22 Must have Legal documents required to start an online dating business
You cannot have a successful business without filing proper documentations. Legal documents become handy in many ways by which you can make your customers feel secure about your online matchmaking platform. If you’re planning to start your legal matchmaking business you are required to have some important documents in place before getting things in place.

1.    Have a certificate of incorporation
2.    Get a business license
3.    Matchmaking brand certificate
4.    Tax identification number
5.    Business plan
6.    Contract documents (If any)
7.    NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)
8.    Employee handbook
9.    The operating agreement for LLC
10.  Insurance policy
11.  Online terms of usage certificate
12.  Online privacy policy
13.  Users information privacy policy 
14.  Company bylaws
15.  Employee agreements (Job offer letters)
16.  MOU (Memorandum of understanding)
17.  Franchise or trademark license (Optional)
18.  Certificate of occupancy (In case of renting a building)
19.  Age verification
20.  Promotional liability
21.  Copyrights protection
22.  Indecency or Free Speech Concerns

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