2019 OTT trends in live streaming
If you haven’t yet noticed, streaming platforms like Netflix have strated to position
themselves as the dominant impact leading into the next era of visual
entertainment. And while anyone who have seen the transition over the last five
years knows that streaming video has already been leviating at a lightning
pace. According to a recent research, usage of streaming video service
 over the next five years is set to explode.

Low latency streaming

Streaming videos at great quality without losing service can be pristine in this digital
era. Because quality matters a lot in todays world from 4k tv screens to 4G
smart devices. Streaming with low latency and good video quality, especially
during live events can be critical. A small lapse in the video can cost you viewers.
This year latency errors have been reduced by almost many great streaming
platforms. One of such streaming
platform is Appkodes’ Livza
. This live streaming app has many advancements,
like content-aware encoding solutions, OTT service providers can deliver a
video quality of experience matching traditional cable and satellite

Adopting for cloud processing

As OTT service providers are always looking forward to increase their operational
efficiencies, flexibility and scalability, 2019 will be the year where
cloud-based video processing and delivery models are deployed in lot. With
cloud-based SaaS solutions
, OTT providers can instantly launch and scale
their services swiftly. Streaming service providers can use flexible cloud
architectures to distribute location-targeted content, make ad replacements and
provide UHD-HDR in order to boost monetization. Cloud-based video processing
and delivery will break the gap between the monetization slant by supporting
these next-generation capabilities.

local broadcast channels

One of the challenges that national streaming services have been facing these years is
how to find, create and distribute OTT-ready local broadcast channels.
Cloud-based broadcast affiliate channels and distribution solutions allow broadcasters
to seamlessly create schedule and manage content rights, ensuring exceptional
video quality via the internet and cloud.
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