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Startupmart is a leading on-demand app development company furnishing the Best UberEats Clone solutions that precisely uphold all the features as exact as the popular UberEats. Budding entrepreneurs who are very interested to start their online food delivery web and mobile-based applications can commence their UberEats business with our feature-rich UberEats Clone script. 

What is UberEats Clone App?

UberEats Clone App replicates all the functionalities of the on-demand food service giant UberEats in your desired application. UberEats Clone App is built with progressive analytics, an advanced record management system, an extensive administration panel, an account management system, and a lot more productive tools. Entrepreneurs with an UberEats-like business plan can launch their product in the market with their brand name and details integrated into our UberEats Clone App.

Essential Features of UberEats Clone App

App Installation

No fee is charged for your installation, configuration, and upload services of the said app and also for Google Play Store and iOS AppStore services

Progressive Analytics

Customers can view the detailed profile of the concerned Restaurant Vendor's years of experience, specialties, visiting fees, and the nearest radius of the Restaurant Vendor with ease.

Advanced Records

Admin can check the statistics of the report, analyze the progress, and plan different ways of marketing to increase total commission and profit

Extensive admin panel

Restaurant vendors details, content, vehicle categories, offers, food categories, etc, can be controlled by admin through their dashboard

Manage account

The admin can view, edit and delete any users or restaurant from the platform. They can also provide seasonal offers and coupons to engage users

Revenue Model

Besides revenue, the admin can get additional profit through features like banner advertisements, premium business plans, user subscriptions, etc.

UberEats Clone Development Company

Startupmart is a leading on demand app development company furnishing the Best UberEats Clone solutions that precisely uphold all the features as exact as the popular UberEats.

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