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DLC Uniform Laser Line Modules
DLC Uniform laser line modules are suitable for OEM customers who demand high performance at an affordable price. The module's uniformity of power distribution is ideal for applications that require equal output power along the entire length of the laser line. They are manufactured with glass coated cylindrical lenses, good coherence, and short electrical connections. To achieve this, DLC uses advanced design and manufacturing techniques to ensure high reliability and long life. These units are designed for precise industrial alignment and image treatment.

The high-quality optical components are made from high-quality materials and can achieve 10um line width. APC driver circuit automatically adjusts the laser's input current to achieve a precise working distance. Moreover, APC is well suited for machine vision applications such as 3D scanning, photogrammetry, and spectroscopy. The ACC is also suitable for machine vision and laser profilometer applications. The AIMLASER company has a complete range of products that includes uniform line generators and modules, including 520nm, 850nm, and 635nm laser diode.

In addition to dimensional accuracy, a laser line module's length is determined by the span angle. Typically, the laser line module's power uniformity, width, and central accuracy must meet the requirements of real-world applications. For these purposes, standard spherical and axial accuracy are required. Higher levels of precision would require a different level of laser line generator lens and would take time to align. A standard span angle is approximately 40deg, 60deg, 90deg, and 110deg.

A laser diode in a laser diode is used to generate a fine-structured, straight laser line. This fine-structured line is referred to as the "fine-structure" of the optical system. The energy output is uniform and Gaussian. The power output of the diode is also constant across the laser line. A series of seven to ten Dots is equivalent to one watt of power.

The UH-Series Laser module features a spherical laser diode with an adjustable focus. The SHI is a high-speed, low-divergence line laser with an integrated driver circuit. A spherical shim can be inserted to increase the beam divergence of the UH-Series Laser. This type of module is characterized by a low divergence and is highly accurate.

The different types of laser line modules offer different characteristics. The series 5LM lasers, for example, are suitable for wood and stone cutting. The green module also works as a laser level. The 18mm green laser module is ideal for cutting fabrics, while the 22mm green laser is used for cutting fabrics and stones. The five15nm is also used for cutting wood and stone. The output power of the series 5LM is between one and two watts.

The UT-Series Laser Module is an excellent example of a fully self-contained laser module. The UT-Series is composed of a compact aluminum body with an integrated temperature controller. The UT-Series is a fully self-contained laser. It has an extended depth of focus and low divergence. This model is ideal for a variety of industrial applications. It is a high-quality, low-priced red- and blue-dot-focused IR laser.

LMNI Blue-Green Lasers are available in various wavelengths. Generally, a red- or blue-green laser is used for 3D scanning. Its low-light-sensitivity makes it suitable for this type of application. Its high-powered output can be used to create point-cloud models or cross-sections of a sphere. It is possible to use a movable device as a line projector. Its range is up to 2600mm.

DPSS Laser modules are ideal for industrial applications because they are custom-built to suit a particular application. They can be manufactured in-house for unique specifications. A laser driver can be customized to suit different operating temperatures, but these are not standard. However, the two modes can be distinguished. The DPSS mode is preferred in industrial environments because of its high accuracy. Its pulses are based on peak power, while the continuous mode is based on average power.

The Green Laser Module has an adjustable focus and low divergence. Its compact anodized aluminum body makes it easy to install and maintain. Its integrated laser driver circuit, surface-polished glass asherical lens optics, and a temperature-controlling device are available. In addition to its compact size, the Green Laser Module also features a high-quality beam. The unit is equipped with a high-performance diode and has a compact anodized aluminum body.