Difference Between Flat Embroidery & 3D Embroidery?
Initially embroidery
is a process of decorating a cloth or garment using thread either by hand or by
machine. It is possible to import any design into the clothes using this
embroidery method. There are two main types of embroidery

1.    Flat or 2D Embroidery
2.    3D Embroidery
Difference Between
Flat Embroidery & 3D Embroidery

Flat or 2D Embroidery

As said earlier,
Flat embroidery is also called as 2D embroidery which is a traditional method
where the decorative stitch is applied directly to the cap fabric creating a
flat design. This type can be utilized for most complex & detailed design
without hurting the details of the design.

In 3D embroidery which is also called as 3D puff
 is a method in which foam is inserted to the embroidery stitch
to step-up the surface of your design providing three dimensional view to your
apparel. Moreover, 3D embroidery is a best way as it has the ability to stand
out the cap.

3D embroidery or 3D puff embroidery is a technique
where foam is inserted under the embroidery stitch to raise the surface of your
design giving a three-dimensional look to your embroidery design. 3D embroidery
is a cool effect because it can make a design really stand out on a cap.

flat is a traditional method where as 3D embroidery
is a latest innovation in the embroidery industry. 
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