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Benefits Of Polygon Decentralized Applications

Polygon - An Overview

Polygon was originally known as Matic but underwent a rebranding process earlier this year. Polygon is a framework and protocol for creating Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. The protocol aims to build a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem composed of Ethereum-based blockchains.

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Benefits Of Polygon Decentralized Applications

Censorship Resistance

No government or institution has the authority to prevent users from using a DApp. There is no single person with the power to govern the network, restrict users from making transactions, implementing applications, or accessing data from the blockchain. Nobody could block your post or prevent you from posting if Instagram or Twitter were run on Ethereum.

Zero downtime

The DApp will continue to function even if sections of the network architecture fall down due to its reliance on a peer-to-peer approach. Once it's up and running, it'll only go down if the blockchain platform on which it's built crashes.