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Get to know how to startup an on-demand services app like Gojek

Smartphone applications have come a long way since their emergence. Having started off as softwares that provided only one service, today a single application can provide multiple services. Opening up a new world of opportunities, it is a lucrative niche that entrepreneurs have inculcated a major interest in.

Multi-service apps are rapidly growing in demand. Offering more than just a single service through a single application, they have become a one-stop-shop for every service that a customer requires. The most popular app in this niche is Gojek. Based in Indonesia, it has captivated a large audience and is running operations successfully. Using a Gojek clone, you can emulate all of Gojek’s features and business models. By redesigning it, you can make an original and unique application that is capable of beating the current stiff competition in the app market.

In order to develop an on-demand service app like Gojek, the first step is to figure out the objectives of your application.

  • How many services will your app contain?
  • Which region will your app be deployed in?
  • Who is your average customer?
  • What is your average customer interested in?

Next up, you will have to determine what features you would like to have or not have in your app. By using a Gojek clone, you will get a certain set of essential features that you can tweak, add or delete. The features include

  • Browse and select services
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Service agent details
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Feedback system and more

A Gojek clone allows you to quickly design an app and launch it in the market within a short span of time. For a stable and reliable Gojek clone, contact AppDupe. AppDupe is an app development company that specializes in building robust clones mobile and web applications.