broadcaster.

  4. Exclusive video previews

Discover the sources for your extra income. If any big, leading franchise store is
getting opened on your city then ask them to make a video of their presence in
your city and promote them, promote about some food spots with sponsors, and
provide some video snippets and previews about your city.

 5. Premium chat window

Do you know! Leading live streaming app, Youtube is soon planning to launch a super
chat. Through those users who broadcast can chat with viewers and the most
valuable chat conversation which hypes about the video can be bought by the
broadcaster to be pinned on top of the video. This could give a virtual
recognition to the user and commission to the youtube through the commission

Closing point

Apps like Periscope, Youtube, Twitch. etc are rocking the online world and making good
money through these five effective ways. So rack up live streaming business
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