Clone Applications
The online food ordering and delivery industry has boomed a lot in the past few years.
It’s really easy to see why too because all of us are always looking for
quicker and more convenient ways to get our food. Life is simply that fast-paced
right now. Especially now, in the time of quarantine, we are starting to see
how these services can be lifesavers. 
So, coming to the point, all of these online food ordering and delivery platforms like
Swiggy and Zomato or ubereats clone script work on the commission-based business revenue model. 
They connect the money from each food item sold in their platform and distribute
this amount to the restaurants and delivery partners after deducting their
commissions. This is basically how they make money. This is a very effective
method that has survived for years and probably will be there for years to
come. How much you make, however, might change according to the competition. 
Truth be told, it’s always better to have multiple sources of income when it comes to
competitive business. And starting an online food delivery business like Swiggy
or Zomato is easier than it looks today. All you need is a Zomato or Ubereats
 app. There are plenty of them out there. Although, make sure you get a
good one because you would have to pay for them. There is one company that does
have a revenue model with multiple sources of income. 
Their product is also blockchain-based so it’s quite unique. Check them out:
For Demo Video :