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Let’s Save Big! On fleek Bigo clone with resounding discount.

In the past days, only news channels and reality shows have been used to the live broadcasting concept. But nowadays, the trend has been entirely changed. In this digital era, everything has become live streaming and people are getting more interested in watching any event or happenings in a live mode. This is because people nowadays prefer the latest updates to be telecasted, as quickly as possible.

As these live videos are gaining a strong impact among users, everyone is looking for an engaging live streaming platform to broadcast their live videos. Considering the demand for a live streaming platform, building a live streaming app turns out to be an ideal business model for entrepreneurs who are looking to leverage technology and generate profit.

There are many apps available in the play store which supports the live streaming feature.

In spite of many other live-streaming apps, Bigo stands out of the crowd in satisfying the requirement of live streamers.

Now you may have a question that what is Bigo and why is it so popular among users. Let us take a quick look at the overview of the Bigo app.

What is Bigo? And why is it popular?

Bigo is a live streaming platform that lets you go live and stream your videos through your mobile device anywhere and anytime. It also has various other features like notifications, location sharing, live discussions, and feedback. This feature in Bigo attracts users and provides them a much more active viewing experience.

After watching this successful journey of Bigo, many business owners are showing interest in developing a Bigo like app for their live streaming business. Are you one of those entrepreneurs looking to develop a live streaming app for your live streaming business? If your answer is yes, then continue reading..

If you have a desire to build an app like Bigo, then you must have to be aware of some important concepts. Instead of building an app from scratch, it is a wise choice to go for a clone solution. Now let us discuss what is clone solution and why you should go for it.

Why Clone solution?

Clone script is a readymade online solution containing the basic features of the original app. And, it takes less cost and time to develop an app which can be customized as per your business model.

Bigo clone — To drive more traffic towards your live streaming platform.

As mentioned earlier, the process of launching a live video streaming app from start involves much cost and time. So, if you want to build a live streaming app, it is the best choice to go for Bigo clone solution.

Taking the benefits of the Bigo live clone solution, we have to consider the below key features to build a Bigo clone app. It must have a user-friendly interface with better speed performance, and responsive design. The user must be able to just tap, record, and upload high-quality videos instantly.

Live Streaming options

It must have the feature of selecting the mode of the live stream as a public or private mode. In private mode, it must have a feature of selecting desired contacts from their friend list and making it visible only to them. The user must also be able to view the list of recently live-streamed videos, live comments, likes, and the number of viewers watching those videos.


Users must be able to view the trending hashtags by just clicking on the search bar. The users should be able to get connected with the desired contact with the QR codes. They must also be able to view the top countries with a high number of live streams.

Wrapping up

Now, I hope you will have a clear understanding of the Bigo clone and its significant features to build a successful live streaming app. And so, incorporating the above-mentioned features in your app will definitely make the audience look towards your live streaming platform.

To build such an efficient bigo like app with bigo live clone, reach Appkodes. Appkodes developed an effective live streaming solution, Appkodes Livza. Appkodes Livza is a ready-to-use Bigo live clone solution that suits your live streaming business. Get this astonishing online solution and retain a competitive edge in reaching your business goals.

50% Offer for Bigo Clone starts from December 1st, 2021.

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Get Success in your online communication business with finest Viber clone script.
The popularity of instant messaging platforms among people is increasing day by day with more people making use of these platforms to connect with their preferred contacts instantly. Seeing the popularity of instant messaging apps, many entrepreneurs wish to set foot into this online communication business sector.

But, only a few of them succeed in their ventures. This is because people nowadays expect a lot from instant messaging platforms and so only a feature-rich messaging platform with innovative inclusions will amaze users in the long run.

But, building such an impressive instant messaging platform effectively within the budget is impossible unless you make use of a readymade and flexible 
Viber clone script that is built with key functions to arrive at an attention-grabbing instant messaging platform.

Also, with an adaptable viber clone, you can include needed functions into your messaging platform based on your online communication business ideas and requirements.

You can find such a perfect viber clone at Appkodes, an eminent clone script provider developing best-in-class clone scripts. Appkodes Hiddy is a ready-to-use Viber clone that is built with many interesting features like status/stories, dark theme option, chat option, audio/video calls, private/public channels, notification feature, instant search option, insights, and so on.

Therefore, get ready to taste success in your online communication business venture with this finest Viber clone script.

Elevate Your Online Communication Business With An Impressive Viber Clone
In this technologically advanced world, the usage of instant messaging apps is increasing in our daily lives. If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to start your online business venture, then building an app like Viber would be a profitable choice.

To build such an impressive instant messaging platform, I would definitely recommend making use of a readymade 
Viber clone that is built with innovative features and functionalities.

Appkodes Hiddy is one such comprehensive viber clone that has fascinating features such as option for uploading status/stories, option for audio/video call, instant chat option, option for sending attachments like images/videos/ documents, and so on.

Therefore, get traction of users with the help of our readymade Viber clone.

Profit-making live streaming business with bigo clone

People nowadays show great interest in watching live stream videos and in broadcasting live videos. This led to the growth of live streaming platforms these days and the popularity of these platforms keep on increasing and will continue to rise in the upcoming years too. 

This impressed many proprietors to plunge into the live streaming business. But, only a few of them who venture into this highly competitive sector taste success. This is because people nowadays get attracted only to a full-fledged live streaming platform with highly advanced features and functionalities. So, just a normal live streaming platform will not impress people anymore.

But, building such an outstanding live streaming platform is completely possible with a readymade and reliable bigo clone. A ready-to-use 
bigo clone will include the important features and functions to arrive at an attention-grabbing live streaming platform. 

An adaptable bigo clone will also support the incorporation of additional functionalities based on the live streaming business concepts and needs.

Appkodes, a renowned clone script providing company is developing optimal clone scripts for many online business models. So, you can get an apt bigo clone script for your live streaming business at Appkodes. 

Appkodes Livza is a readymade bigo live clone that includes many awe-inspiring features like public and private streaming, live comments, advanced filter option, live chat, high-quality video call, social login option, and many more.

So, materialize your live streaming business with this perfectly built bigo clone script    


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    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses